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The purpose of this task is to provide an overview of the management problem, research question and objectives and methodology taking on board feedback from Task 2, with the primary focus being to present the findings and provides conclusions and implications for practice.

  • Presentation of a concise background to the research and statement of the managerial problem, research question and research objectives
  • Summary of the literature review including a concise synthesis of previous research and relevant secondary data search leading to the research gap
  • Identification and concise justification of the methodology
  • Presentation of results linked to each research objective
  • Presentation of limitations and identification of areas for future research
  • Presentation of recommendations and managerial implications
  • Communication and referencing

Problem management is the said to be the way for managing the lifecycle of the problems that arise in industries.

for “edging good industries” to meet the global dynamic changes, the problem management process should be effective.

The primary and super objectives of the problem management is to prevent incidents that bring these management problems from happening.

With effective problem management plan it appears easy to analyze the effect of continued growth of industries and introduce remedies for restructuring global problems (Furlong et al, 2013 pp.517-541).

Generally, the leadership function is the determiner of every action needed to remedy the problems in edging good industries.

In the process of achieving the set goal, there arise some hindrances which fade the perfectiveness of the employees' performance. (Johnsen and Eliasen, 2011 pp.130-139).

There exist various types of problems that affect the normal management of the emerging manufacturing and service industries .

The problems highly destroys the process of obtaining the edging good industries

Some of the management problems that exist can be categorized in various groups as follows:

1.Financial management problem.

This type of management problem affect the financial status of the industries (Gustafsson et al, 2010 pp.242-253).

Under extreme conditions, it may lead to the complete downfall of the growing industries.

  1. Employees' development problem.

This mostly affects the performance of the employees.

To achieve the dream of strategized “edging good industries”  this problem should be eradicated.

  1. Business planning problem.

This is a result of deploying unskilled personnel in the planning process of the industries.

The problem erodes the expectation in the development of the edging good industries (Erdogan et al, 2010 pp.881-891).

. Management development problem.

This type of management problem colonizes the growth rate of the expected industries in 21st century.

  1. Board operation problem.

 The problem mostly affects the leadership of the industries.

Lacks of support from board members in the implementation of strategized operations hinders the innovation of edging good industries (Gustafsson et al, 2010 pp.242-253).

Objectives of the research

To innovate good industries,  the research is focused towards achieving the following objectives.

1.To identify and eradicate various management problems that hinder the management towards attaining strategies of edging industries.

2.To reduce the gap which exists in the process of bringing remedy to the management problem.

3.To identify the major causes of problems in management.

4.To create awareness of the need for problem eradication in the industries.

A number of researches have been conducted on the problem management, every research trying to derive reliable process for achieving “edging good industries”.

Types of Management Problems

Initially, when the management theories were developed, the managers received informal training.

Due to complexity initiated by the managerial problem, it led the theorists to develop a deeper management function definitions (Haddad et al, 2010 pp.97-128).

Various research have been done describing the management’s problem as the key destroyer of the developments in industries (Haddad et al, 2010 pp.97-128). 

For example, With accordance to Henri Fayol, some of the management functions that influences the development of good industries are planning, organizing, leadership, coordinating, and controlling (Henri , 2012 pp.51).

With a well strategized managerial functions, it appears smooth to deal with arising problems.

In simpler term the effectiveness of management problem process is also determined by managerial functions.

Planning is the function of management problem helps in anticipating the future problems with regard to available resources, time and industrial goals (Harvey et al, 2011 pp.517-533).

To ensure that the problem is effectively managed the industries in 21st century should wisely invest in the planning process.

Organizing is another function that is applied in the management problem process (Harvey et al, 2011 pp.517-533).

It involves mobilizing the resources so as to ensure that the wholly industrial process is conducted well so as to avoid any problem from arising.

With a reliable Organizing techniques it is very easy to initiate good and reliable industries.

The research relied on both secondary and primary data collection.

To obtain the secondary data various research were done on different articles (Carcello et al 2012 pp.1-31).

The obtained secondary data were compared with primary data for accuracy purposes.

To obtain the primary data, the visit was done to various industries/organizations.

by managing team from the industries that were visited.

To achieve accurate information the primary data was compared with secondary data (Carcello et al 2012 pp.1-31).

The summary for the recorded primary data was obtained by analyzing the information obtained from various edging good industries.

Presentation results

The research results were presented using graphs, tables  and chart

Table. The data in the table represents the various causes of the  problem in management of edging good industries.

The table contain a summary of both secondary and primary results concerning the causes of the  problem

The graphs describes how various factors influences the occurrences of management’s problem.

The chart also analyzes the percentage rate at which various factors influences the occurrences of the problem

To achieve the primary objective (innovating good industries) of the research a summary of the problem-solving process is described.

Objectives of the Research

Data presentation

The data obtained from the research was described using a bar graph.

The graph represents the percentage of how various factors influences the occurrence of the management’s problem (Johnsen and Eliasen, 2011 pp.130-139).

The graph only includes the major factors that facilitate the problem.

The factors include corruption, leadership, employees’ performance external factors and board of members.

From the graph, it is shown that leadership plays a role in determining the chances of the problem occurrence ((Johnsen and (Eliasen, 2011 pp.130-139).

This is because with an effective leadership the rest of the factors can be effectively curbed.

For example, positive leaders easily control the board member operations which make them receive a full support from the board members in goals achieving process.

Also, the positive leader effectively invests in the practices that motivate the employees towards performing their industries.

When any issues arise among employees the positive leader can solve them in harmonious process.

From the graph, corruption among the managing team influences the occurrence of the management problem.

Corruption mostly affects the financial status of the edging good industries.

This happens when the leadership of the organization is less active (Johnsen and Eliasen, 2011 pp.130-139).

Board members also play a bigger role in the occurrences of the management problem.

For example, when the board members become less effective in determining valid strategies in goals achieving process, it becomes problematic for the “edging good industries” management team (Barratt et al, 2011 pp.329-342).

The obtained data can also be presented using a pie chart.

From the pie chart, it is observed that the leadership occupies the biggest percentage volume in determining the problem occurrence in edging good industries (Hair J.F et al, 2012 pp.320-340).

As discussed above (from the bar graph) leadership sector act as the main determiner on the problem occurrence.

This creates a need for every industries to invest in their leadership so as to be able to curb other factors such as corruption and external factors.

The research data can also be described using a linear graph.

The above graph describes a variable region of decline

Elastic region. This happens at normal problem condition edging good industries whereby the company can fully withstand the upcoming problem (Hoornweg and Bhada-Tata, 2012 pp.30).

In the elastic region the declining force is manageable hence the organizations' operations run smoothly.

For example, board members may delay approving some of practices which end affecting the normal running of the goal achieving process.

Overview of the Problem-Solving Process

Such a pressure created may be said to be manageable compared to totally failure of board members in their operations.

 Elastic limit. Further increase of the management problem leads the crackdown of industries management.

At this point (elastic limit), the edging good industries are not capable to withstand any further stretch by problems.

The organization starts experiencing the downfall in its performance.

Breaking this point, the edging good industries completely crushes (Voss, 2010 pp.176-209).

The management’s problem is unmanageable at “breaking” point and the industries services become unreliable.

Problem-solving process

To obtain a reliable edging good industries, a well define problem-solving process should be put into place (Aarikka-Stenroos and Jaakkola, 2012 pp.15-26).

 problems in management hinders the growth of edging good industries and there is need for problems to be eradicated.

The well defined problem-solving process deploys the following steps  described below.

1.Identify the issues.

In this step, individuals should clearly understand what the problem is all about.

2.Comprehending everyone's interest.

 Under this stage, active listening is required so as to involve everyone's idea in the solution. The solution should satisfy everyone's interests (Aarikka-Stenroos and Jaakkola, 2012 pp.15-26).

  1. Listing of possible solutions.

In this stage, various solutions are identified and high creativity is required. For my research, one of the solutions for management problem, is embracing positive leadership in 21st century industries (Aarikka-Stenroos and Jaakkola, 2012 pp.15-26)..

. Evaluation of the options and options selection.

Under this stage, the best solutions for industrial management problem are picked and the rest are rejected.

  1. Documenting the agreements.

The selected options are documented and analyzed readily for implementation in edging good industries.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation.

The solution is implemented at this stage and perfect methods for observing and testing the progress identified.

Another limitation is that some of the edging good industries fully failed to offer their cooperation for the research process.

They never gave the researcher any single chance to question them.

  1. 3. The research process was tiresome specifically when obtaining primary data.

The research involved a lot of travelling when vising various industries.

  1. 4. The secondary data used to conduct the research may not be reliable which may affect the current research.

. Future direction)

To make the future research more reliable a number “edging good industries” will be included in the research so as to improve the accuracy of the results (Voss, 2010 pp.176-209).

The future research will specifically rely on the primary data so as to avoid some of the errors obtained from secondary data.

To also improve in data accuracy process, the research duration will be extended. This will give researchers ample time to eradicate chances of errors occurrences

Recommendation and implications

Management plays a big role in the daily operation of all the organization.

 This has raised a need for solving the management’s problem (Kim et al, 2012 pp.499-509).

The edging good industries should invest in positive leadership for them to curb the big dilemma generated by the management’s problem (Kim et al, 2012 pp.499-509).

As discussed, with a reliable leadership it appears easier to eradicate other factors that activate the management problem.

To deal with the corruption-factor, organizations/businesses should install tough rules.

The installed rules should in a way scare the corrupt mind employees and managers (Kim et al, 2012 pp.499-509).


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