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Mental Health Is The Most Critical Section In Clinical Medicines

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How To Mental Health Is The Most Critical Section In Clinical Medicines?




Mental health is the most critical section in clinical medicines that has not yet developed a definite method of handling the patients. However, some criterion is used to determine whether an individual has mental illness or any other associated problems. Through mental health assessment, a medical practitioner is able to understand the ideal situation of individuals based on their scores. For instance, a doctor might ask the patient about their association with their fellows or their responses to relational concerns with their significant parties (Heller, & Gitterman, 2011). Through such critical evaluation, the medical practitioner is able to rule out the possibility of the patient being mental ill. In the mental assessment process, the nurses and doctors have definite roles that they should achieve to make is successful for acquiring the best diagnostic results. The constitution, chapter three explores mental health and the human rights associated with the illness (Hanley, 2015). Any mentally ill individual has been entitled to quality treatment from the government and private health centres within the country.

Nursing services offered to the patients with mental illness should be maximising by ensuring that they eat and sleep well. The social life of these patients should also be equipped to assist in their recovery process. The nursing services provided highly determines the time taken by the patients to recover their mental status. Before declaring that individually is mentally ill, there are several steps that are followed in assessing the mental state. A registered nurse (RN) who has specialised in mental illness services should understand all these steps to provide the best services to the patients (Zhang, & Lin, 2014). The goals of undertaking mental health assessment are to establish a connection with the patient, understand the associated problems, collect valid and unbiased information about the mental state and develop a treatment plan that reduces the effects of the conditions to the patients. This paper will discuss psychopathology and impact of mental illness to the patients and the recovery principles that can be used to the nurses (Green, Miller, & Aarons, 2011). 


Psychopathology and Impact of Mental Illness

Patients with mental illness are not only individually affected but also the significant others including the family, friends and the community as a whole. Therefore, this is a health condition that should be monitored to reduce the incidence and avoid any risk factors that might be associated. Patients are affected and in most cases they are not able to undertake personal activities, hence being in need of a helper or a monitor. The guardians are most important useful in helping them to manage their condition and avoid any sort of harm that may come across. In a hospital setting, the nurse is responsible for undertaking most of the tasks such as ensuring that there are in the right place and the best time and their living environment are in the best condition. It is a disturbing and situation for a person to be unable to perform basic activities due to mental instability. To the patients, it is a situation that they have to be assisted in managing it by encouraging them and providing the best care that enhances chances of recovery.

The effect of mental health on the community and family members is depended on the social and cultural effects. For instance, some individuals in the community believe that mental illness is associated to curse and bad omen. To such people, it might be hard for them to believe that there is a possible recovery. Therefore, cases of mental illness affect the communities and families on different capacities. Some would dedicate their time and resources to find best medical care to help their fellow recover, while other would assume and maybe take them to mental health centres with no further support. Although the patients are the main victim of the condition, in cases where the providers of the families are affected would create a bigger effect to the dependent. Some of such a situation is where the father in a family get mentally illness either because of depression or another risk, the children might lack someone to rely on (Dudley, Silove, & Gale, 2012). 


Mental health problems are also associated to low self-esteem; whereby the victims feel that the environment is against their acts. These are some of the effects that might be associated with mental illness to adults and self-dependent individuals. On the issue of self-esteem, this can be instigated by failed relationships because some people do not want to be associated with people who are mentally unstable. Therefore, a rift seems to be created between the healthy individuals and people are thought to be perceiving mental illness (Riordan, Wix, & Humphreys, 2008). For example, in an organisation the employees might create groups that seclude the victims, hence not involving them in any social activities. These behaviours might end up leading to suicides and dropping from the working positions, hence being employed. Without proper support from the society, mentally ill individuals might suffer stress and depression because of the possible mistreatments that might be experienced from the environment. Therefore, as the individuals have mental problems are exposed to the unfavourable situation where they do not receive the required support, the condition tends to worsen.

In cases where the victim is a minor, mental illness can risk the chances of not getting sufficient education. This is because the curriculum setting does not favour individuals who does not have a sober mind. Therefore, any cases of mental problems should be handled with great care and support to help the victims live normally (Coombs, Curtis, & Crookes, 2011). Mental illness can also lead to changes in physical health because the victims are not able to respond effectively to any form of command or a threat. Injuries might also be experienced in a situation when they are not monitored effectively. For instance, a mentally ill person might not be able to synthesise the intensity of harm a person is exposed to by crossing a busy road without watching carefully. As discussed in this section, there is a lot psychopathological and mental illness effect that a patient and the significant others might be exposed to when not monitored and cared effectively (Neeraja, 2008).


Nurse’s use of Recovery Principles

Registered Nurses have responsibilities in the field of mental health from the point of diagnostics to treatment proceedings. In most cases, nurses spent more time with the patients, hence understanding them more that the other medical practitioners. Therefore, they are supposed to incorporate their practice with the mental recovery principles to accelerate the process. Some of these principles include considering the factors that people are unique, empowering the patients to make their choices, and ensuring that dignity and respect prevail among others (Happell, & Cowin, 2013).

The nurses should acknowledge that people are unique and the main focus of mental recovery is not about the cure but making a meaning life, experiencing the quality of living by having choices and being among the valued member of the society (Scheid, & Brown, 2010). Therefore, as a nurse in the mental health clinic, social inclusion should be emphasised to make the patients feel engaged and involved in the community. Immediately after a person has been diagnosed with mental illness, nurses should start caring for the patient just as any other in the mental health care program. In this cases, they can also empower all the patients to understand that they are receiving the best care for their conditions. This would reduce their worries as they understand that they are receiving the best care possible and they will recover (Kempf, 2013).

The patients should always be involved in direct consultations on how their treatment should be carried out. This gives the patients a chance to make contribution and choices about their personal life. In this process, the nurses can also understand how the patients are doing based on the credibility of the choices developed. Support is required for the patient to guide them in making their choices and make them take much responsibility for their life (Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, 2009). Care received by the patients and the support received by the available individuals determines how quick and successful the recovery process will be perceived. Therefore, the nurses will balance between the support from individuals and their duty of care to make sure the patients are receiving the best for the sake of their health (Reupert et al., 2015).

Every individual in the community is attached to equal rights. Special treatment of the law is imposed on people perceived to have any sort of disability such as mental problems and physical disability. The nurses are therefore supposed to listen, respond and learn from the requests created by the patients and the carers. Nurses are the close personnel who can provide the best advice and care to the patients together with the carers to ensure that the best practices are embraced. In this manner, the Registered Nurses should protect the rights and citizenship of the patients because they can sometimes be unable to make credible decisions based on the intensity of the illness. When a person in the mental illness state, social support is highly needed and the nurses should instil hope of recovery and a better future for the patients (Basavanthappa, 2007).

Based on the ideal situation of the patients, this should not be attached to the type of relationships they are engaged. Respect should always prevail and this would improve their self-esteem. The mental recovery process is not about the medication a partnership process that the nurse should encourage to ensure that everybody attached to the patient contributes equally. The partnerships involve sharing of important information that can be useful in creating a favourable environment for the patient to recover (Videbeck, 2006). Nurses are responsible for making the carers and family realise the hopes of recovery and understand the specific way that can be used in the process. Not only should the nurses be involved in the assessment and treatment process, by they would also be involved in the evaluation process by determining the state of mind for the patients. The evaluation process will measure the effectiveness of the used treatment and recovery principles.



In conclusion, Registered Nurses should be able to empower the mentally ill patients and their carers improve the effectiveness of recovery criteria used. The treatment process should incorporate the social factor because mental problems are directly connected to personal social life. Therefore, social inclusion can also be implemented at the community level by developing social and mental care centres that would embrace more of social connectivity (Minkoff, 2015). These are some of the key values that the nurses should advise the community in improving nursing and personal care for the mentally ill individuals in the community. As the community embraces life, mental health would be improved and the recovery would be a successful process for individuals experiencing such problems.



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