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Media Space: Future Development Progression

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Discuss about the Media Space for Future Development Progression.



Media Space… A “Space” that was created and most of the space exists through technological advancements. Unlike an office space, Media space as we know it is a non-physical space, or known as virtual space.

In this paper, the relationship between Consumers and Media Space, how media space shapes consumers and vice versa will be discussed. Theories surrounding the relationship between consumers and media spaces will be applied and analyzed, supported by a case studies and surveys related to the topic.

Readers will take a closer look into the history of online shopping and what brings consumers with media spaces together, examining the relationship between them. The power that both consumers and media space posses to the extent of shaping one another and the significance of the impact they have for one another resulting in the evolution of human civilizations’ way of communicating and living. In addition, this summary will give readers an outlook of the future development progression and the pros and cons that come between Media space and Consumers.


At the end of this paper, a summarized discussions and conclusions will be added, so that readers will get a better and deeper understanding about Media Space, theories such as virtual window, digital virtual interaction, media space and media space in society.

The media space in today’s world has properly shaped the way we have acted upon it and they react to the certain outcomes in our lives as well. The media space has created a huge impact on the choices that is made by the people in the society. The people in the society use the media space with the help of different choices that can be available to them. Advertising is the part of proper communication process wherein it helps in convincing different individuals in the society to spend the money for the different desires.

Furthermore, the marketers need to take a proper look at an unique way wherein they need to target the customers without molding the minds of the customers and this has helped in changing the uniqueness as an individual in the global world. The behavior of the customers helps in understanding the decisions made by them in purchasing different or specific products. Proper media space is essential and it has a huge role in the lives of the individuals as well in order to get attracted towards the different advertisements that are posted in the newspaper or through online media as well. It is an undeniable fact that helps in understanding that media spaces helps in bringing huge impact on the behavior as well as on the attitude of the customers in the global world.

According to Mattingl et al. (2014), the behavior of the consumers is dependent on the dynamic interaction of the different cognition as well as affection as well as the environmental events behavior through which the individuals can conduct exchange aspects in the lives. Advertising is defined as an accepted part that helps in enabling the applicants in reviewing the different theories on media space and this will help in understanding the effectiveness of the media space in the individual’s lives (Mattingl et al. 2014). Media space helps in defining different and new methods in the communication process with the novel of unforeseen potentialities and uses.


Communication through the usage of social media is more than face to face communication and this will have its own richness as well as complexities. Media spaces is known as the information spaces that has unlimited expansion and includes material spaces that are traditional in nature such as libraries, school and homes. Furthermore, traditional media was not able to meet the expectation of the consumers; therefore media space was developed with virtual cyberspaces. Media space has been established with proper interactive connection with public as well as information of the new media. There are different electronic settings wherein group of people can work together even when all the individuals are not present at a same place as well as time. In a media space people can create visual and acoustic environment that has physically separate areas (Santos 2017). However, media space helps in creating new understanding towards space as well as time that can cross the distance between time and space. In the new age of media space, the media is the carrier that is present in the virtual spaces in order to transmit proper information to the general public. In fact, virtual cyberspaces help in shaping everyday life of the general people as well as the real life with the help of mobile lives.

According to Schultz and Peltier (2013), the different forms of communication are            reconfigured with the proper advancement of technologies and they are made effective in nature as well. The mobile lives are built on proper advent of mobile phones as well as other digital sophisticated technologies. The best thing about Wi-Fi is that it helps in providing proper network without cable broadband network. The usage of the internet among the customers has become more convenient in nature on laptops as well as on mobiles with proper usage of Wi-Fi. In the digital lives of the mobile space, the different places are no longer a reason to limit the usage of the internet or the media spaces to the public whether the individuals are at home or to their way to school as well (Singer 2014).

The online companies such as eBay, Amazon as well as Zara are the online stores that helps in providing different kinds of  products and services to their customers through online and this has been possible due to the advancement in the technologies.

The mobile technologies have intimate relationship with the media spaces in the day to day life. The individuals consider the smart phones as the media space and there are smart phones that have a consumer to some extent as well. In today’s world, it is incredible in nature the level of speed by the media spacesin transmitting the messages to the consumers. The proper advancement in the technologies help in making the goals achievable in nature as these is not achieved by the traditional media. Proper ascertainments has to be made as this will help in properly communicate and engaging in different activities such as cultural as well as political exchanges. The media space helps the online stores such as Amazon or EBay helps in providing proper customer service when the individuals are not present in the actual place. In fact, the virtual cyberspaces help in shaping everyday life of the individuals as well as in the real life with the mobile lives more than the traditional media in the different material spaces as well.


Encoding and decoding theory of Stuart Hill: In this theory, Stuart Hill has helped in understanding that encoding is a proper process of creating a proper and meaningful message and this will help in a particular code. On the other hand, decoding is the process of using the codes in deciphering the message and formulating proper meaning as well. Hall even defined that encoder is the sender who is seen as the producer and the decoder is the receiver who is the consumer. Proper reproduction is the action of the consumers in Amazon after receiving the message. The proper reproduction for H&M is the proper advertisement that is related to the sale of different products that are brand new in nature and it will help in deciding whether the consumers will take action for browsing in a store or not (Loader, Vromen and Xenos 2013).

Capitalism is an essential factor that affects the behavior of the consumers. It refers to the idea wherein consumption drives capitalist economy through manipulating the consumers to purchase specific goods and services in Zara Fashions or in Amazon. The entire capitalist framework is generated with determining the proper desire of the individuals regardless of the actual needs and wants of the consumers.

Dual Coding Theory is the information that helps in creating stronger impression on different information of the customers. Generally, there are different slogans and images for different products that will help in making the customers remember about the different products. For instance- Weibo is the application that uses a creative image and it helps in attracting customers sand draw their attention as well. There are different applications but there are only few who are trying to use the technology in such a way.

Cultivation Theory is an important theory that helps in analyzing the usage of the media space in the today’s world. The major proposition of the cultivation theory is to understand the number of individuals who are watching television and believe in the social aligns with the portraying reality on the television (Weber and Quiring 2017).

Media richness theory is an essential theory in the media spaces as well as this helped in acting as the framework in the information ability of the medium to reproduce the information that is sent over it. This is the framework of the communication process that helps in understanding the information processing theory that helps in understanding the usage of the media space in the life of the individuals (Jensen 2013).

Two step flow theory is essential and important in nature as this will help in hypothesizing the ideas that flow from the media spaces to the different opinion leaders and then to a wider population. The Two step flow theory helps in understanding the influence of media spaces and the proper usage of media space. Opinion leaders are the ones who interpret the hypothesis wherein it will help in opposing the deals as well as the opinions in the proper combination of the sources of media spaces (McQuail and Windahl 2015).

Dependency theory is another essential and important theory in the media space wherein the theory is grounded on the classical sociological literature wherein the media and the target audiences have to be studied in context with the larger social systems (Roztocki and Weistroffer 2015).

Agenda setting theory is the theory that helps in describing the proper ability of Amazon as well as the individuals in the organization to influence the salience of the topics that has to be covered in public agenda. This is the kind of issue that helps in understanding the issue that is important in nature (Hutchinson 2017).

Spiral of silence theory is an essential theory that helps in understanding the different processes through which media can publicizes different opinions. There are different individuals in the society that helps in understanding the perception of the individuals that are being properly accepted as well as expressed by them as well (Warde 2014).


Media Dependency Theory is the other essential theory that helps in understanding the different dependencies of the individuals on the media information along with the meeting of different needs and preferences of the customers as well. In Amazon, the degree of actual dependence will help in understanding the influence of the centrality of different information functions as well as other social stability.

Medium theory also known as the channel theory or media formalism was propounded by Herbert Marshall McLuhan, in the twentieth century. The Canadian philosopher and professor had claimed that the message is contained in the medium thereby challenging the conventional definitions. McLuhan stressed on the fact that the channels differ in terms of how they alter and awaken the senses and thoughts of the individuals. He popularized the notion that the channels provide a strong force that have to be comprehended to gain knowledge on the fact as to how the media might influence culture and society. The theory focusses on the characteristics of the medium. In case of the medium theory, a medium refers not only to the newspapers, digital cameras or the internet, it involves the symbolic environment of a communicative act. The thesis of the Canadian philosopher portrays that people may adapt to their environment through a particular ratio or balance of the senses. He further suggests that the sense ratio is brought about by the medium of a certain age and thus affects perception. In case of the online retailer Amazon, the medium theory seems to be aptly applicable.

Theory of libertarianism or the free pass theory is another theory based on the media spaces. According to this theory, the absence of restraint is advocated. The theory mainly focuses on the rights of an individual (Bailey 2012.). This theory has its roots in the seventeenth century. During that time, the printing press in England had made production of several copies of the same document or books possible at cheaper rates (Rosenberry and Vicker 2017). The followers of this theory regard the state to be a major source of interference to the property and rights of an individual. This theory granted the will of the people more priority over the power of the state. The theory was advocated by the early 16th century philosopher Lao Tzu, the English philosopher John Locke in the 17th century, the17th century English poet and polemicist John Milton and the essayist John Stuart Mill.

The theory of Soviet media or the communist theory is based on the ideologies of the philosophers Marx and Engel. This theory propagates the notion that ruling ideas are nothing but the ideas of the ruling classes. The theory proposed that media spaces should be targeted only at educating the huge masses of the employees (Hanson 2016). The theory should not be targeted at disbursing of information. The theory invited feedback from the target audience so that it could deliver to the needs of the public. According to Lenin, private ownership is incompatible with the freedom of press. He further opined the technological medium of information should be controlled to effectively enable the press freedom.

The development communication theory suggests that no development can be brought about without the presence of communication (Rice and Atkin 2012). According to the concerned theory, the media was assigned the role of performing the programs that could bring about positive changes in the development of the state. In the process it accepted the instruction given and the restrictions imposed by the State. The media was subordinated to the needs in the social, cultural, economic and political spheres of the state (Lee and Ma 2012). The developmental journalism was given more stress upon in this theory of media spaces.

This uses and gratification theory was propounded by Katz in the year 1970. This theory concerns itself with the process of using media for the gratification of the needs of the public. This theory puts forward the fact that people may choose the topics that they want to see or hear. Thus it is on the part of the media houses to compete with each other in order to satisfy the needs of the target consumers.

Advertising is the indispensable part of the   media space that is the propaganda in order to constantly transmit the different kind of messages to the public. Furthermore, advertisements will have huge impact on the change of behavior as well as attitude towards the customers for the different products or services bought from Amazon or Zara. There are different consumers who feel that advertisements is ubiquitous in nature and they occupy the space any time as well as anywhere whether they are properly using social media applications.

Media spaces have created great and huge influences on the interpersonal relationships wherein mobile media has changed the development of the relationships between different individuals. The interpersonal relationships among the individuals can be better and it helps the individuals in communicating properly through multiple forms of the social media as well (Tannenbaum et al. 2015).

From the different theories, it can be analyzed that there are different companies who use social media in order to shape the thoughts of the consumers in order to achieve the goals of the consumers. The effects of the celebrity is one of the famous marketing tools in the media space  as this will help in promoting popularity as well as the awareness about different brands. According to Ngai et al. (2015), in the today’s world, the society has already emerged a proper mobile life in the global world wherein people cannot imagine their life without mobiles and internet. There are different techniques that are applied in media space such as AI is widely used in the messaging space. The technology is in store and is increasing everyday rather than the sort of garnish initiatives that has been seen till date. Proper designing of the voice interface is necessary as this will help in using proper advanced technology. Amazon’s echo device that is featuring Alexa is the one that are playing in this particular media space as well. The digital realities will help in steaming forward as this will help Amazon and Zara fashion online stores in becoming more diversified in nature that is occurring due to media space.

The online shopping is the main activity for the consumers in media space. The total monthly trade amount of Amazon as well as EBay is incredible number that cannot be imagined as well. Online shopping helps on satisfying the customers as well as analyzing the needs of the customers as well. Online shopping is cheaper and faster in nature than go to window shopping. Online shopping has become a habit for the consumers and this is possible due to the media space. Similarly, the mobile lifestyle of the individuals cannot be without the travel. Media spaces help in making travelling more easier in nature due to the mobile lifestyle.

There were different surveys that have been conducted by the individuals wherein it was found that the internet is a part of life of more than 80% of individuals and the lifestyle of the mobile helps in influencing the life of the different customers in many ways in the media spaces. The new media space helps in creating new interpersonal relationships wherein the people of the entire society can shop online as well as there are different other advantages of the social media in the lives of the individuals. The media space has made the ways of communication globalized in nature as well (Spruijt et al. 2014).

The advanced usage of the media spaces help in globalization wherein the goal traditional media cannot accomplish such goals. The different functions that are used by the consumers are included in the smart phones as media space is no longer of a distance of space and time. The communication media space helps in removing the different restrictions of the particular region. Furthermore, the languages are no longer the barrier of the communication process due to the usage of media spaces. On the other hand, online shopping is the main activity for the consumers in media spaces. Media spaces helps in making travelling more easier in nature but the mobile spaces helps in making the reservation of the flight tickets properly without much difficulty in such cases (Galician 2013).

Therefore, it can be inferred that media spaces help in shaping the life of the consumers. There are different theories that helps in showing that advertising helps in constantly transmitting the new kind of information to the consumers for shaping the attitudes as well as behavior of the individuals consumption. The media spaces have definitely changed the lives of the individuals and it has made the life simpler and easier in nature. The rise of the intensively mobile society helps in reshaping the everyday activities.

The media spaces helps in expressing different forms that will help in making individuals a part of them and mix with the different social reliabilities. In the coming future, media spaces will help in sustainable growth of the individuals and it helps in playing a significant role in order to shape the customers in the entire society.



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