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MN612 Enterprise Architecture For Office Relocation Project

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This assessment addresses the following ULOs:
a. Design enterprise-level architectural views for the business, information, technology, and application domains
b. Report on the relationship between EA and other architectures such as system, solution, data, application and technology
c. Investigate the appropriate use of industry EA methods and frameworks
d. Report on the current and future state for a portfolio of IT applications
e. Develop a roadmap process for the IT portfolio to support longterm business strategy
Write a report on the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) case study (available on Moodle),
“Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is a leading global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business. This case study highlights how HP Norway completed one of the most successful relocation in history and, most importantly, maintained its marketplace momentum during the move. It highlights how the best practices of Enterprise Architecture can support such a critical initiative.” Your report should include the following:
a.) A statement of the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) situation: a general description of the problem
b.) Completed Zachman Framework for the given scenario
c.) A strategy map from the business perspective, including:
a. The Financial View
b. The Customer View
c. The Internal Process View
d. The Learning and Growth View




The Hewlett-Packard Company which is commonly known as the HP is one of the biggest IT Company in the world. The organisation provides global services of many different kinds of products, solutions, technologies and services to customers and businesses. The organisation is having several offices all around the globe which takes care of the business [3]. This paper provides information about one of the major office relocation project that took place in Norway. In the year of the 2002 HP merged with one of the other well-known IT Company, the Compaq Computer corporations. This merge up proved to be one of the biggest merge up that took place in the decade.  But due to this change, the HP Norway had to relocate an entire office from one place to other [7]. During this process, the relocation management team had to ensure all the works in the office and business does not stop.

This paper provides some of the major issues that the team faced during this project. The paper also provides information on how these problems were solved. Further, the paper provides with a detailed and complete Zachman Framework and Strategy Map. A summary of the report is also presented at the end of the report.


As explained above the Hewlett-Packard is one of the leading IT organization globally which provides some of the major services to the customers and other businesses in the world. The merger which took place between the Accenture and HP proved to be one of the major change in the industry. The merger reported a revenue of more than $72 billion, which included more than 14000 employees and billions of customers. The organisation faced some of the major challenges while this process [4]. According to many of the researchers, the geographical factors affect a lot in the process of the management of the employees and regular works. After the merger of HP and Compaq was completed, HP was forced to start operations in favour of both the organisations. This not only increases the complexity of the information technology systems but also hamper the business a lot extent. The management team came up with some of the major processes that helped the organisation for reducing this major issues [6]. The major problem that was faced by the management to merge up the employees of the organisation. The employees were divided into two groups, the Compaq team and the HP team.  HP needed to find a solution soon for the process restarting the works on behalf of both the organisation. In the offices of Norway, both the organisations had their offices in Oslo which employed more than 500 employees.

Strategy Map

After the merger up was completed, the management of the Norway HP office teamed up the management of the Compaq in order to shift the office. The work had to be done according to the management of the HP [8]. Here raised one of the major problems, the decisions of both the management were not matched with each other and hence formed tension between the staffs. One of the other major challenges that was needed to cope up with the time was the fact that none of the work would be stopped during the migration process and smooth workflow had to be properly insured.

Zachman Graph:








Due to the merger of the HP and Compaq

Listing the business processes

List of the Business locations

Hewlett Puckered

When HP bought Compaq


Increasing the Business

By the merge up

Business Logistics

Team HP

During the shifting process


Use of proper methods of Shifting

Re-location proper resources at a time

Employees of the organisation

Employees of the organisation needed to be shifted.

During the Shifting event


In order to enhance the Business

By moving the entire office

The system, servers and other machines

Employees of the organisation

During the Shifting event


As HP and Compaq have merged up hence the move have to be done

BY merging up both the groups

The entire business processes

Employs of both the organisations

At the time of shifting.

In order to cope up with the situation, the management of HP took help from another larger IT organisation Accenture [1]. The Accenture was chosen because of the fact the organization had a history of helping other organisation for the process of rere-location projects. Accenture knowledge about the IT industry proved someone of the best solutions for HP Norway, which later became the most successful merger up in the decade [5]. The Accenture worked closely with HP and Compaq in order to develop the solution for the organisations.


Major Issues Faced 

The major issues that came up while this process was going on are:

  • The cultural differences between the employees of the organisation.
  • Defining the major area where it was to be focused.
  • The budget for the process.
  • The major IT tools that required the merge up of both the organisation's architectures.
  • Completing the work in given deadline.
  • The work had to carry on, even on the day of the transfer.
  • Lack of communication between the employees of the organisations.
  • Lack of space in the new building.
  • Loss of productivity.
  • The management decision for the new team members.
  • Work environment.

Apart, from this problem one of the major problems that was faced by the majority of the employees of the Compaq was the fact that, they had to learn an entirely new technology in the new office [9]. The technology that was been used by the employees of Compaq was entirely replaced with the technology developed by HP and hence Compaq team employees faced some of the major problems.

These were some of the major issues that had to be solved the management of the HP and with the help of Accenture. The management team came up with some of the major processes that helped the organisation for reducing this major issues. The major problem that was faced by the management to merge up the employees of the organisation [10]. The employees were divided into two groups, the Compaq team and the HP team. For both the teams the working atmosphere changed which hampered the productivity. Hence the organisation needed to give them enough time where they would communicate with each other and create a bonding between them.

As during the rere-location time the work of the business was also to be done, the management at first installed the IT settings that were going to be used by the HP in the new systems and the employees were also trained to do use the same [7]. On the majority of the time, half the teams would work with the regular business and other held would help in the process of the migration. This ensured that work was carried on without any error. This also ensured that the employee of the Compaq team had enough time to understand the new technology that they would be using. This became the major area of focus that was to be solved by the organisational management team.

The Accenture came up with some of the other major solutions that would help the employees in the process. One of the solutions that were given was to create a newly integrated portal which would help the employees understand everything about the new office [9]. The solution was jointly developed by the HP and the Accenture in short duration of time. It used easily to use navigation tools for the process that would answer all the questions of the employees.

The efficiencies from both the teams of the HP and the Accenture proved to be one of the best and this resulted in the $72000 saving in the project of re-re-location. This also ensured none of the employees had any problem with the new environment and well communicated between each other. This also helped the team in the proper developed of the future plans that would be very much useful for the process of managing the teams in the future.

The Accenture also helped the HP in identifying the other major area of the risks that would come up after there- re-location was completed [6]. The Accenture helped the organisation in understanding and developing plans for the future that would help the teams for the process of enhancing the businesses in the future.


Thus, concluding the topic it can be said that the merge up of the teams and the management proved to be one of the most valuable resources to the organisation. The end the Norway office relocation process became one of the most successful projects. The team HP credited the Accenture for the entire help and commented that the project would have faced huge difficulties without the help. The employees were also satisfied with the results of the merge up and working process never disrupted during the shifting. During this time the entire teams of the HP, Compaq and Accenture worked in overtime to be proved as the best teams. It cannot be said that there were no minor difficulties faced during the process, but the efficiency of the teams eradicated the problems and moved forward.



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