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MGMT5947 Remuneration And Performance Management 2

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One of the key roles of human resource managers is to develop and communicate an organisation’s Employee Performance and Development Review process. The Employee Performance and Development Review is for supervisors/managers to assess their employees’ performance over the review period.

Design an Employee Performance and Development Review Instruction Manual for your organisation (or an organisation of choice). The purpose of the instruction manual is to provide resources for managers to evaluate and give feedback to staff on their performance. It is an annual review process and your instruction manual should contain:

  1. A brief overview of the organisation (approx. 150 words)
  2. A description of the stages in the Employee Performance Review process (approx. 300 words)

Second point is: Explain every stages of performance management cycle with the help of external literature? This is where use journal articles.  This point going to be theoretical explains of all stages in the employee performance review process.  

  1. A memo from the Human Resource Manager to all employees outlining the Employee Performance Review process Third point – memo can be form of a email.
  1. An instruction training PowerPoint slide pack to train managers in the Employee Performance Management process only)

Fourth point: this is where you apply second point. You apply all the stages performance management systems in that organisation. You practically apply all stages to your organisation and explain what you would improve say under learning and development.  Take a screenshot of the slides and put PowerPoint slides into Microsoft word.

  1. A Sample Employee Performance Review form (no word limit, it will depend on the design of your form) but
  2. A guide for managers to providing feedback at the Employee Performance Review meeting



Ishizaka and Pereira (2016) states that the level of performance that is there in the employees of the firm due to the job related activities that has been executed for the business for each of the member of the staff performance either on annual or on quarterly basis for the improvement of the arena is termed as the employee performance. The concept of employee performance is there for the evaluation of the data of the performance as well as the analysis of the same. In the analysis, Subway is taken as the company.

Brief overview of the organization

Subway is one of the privately-owned fast food brands in the global market which was founded on 28th August 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. The company has headquarters in Milford, USA and operates in 112 countries with over 43000 restaurants (Subway 2018). The company produces a large variety of sandwiches and salads which caters to both the taste-conscious as well as the health-conscious people. The variety of food products of Subway as well as the diverse economic and financial versions of the company is there both for the recruitment and the human resource department as well as the food products that the company has. The company has recently tied up with a variety of beverage and chips and other snacks brand to give their customers an all-round experience of food with the healthiest options available in the market for the span of time. The overall company is one of the foremost in the food industry due to their tasty yet healthy food and wholesome rates including of the beverages.

Description of the stages of the employee performance review process

Employee performance is defined as the process by which the managers of the firm evaluate the level of the employees in terms of their work and productivity which help the business in gaining strategic profit (Timmers, Walraven and Veldkamp 2015).

There are in total six stages for measuring of the employee performance of the firm which are as follows –

Employee performance Level



· Monitoring the activities of the employees including their level of job satisfaction

· Employee motivation is also monitored

· Determination of the performance is done by response calculation

· Financial stages of the firm are also monitored (Anitha 2014)

Informal Feedback

· Providing relevant and crucial feedback to the employees

· Helps to build the work of the employees and improve communication

· Helps in the growth of the employees

Formal Assessment

· Formally measuring the work capabilities of the employees

· Gives points for the employees and also to measure growth

Formal Review Meeting

· Meeting with the authorities for the final conversation (Chen et al. 2014)

· Face to face encounter for hearing both the parties and mutual benefit

Action Planning

· Action plan is to make sure about the performance as well as the to improve in the required phases

· Constructive decision is made (Bersin 2015)

Learning and Development

· Training and development program is conducted

· Development of performance and also to assessment of the employees


Memo from HR manager to employees for employee performance review project

To: The employees


From: The HR Manager

Date: 14/10/2018

Subject: Employee Performance Review

The following review is to remodel the Employee performance in the brand of Subway and also to review the new model on employee performance.

Subway has declared a new performance review model which has included four different stages in the overall process.

One of the first steps for the employee performance review is the expectations of the authorities from the workers of the organization. The clear expectations of the managers and higher authorities are important for the setting up of performance and also for the accomplishment of the set levels.

The guidance and the training that Subway will give to the employees of the company is to make sure that the company has the amount of change in the behavioural patterns of the company. The training that is being provided by the management of Subway is to allow the constructive customer feedback on the overall performance of the employees. Praising including the development for the process of training is there for the guidance level.

The performance review that is done by the managers of Subway is one of the basis in which the development of the employees is being done for the review as well as the self-assessment provided. The motive of this phase of the employee performance is to increase the skill and competence of the employees of Subway.

The creation of the plan for the betterment of the employees is one of the major phases in the development of the individual planning section. The responsibility of the employees to create and share the plan is there for the managers.

The cooperation of the employees of the firms are highly required for the fulfilment of the plan.

Instruction training PPT slide for the training of managers in employee performance management


Sample employee performance form

Employee Information

Employee Name




Employee ID


Reviewer Name


Position Held


Reviewer Title


Last Review Date


Today’s Date







Quality to full potential




Quality of work




Work consistency








Independent work




Take initiative
















Co-worker relation




Technical skills













The goals that are achieved

The goals that are set

Comments and Approval for the employees of the firm

Comments (if any)

Guide for managers to provide feedback at employee performance review meeting

The managers of an organization play an important role for giving the employee performance feedback to the employees which will help the concerned workers to have ample increase in the performance. The guide for the managers can be stated in the following –

  • One-to-one – One to one feedback for the employee for Subway is one of the best methods as in this way the employees get to know their weakness without embarrassment. The one to one feedback helps to analyse the different parts of the weakness of the employees without making the other employees realise about the other person’s flaws which surely does not embarrass the employee and make them comfortable.
  • Specific in nature – Conway and Coyle?Shapiro (2012) states that the reviews given by the authorities of Subway should be specific in nature and should make sure to have ample constructive feedback for the employees. The specific nature of the feedback help to make sure that the professionals have better signs of emerging their career with the help of the guidelines set by the people of the time.
  • Positive and constructive – The review that is to be given by the managers of Subway is to be positive and constructive and to have no negative impacts on the worker and the minds of the employees. The positive review make sure that each of the people of the organization have a liberal and constructive feedback to the overall sector and make sure that the feedback given for the people are apt and upto the scheme.
  • Listening and telling – The concept of listening and telling is surely one of the best ways to give the review of the performance in Subway and also to make sure that the authorities tell the planning and the review in a concrete manner (Jiang et al. 2012).
  • Solving the problem – The manager should give review so as to solve problem and have ample guide for the managers to have the employee performance level.


At the end of the analysis, it can be stated that the employee performance level of Subway is one of the important HR strategies for the development and evaluation of the employee performance in the company an also to provide feedback and strategic development of the business. The wholesome analysis on the employee performance is being provided including the forms as well as the PPT slides in which the different types of remuneration is being given which indicates the amount of the payment that is being given to the people working for Subway in the stated span of time.



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Subway. 2018. Subway Australia. [online] Available at: [Accessed 14 Oct. 2018].

Timmers, C.F., Walraven, A. and Veldkamp, B.P., 2015. The effect of regulation feedback in a computer-based formative assessment on information problem-solving. Computers & Education, 87, pp.1-9.


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