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MKT335 Marketing Of Services And Relationship

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  • Course Code: MKT335
  • University: Charles Darwin University
  • Country: Australia


This tasks asks you to review and apply the principles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a strategy for maintaining and enhancing relationship bonds and increasing consumer loyalty.
Given the investment costs of adopting and implementing an electronic CRM tool, you need to justify the value of a CRM strategy and the use of tool to the managing director of a service (hint: choose a service with a loyalty program).
To apply your argument, first conduct a quick search for the latest market-based CRM tools and examine the features and functions- choose one that appeals to you (hint: most have free demos).
Then, using the theoretical model of integrated CRM strategy from your textbook, with a focus on the stages of “Value Creation” and “Multi-channel Integration Process” apply the features of your chosen CRM tool.  As part of your application, you need to explain how a coordinated loyalty program and delivery approach can maintain and enhance relationships bonds that keep consumers loyal- use specific examples from your chosen service to illustrate your argument.
Required: Theory should be drawn from your textbook and relevant academic journals. Sources for market data can include Australian Bureau statistics, respected national market research agencies relevant websites for CRM tools



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) builds a strong relationship with customers. The strategy focuses on the potential customers, those are maintaining a good relationship with the company and company has made a good profitability through those customers. This is a process of making a good customer base, catering the company’s product and make it beneficiary for the company. The process is customer-centric and efficient decisions from the company also helps to provide the best customer satisfaction through the process. Through the reduced cost factors and holistic process of attracting, customer retention is the main process in that case (Nguyen & Mutum, 2012). This process can also engage some new customers and with the existing one.

In this report, the use of electronic CRM tool Zoho along with the loyalty programme of Zara will be discussed (, 2018) (, 2018). The process of Value Creation and Multi-Channel Integration Process are important for defining the CRM aspect and strategic implementation of both the processes over the company is important in this report.

Definition, Concept, Process and theory of CRM 

The core process of CRM is related to customer satisfaction and leads to the distribution in proper manner. The cross-selling opportunities, in this case, are high and integrated customer service process is important in that aspect. The attitude of the customers and their need from the organisation is important for the executives. The process of increasing sales effectiveness is important and best-suited sales from the customers' perspective encourage the process.  

The process of learning about the customers and their decision-making thought process is important in that case. This is a process of developing relationships and interacting personally with customer and try to interpret their thought and then implement such kinds of things. The process of handling customers and segmented them in some sections is another process of maintaining the process (Malthouse et al., 2013). The retention of customers and maintain their rights in the organisation is important in that case. The increase of customer values and focus on building relationships by any process is important in that case. The process also encourages the revenue generation at the same time. The operational change and customer assimilation provide an opportunity for the company to make their revenue build up at a string level.

Companies are trying to retain their maximum percentage of customers but in the general perspective, customers are not retaining at that percentage. Rather 5% retaining is huge for the company in this globalised world. There is some competitive nature of businesses and every company implements their CRM strategy in their own way. 70% repeat customers come at the shop because of the brand availability or the issue of distance, but not the loyalty (Wang & Feng, 2012). The reason behind the CRM is to maintain the fact and easy access to customers so that customers will get the premium access through the process. There are three kinds of CRM like Operational, Analytical and Collaborative. All these have different job role with providing the support, analyse and collaborate with customers in different means.  

The chosen CRM tool and its features and functions 

The chosen CRM tool is Zoho and the tool easily integrate into the existing apps like google apps, Mail Chimp, Microsoft Outlook etc. The tool has several numbers of features at the competitive price range. The price range of the tool is productive for the company also to engage the application and direct that for the development of the company. The basic linking with the customers is the main concern of that tool and that engagement brings revenue generation for the company by engaging existing customers.


The process of lead conversation rate improvement


Customer retention


Improved revenue increase per salesperson


Decreased sales cycle


Decreased sales and marketing costs


Table: Functions and features of Zoho

(Source:, 2018)

The features are to flow the work in a formulated form, which directed at the right way and bring more productivity for the company. 53% higher conversion rates are found in that case and that formulated in case of repetitive customer engagement with the organisation. The increased rate of Zoho and their productive nature is also important in that case. 23.4% higher annualized growth rate is there and that maintained through a hierarchical process (Khodakarami & Chan, 2014). Starting the process of the customer relationship is the initial stage, then new contact established through the process, some of them are easily connected and some are not, then attempt for those unreached customers is also important. In between the connected customers, some are interested and some are not. Interested people are considered as quailed and the rest become unqualified (, 2018). The entire scenario of the process is formulated in this way and evaluates the productivity of the company. The tool is integrated with some of the favourite products of people like MS Outlook, Facebook, G Suite, Zoho Mail, Twitter, Zapier, Zoho Survey, and Zoho SalesIQ and the company is being trusted by more than 50,000 business globally (, 2018). The tool tries to find out the inside story of the business and that also help to find out the flaws in the process and scripting a better output for the process.

The major function of Zoho is to promote the re-usability of product and make a bridge between customer and company (, 2018). The reliability is the desired outcome from customers and then only company takes some feedbacks and work over it. There are some actions like a creation of innovative projects that attract people and evoke them for those products. The created segments from Zoho are building powerful databases, manage business process and low code platform. The creation is something that processes the extra ability for the company to motivate in a right direction for the innovative development that engages customers. The easy migration process form MS Excel, MS Access, Quick base, Casipo, Google Sheet and Filemaker also increase the span of the business credibility and Zoho has that range to cater all these segments (, 2018). The automatic upgradation of the tool is also important and that will make enough opportunity for the organisation. The deal status in this tool is closed won process. The contact of 3rd party accounting software and invoice process is not required in that case.


Linking with theory and application of CRM tool

The basic aim of value creation is to provide help to customers and creating value for stakeholders for increase stick prices and future availability of investment. The production values and their selling process is important in that case and creating high performances with the help of strategic innovation is the major aspect in that case (Amoako et al., 2012). The innovation, technology, communal relation and brand value of the product provide enough opportunity to customers to invest their money for the good products.

There are three main steps for the beginning of customer engagement and access an alternative way of revenue generation for the company. These are the stages of value creation also. The process begins with customer and the process determine the need of the customer and deliver what actually wanted from that end (Austin & Seitanidi, 2012). The second stage is to continue and collaborate with customer in a form of expert process. The capabilities of external pressure and emerging growth opportunities for the company has come in that section and that aligned in a formative process of business (Austin & Seitanidi, 2012). In the third stage, work with customers is the next one that associated with the retention policies and extra loyalty facilities for those repeat customer are important in the case of the sustainability of the company. The value of the service and quantify value for both customer and company is evaluated through the process. The in-depth economic impact also judged by the process and customers demand and interest has also proceeded through the innovative path of excellence.

In case of the multi-channel integration process, CRM strains two-way interaction from company to customer and from customer to company to construct the consumer benefit over time. The multi-channel integration process uses the digital space and in addition to the traditional use of challenge. The process of demand ware makes the multi-channel integration process easy and relevant (Verhoef, Kannan & Inman, 2015). The point of sale, secure commerce platform, order management, and digital commerce technologies are used in that case. The innovation and automated upgradation in Zoho is a kind of this process that unifying customer experience across all channels (Verhoef, Kannan & Inman, 2015).

There are different benefits of the multi-channel integration process. The process of delivering unified experience by delighting customers is the first benefit from that process. The unforeseen consumer expectations are also noticed through this process (Verhoef, Kannan & Inman, 2015). The process also manages product information from catalogue and sites and help customers to choose the right one for them. The increase innovation at the point of sale is important in that case and online orders are included in that process. In this report, Zara needs to implement their CRM tool in a right way so that innovative process of marketing will be managed. Streamline the process of multi-channel integration fulfilment is there and increasing inventory turn is there with the company (, 2018).  

Marketing strategy recommendations

The strategic recommendation process has some competitive scopes of broad targeting and narrow targeting. The process of broad targeting based on the cost leadership and the leadership process initiate on the cost focus. Products are sold through the cost-effective channels. The process of differentiation signifies the uniqueness of valuable customers and their difference from other existing ones (Johnston & Marshall, 2013). The target market is high in that case and the company is looking for the scope targeting process. There are three evaluative processes that can be initiated for the competitive advantage of Zara. The use of Zoho and the process of CRM in that situation is important for new strategies (, 2018). Operational excellence, Product leadership and Customer intimacy these are the value discipline process of low price and service convenience. The cost of quality is mitigated by the productivity, selling and the revenue generation process of the company. Skilled employees are needed in that case and use of right technologies and real-time data collection are the main benefits get from their end.


Therefore report can be concluded that the marketing service of the Zara needs to take effective CRM tools for the innovative steps in business. They have some innovations like other big companies, but the effectiveness of reaching those innovations to customers and maintain a good relationship with them is the key process in that case. The effectiveness and the opportunity of CRM and their value creation and multi-channel integration process analysis is also there with the aligning process of product improvement in Zara. The process of getting better revenue is the ultimate need from that process so the effective CRM and their significance are highlighted throughout the paper.



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