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Team Roles - The simulation program requires you to form teams and assign roles to team members. A role must be specified for each team member. This assessment is a short report assigning roles and providing role descriptions. This team is your firm and its employees. If you are doing this assignment individually you need to assume you are the firm and all the roles.

Your specified role involves interdependence within the team. As aspiring business managers your function after each simulation round is to reflect upon and critique decisions that your team has made. This first assessment will require you to negotiate and assign roles as a group and submit a document based on your process and choices. Your choice of role is to be specified from a selection elaborated in the unit assessment block.

It is important that you discuss, document and design tasks that include the following:

  • meeting attendance
  • levels of contribution per meeting/task
  • decision-making process and governance
  • actions to be taken by whom
  • the standard of work completed by each member
  • mission and vision of your firm and organisational hierarchy.

Importance of Team Roles in a Baby Food Producing Firm

This report will be pointed at setting the team roles to make sure that the work is carried on smoothly.

It is a firm that will be devoted towards the producing of the baby food products. This firm will be devoted to providing the babies with natural, healthy and nutritional products. Hence there has to be a proper synchronization among all the team members working in this firm. The main motif of this firm is to make sure that they are providing the baby food in a healthy, natural, nutritional and yet colorful manner.

  • The vision of this firm is to see all the babies growing up in a healthy way and becoming successful individuals in the coming year.

The mission is

  • What babies eat creates who they become.

In other words, these firms will believe in this fact that the meals that are provided t the babies for the first time, matters a lot. It is this nutrition that will help them to grow.

The purpose of this report is to assign the specific roles to each member of the team. This is to make sure that all the team members understand their responsibility and contribute to the overall functioning of the organization.

4 key position and its responsibilities ( managerial/finance/operational/strategic)

The managerial responsibilities will be seen and presided over by the manager. He will be making the list of tasks that the team has to perform. It is he who will also assign the roles to the team members and also take regular updates on the proceedings of the work.

The finance section will be looked after by the financial analysts. He will be looking after the cash and the cash being debited and credited from the company.

The operations manager will be looking after the implementation and the operations of the company. He will be looking over the production and the sake of the baby food products. He will also be there to listen to any kinds of problems or issues being faced by the employees. He will also act as the bridge between the higher the managerial body and the employees.

The strategic part is an important part for any organization. It can be looked after by the business analyst who will analyze the upcoming trends of the business. It is his role to formulate strategies that will help them to grow and prosper. For an instance, there are so many baby food producing companies and all are in a tough competition. So the strategy might allow the parents to take a journey in their manufacturing units or to the farmyards from where they collect all the fresh raw materials for producing their product. This will help the parents to have a greater faith in this company and they will consider buying the products from this company only (Zsambok & Klein, 2014).

Specific Team Roles in the Organization

Meeting and agendas

There will be several meetings like employee complaints meeting, annual revenue discussion meeting, products quality, production-related meeting and others. Suppose if the meeting is about improving the production in terms of quantity and quality, the managers will be forming the agenda in a way that will be easily understandable by all the employees. They will add points like training facilities, setting of skill developing campaigns, overtime shifts with incentives and other such points in the agenda.

When will the meetings take place

The meetings will take place on a monthly basis and if the situation demands on a weekly basis as well. This will help the managers to know about the work and about any queries that the employees might have.

How will they be run

The meetings will be conducted in the conference room or the large meeting room where all the employees will gather along with the managers. This will make sure that the opinions and the views of all the employees and the seniors are being taken into account. To make sure that nobody misses these meetings, there will be prior information. This will be done by circulating emails individually to all the members of the firm (Arnsten, Lee & Pittenger, 2017). There will also be the Skype and proper internet connection so that the meetings can be conducted overseas with the other branches.

What if someone does not attend

The one not attending the meeting will be asked to give a proper justified reason. If it is justified enough then he or she will be given the thorough feedback of the meeting. If someone is at home due to some health issues or any genuine issues they can be kept in the meeting through video calling and other such facilities.

What will be the procedure

The procedure will be to inform all employees through emails at their personal and official mail id. The next is to take into account the opinions of each and every employee. All the points or all queries raised by employees must be noted down and to be discussed in the next meeting (Schenkel & Karlsson, 2016). Minutes of meeting will be maintained sp that the important points can be jotted easily and used for betterment of the objectives set.

The contribution of the people at the meetings

All the people will talk about their products and the problems that they are facing in various areas. They will also talk about any kinds of support or training that might help them.

Meetings and Decision-making Process

Decision-Making process

The process will be open to all. In other words, all the employees will be given the freedom to give their opinion in the decision-making process (Bellows, 2016).

What type of decision will be made by whom

The team representative can take the opinion of the team to the manager and he can convey it to the higher authorities. For example, if the employees want a hike in salary or a flexibility in the shifts. There can also be some suggestions from the employees regarding some raw materials or supply and logistics being used in the firm (Glukhov & Levina, 2015). These decisions will be taken by the managerial boards. The financial analyst will decide if they can afford to use some money for offering discounts, free gifts, NGOs, and others.

Actions to be taken by whom and why

The actions will be taken by the operation manager as he looks after the operations and the running of the company. If the issue is about a hike in salary, the operations manager can discuss it with the employees know about their complaints, their justifications and then take it to the seniors (Macdonald, Burke & Stewart, 2017).

What type of work should be completed by each member?

The employees must have a proper chart of their overall production and their attendance. The managerial board must make sure that they have formulated the rules for the benefit of not only their customers but employees as well. The business analyst will analyze the business, compare the market trends of the past years and predict the outcomes of the coming years and suggest the strategies accordingly. The financial analyst must have a well defined and accurate record of the total revenue and the amount of debt and credit as well (Goffee & Scase, 2015).

Organizational Hierarchy 

The flatter organization hierarchical model will be best. This is because the communication will not be a one-way process. All the employees will be at their full freedom in communicating with each other and also with their superiors. As it is a baby food producing firm all the employees must be given full freedom to also share their own experiences and how might they want to improve it or change it (Goffee & Scase, 2015).


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