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MGMT20140 Design Thinking For Managers

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  • Course Code: MGMT20140
  • University: Central Queensland University
  • Country: Australia


Week -1 & 2

I am absent for the first 2 weeks because of health issues so, I am in a bit confuse state while coming for the 3rd-week class but before coming to the 3rd week I came to know from my friends what was happen in the first 2 weeks of class and also looked into the weekly slides and got some clear idea what is the subject "DESIGN IT" is about. It mainly deals with the new innovative designs and theories in each stage of innovation. And our tutor told about blogging which is essential as a part of 3rd assessment work so, I am started working on how to write a blog. I got a clear idea that personal reflection and development is very essential to success in this subject. This is more of a practice-based subject rather than theory based. I am a person loves to study the subject in a practical way with more real-time examples rather than study with books.

Week - 3

Before this particular week, I used to look at the problems in a generalized way in my real life too. But after 2 hours of the detailed lecture given by my tutor in week-3 class, I understood that every problem has major two components what + how = desired value which makes the equation simple. So, I used to learn the logic of reasoning, and types of reasoning for the problems.

The logic of reasoning with and without design:

Our tutor shows us a clear example of drunken violence and crime at night-clubs which gives a clear view of the logic of reasoning without design. WHAT and HOW was used effectively here and also the same example for a logic of reasoning with a design. I understood only a few minor things might vary the design with and without reasoning.

Divergent and Convergent thinking:

Our tutor gave us a clear example of divergent and convergent thinking and explains the 4 mental states clearly. Before class, I am not clear with the 3 type of loop learning systems but our tutor managed to deliver the concept with the simple examples. I came to know that the design process is not a linear process and after the session, I understood what happens if managers think more like designers.

And in 1 hour of the tutorial session, we got a short briefing on assessment-1 "HOW TO DESIGN A POSTER" we 5 of us formed as a part of a group for 2nd assessment and starts discussing on how the reflective thinking works for each individual and our tutor gave enough space to discuss all these activities in given time.     

Week - 4

After successful completion of my 1st assessment poster design, I am confident to start my work for my 2nd assessment in a group.

Mainly, I had confusion in identification of the problem and solving the same. So, my tutor gave us a clear idea about the problem visualization and "Persona" how it used as a tool for design thinking.

Activity-1: spotting the obvious

Usually, in a day I observe a lot of things but we won't care seriously this exercise helps me a lot of things that happens around me and spotting the obvious things particularly I observed a lot of different people and their activities and the peculiar things that happening around me so, from these I can identify few problems and suggest some solutions using DT.

Activity-2: visualize a persona

As a task we got a chance to visualize a persona by our tutor so, we got different set of questions our group got a question of assuming an Australian citizen who completed his studies in 1990 and joined the workforce they have never been to university, but the current employer is demanding to complete a bachelors degree or else he will lose the job. To keep his job he needs to finish his degree at the CQU'S business school. So, our group took up this as a challenge to complete in our specified time we divided work among ourselves we had 5 set of questions in it so each started working on separate questions.

We draw a sample persona of person and named him as SAM and created all the required basic details of him. Mainly, we started to think from the perspective of the person who is in the situation so, that we can feel the problem and identify what the problems he had to face during that time and try to suggest few innovative solutions which help him. I understood images gives a better view of the problem than the text. At last finally, we finished the task successfully.

Week - 5

This is the last week before vacation. In the workshop session, our tutor gave us enough time to discuss regarding the topic for assessment-2 with other groups also and he gave few exercises for us.


Our tutor gave us a reflection exercise which contains 30 circles in 5 rows and gave us 2 minutes of time and asks us to convert the circles into different shapes or things. We can test our designing skills how we are going to think about different aspects. I finally converted some of them into different Emojis, sports balls, and in shape of donuts. Then I realize the time factor is a very key component in designing tasks. My fellow students showed some good work then I had a discussion with them about how they are thinking about developing new ideas.  

And later we had an hour brainstorming session. For any new innovative design thinking, we need to continuously brainstorm the ideas between us to improve the skills. So, our tutor followed the same technique to us.


He gave us one idea on thinking for the new concept for ice-cream and allowed us to think and come out on different aspects of ideas and we as a group discussed a lot and gave 3 examples individually which we felt it was quite different to brain-storming session like these. And we also had items and activities tasks like these so that I am usually a bit week in analysing situations as a person so, this task really helps me a lot to think about a specific object so, that I can think in several different ways and there are also various approaches for the selected item to combine the image with it helps us a lot to recreate the things in different ways. Most of the big organizations will work through the same technique for solving issues.

Not only theoretical knowledge different approaches towards problems helps us a lot to find different innovative solutions for the problems. And later we also had a chat on the assessment-2 briefing and discussed among our group for the finalizing topic. 

Week - 6

Applying the value chain: 

In this 6th week we are in the stage of finalizing the topic for the 2nd assessment so, I would like to proceed with the given choice of topics in tutorial section by our tutor. All the given three companies are big reputed ones but I would like to choose Woolworths because I had a bit more idea on this I used to see this and interact more with the Woolworths in my daily life. After the lecture hour, I understood what we actually value chain analysis but still, I had a lot of confusion on the topic I felt scared when my tutor asked me to create VC for my chosen topic. Then I took some time to relax and start searching for more information about VC in perspective of my chosen company. I gathered a basic information what is VC, how organizations operate, advantages etc. It went well but it took some time to know about VC but I didn't get more detailed information about it. Next time I will search for more sources and try to gather relevant information.

Mini-activity: This is one of the creative thinking activities which I feel personally which has a lot of scopes to think outside of the box. This type of activity was done earlier so, it helps us to do better this time

5-Why's Activities: This activity is done between me and my friend I feel it is the best activity to know the problem from both perspective of me and other people we can exchange a lot of ideas, solutions.

We also had clear information about data types and types of researches.

Activity- Applying Mind Mapping: This task is very useful for the further assessment of mine to perform well I feel like it is a trail for it. Tutor asked to do mind mapping on the broader topic in groups where we can create a lot of innovative ideas in which I feel I can improve thinking abilities. 

Week - 7

In lecture session we had a clear explanation about both primary and secondary data and its sources so we can clearly differentiate between both

Activity: Ethics Group Discussion

Till now i had a bit idea on the meaning of the term ethics but still i am in confuse state in use of ethics in business so, after long discussion i got a clear idea on ethics and use of ethics in business and why is it so important to be ethical so, for all these questions finally i got solutions from different people who participated in discussion

Few interviewing tips which i felt very useful for the master students like us in professional life

Activity:  Interviewing for Design Projects

I felt this activity is very use-full in real life situations to implement. My tutor asked me to form pairs and asked us to interview among us on the topic 1) Getting ready in the morning 2) Getting ready to go to bed.

I choose topic one and shared my daily routine with my friend and he keeps on asking him questions in different ways and in return i keep on questioning him on various activities he perform while going to bed and i want to keep clear my doubts during the task. I took some quality notes on all the important points which he mentioned.

In this discussion we also chosen few topics we wish as a group we will select the best topic by end of the week. 

Week - 8

Activity-1: Think like a user

Till now I had only a brief idea on what is a prototype called I thought it is just a model or replica of any project or any newly designed item. But after 1-hour session with my tutor, I felt I am incomplete in defining a prototype so, I need to know more about a prototype this activity is the very useful task which I felt personally. I have never been into prototype testing so, I don't know about the experience so if I get a chance definitely I will participate and share my experience with other people. After a long session, I got a clear idea of the benefits and drawbacks of prototype testing

Activity-2: Rapid Prototyping

I came to know this is one of the easiest and fastest ways of prototyping and it is one of the basic methods of the prototype as a part of the group activity we got one idea from our tutor to do the prototype in a given time we decided to finish it with basic equipment by collecting some extra sources of information related to topic this will be beneficial for further progress of work as a first attempt we knew it is not an easy task we need to face a lot of challenges mainly when we do in real situations as a team we faced a lot of challenges in 1 hour of time we need to compromise in a lot of situations due to a lot of constraints we faced a lot of creative differences from team members

As part of the task, we tried to keep it more rapid without elaborating too much we can record our learning by taking a few pictures and videos during work which helps in the betterment of work.  

Week - 9

Activity: Learning Launch-(initial level)

From the last week of our prototype, we developed a lot this week we had a chance to interact with the other groups to discuss on the prototypes we did and share our ideas and experiences.

I felt this is the best chance for me to interact as a person with other group members so, It can improve our group prototype by comparing with their ideas and sharing our experiences and we can exchange our thoughts as well and as same we can explain our idea to them we can clear their doubts if any so, their suggestions will also help us a lot in improvement of our model. We got a feedback capture grid from our tutor so we can record their responses in it.

In this feedback grid, we can ask our questions and know their positives, negatives and doubts still they have on their model we too as well and clarify the same thing to the other group. We recorded our learning through pictures and save the information.

Activity: workshop your presentation/report

Remaining halftime our tutor gave us for discussion and completion of our group report and slides and to do practice for the next upcoming work.


Presentations Week

This week in class we had our group presentations so, as a group we all are excited to present on our topic and as part of presentations we had opportunities to see others present in class on various innovative topics so, I learned a lot from that how DT has been used in a lot of ways in other sectors too to identify and solve the problem innovatively.

Especially, our presentation goes for 13 minutes on topic solving problems in corporate culture by using DT and all the 5 members in our team contributed very well in all the aspects. My-self presented on the definition of Design thinking, problem statement, and 2 tools - JOURNEY MAPPING AND BRAIN STORMING which i was involved very much during our journey so, i took responsibility in explaining the 2 tools particularly i hope i performed well. There were no doubts expressed by my tutor on these particular tools i had more scope to explain with different examples faced by women in gender bias issue in corporate culture.

and in overall feedback we got one suggestion from my tutor that we choose good topic and there is well theoretical approach towards it but we misses out to exhibit some evidences like photos of real mind mapping diagrams and some other tools.

As a group we did our own research and collected sufficient evidences so, we will try to improve it and exhibit in the upcoming assessment of our learning report. 

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