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  • Providing a short description of the group processes that occurred and  Then ask yourself the following questions:
  • What went well? / What worked?
  • What did not go well? / What did not work?
  • Which moments surprised me? What did I learn from that?

Relate your experience to the theoretical creativity principles for individuals, groups and organisations, as you ask yourself what are the potential application of these techniques and this process for you in your workplace/professional or personal life?

Evidence of constructive evaluation, analysis of event and thoughtful reflection

Evidence of application of a variety of cognitive approaches

Evidence of contribution to problem-finding and solutions

Evidence of opportunity finding

Introduction to the process of innovation

Learning outcomes and other reflection on attending a workshop for organizational innovation

The process of innovation is central to the understanding of the design, and the purpose of the concerned service of the product.  It also aids in leveraging innovation strategies. “Everything that can be invented has been invented” was opined by an eminent scholar, which is a serious function of the business scenario of Uber Australia, or any contemporary organization (Caiazza and Stanton 2016). 

Moreover, many techniques are involved between the assumption and the real application of the process of innovation. In fact, the launch of Uber Australia, an easy and effective cab/car availing system has recently being launched in Australia. The transportation company was established in the year 2009 (Sign up To Drive or Tap and Ride. 2017).

Therefore, in this regard the hosting company has conducted a productive and valuable workshop, in relation to this new implementation. I have been serving with Uber Technologies for the last two years and in this task, I have been assigned with the responsibility of marketing and promoting the new services that have been incorporated in different areas of Australia.  The purpose of the innovation methods can be arranged into a comparative analysis because of the presence of several other competitors like Ola, Share cabs, etc (Bateson, Bateson and Martin 2013).

Moreover, the innovation in their service system has been facilitated in order to improve their factors, which specifically are not contributing to the effectiveness of the organization. Therefore, I had participated in this workshop, which was conducted over a period of three days. The purpose of the workshop was to enhance and improve the organization effectiveness by deliberating more opportunities in the innovation plan within a less period (Wilson 2016).

There were a number of group processes, enquiry sessions, activities and discussions pertaining to the analytics, brainstorming sessions and decision regarding the innovation plan was inferred from the experimentation act. One of the important set of objectives, which has led to the proper structure of innovation, is for meeting to the expectation to the future state of affairs. The changing trends in the market are also an impetus for the increasing number of efforts to engage and arrange innovation policies in the business ethics (Davis 2016).

The need for the innovation model emerged due to the challenges and risk that have originated from a market assessment being carried out for feedback from the drivers and the clienteles. Uber, has to implement and innovate strategies and products that might accelerate the multidisciplinary system of managing both the resources of the business. The groups of individuals who are associated with the innovation and execution process team have been an integral part of this workshop and have emerged with several learning outcomes regarding the new process of Uber Australia, which shall be implemented soon within their operations. The group process involved a number of factors that involve intake or the participation of the number of volunteers, which is followed by determining the activity to be performed and the devices that are required to study and analyze the behaviors and tendencies of Uber practices in different parts of Australia (Kent and Dowling 2016).

Participation in a workshop on innovation

I have merged my coordination and cooperation skills in contributing to innovative strategies and the interpersonal interactions with my team members have helped me in aiding the proposed process. The sessions involved qualitative research and analysis including contribution from every member of the group, which was a very interesting activity.  I felt it was conducted in a great and concise manner.

On the other hand, I felt the timeframe, which was allotted to every group, was comparatively very less for working on the task and reaching to a unanimous decision.  I felt that I could have performed better than the other members could, if there was considerable amount of time to use it resourcefully. The moments that surprised me was the vision for the future, which has been proposed by Uber, as it is under a developing stage, which will be a great and outstanding strategy to make travelling more accessible and convenient irrespective of time, place and location.  

The resourcing and innovational policies must be congruent with the goals and objectives of the concern. Since , Uber Australia is involved  in transportation and technical integration as their core value  of the business, therefore the workshop has also involved  process in which the crisis was management and an  feasible automation system have been developed through the process of innovation  and interaction with all the members of the group . I contributed to the improvisation in designing the work frame for the new process to be installed (Davis 2016).

Primarily the innovation process which was implemented in the case of Uber Australia, was result of a number of market research, the requirement, the action plan, the budget and several hypothesis that were considered while forming the framework of the process (Kent and Dowling 2016) .

Therefore, the process of commercialization by the application of the appropriate sense of design and science is an essential criterion for any best innovation policies. The overview and connectivity between the innovation strategies of Uber Australia with those of its rate of development have been very positive in nature.

The conception of solving problem is one of the key factors for this process, which has led to the formulation of this novelty. The group activity was based on the identification and analysis of the megatrends and challenges in the transportation industry (Bateson, Bateson and Martin 2013). The predictions and predilections that were utilized in the deliberation process also led to the consequential innovation techniques which has emerged due the analytical rule based on the numerical combination that can facilitate other innovative processes.  

The fact that the each group member is a subject matter expert in various aspects has also helped in deciding and creating a cooperative environment along with a plan for future innovation as each one was vested with the responsibility of service innovation, sustainability innovation and product innovation.

In fact, interacting with the different experts have enabled my skills in understanding and comprehending new ideas and helped me in gaining a lot of insight  and apply them in my sense towards a better shape of creativity. The importance of technology and applying the theories of science along with the idea of creating has always led to this comparative study over people involved (drivers and customer who avail the service) and the involvement of appropriate processes (Yang, Han and Shaw 2016).

The group processes and activities during the workshop

Over time, many group members over considerable brainstorming sessions have been able to develop a great deal of this iterative process (Davis 2016).

Therefore, the innovation process should be strong enough and retain in spite of a competitive market. One of the disappointing natures while formulating this innovation process was the shortage of time. In fact, managing the time and attending to the primary set of priorities are the first step in this method but due to the time crunch, many key points were finished under a very brief tenure (Burdon, Kang and Mooney 2017).

The involvement of the local audience was also lacking in this workshop, which focused on the development and management of the innovation process.  There was an extensive focus on expert recommendations and visions, which is not an expected type of involvement in the whole process. The significance and participation of the local people is indeed necessary to have a better knowledge along about the conventional strengths and challenged which can be mitigated further with a holistic process (Kent and Dowling 2016).

One of the important analyses that have led to the success of this innovation process is the extensive group process activities, which has improved the thought process and made me more aware about the existence of several other perspectives of a similar idea (Helfat and Martin 2016).

 The leader who was conducting the sessions was encouraging the participants with different challenges about capturing the markets of Australia (Burdon, Kang and Mooney 2017).

  I really think that while interacting with a diverse set of ideologies, it has enabled my knowledge and activity skill to a broader vision and depend on alternatives when one plan fails.  There were several learning outcome phenomenon from the workshop that was attended by me, as the requisite attributes was synonymous with the purpose of this process. The workshop was very productive in nature because a multiple number of people with different expertise have assembled in the session, which definitely fostered the experiential and experimental process and enhanced my communication processes for utilizing the opportunities of catalyzing the innovation tool.

 The general principle of creativity states that there should be equal willingness and ability to encourage an innovation process, which is dependent on the presiding manager of the concerned organization (Shigabieva et al. 2014). It can be concluded that the whole innovation process was necessary to efficiently use and practice the process and I developed a keen sense of experience and knowledge after attending the workshop.    


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