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1. What impacts have geographic information systems had on the world today? How has it influenced BUSINESS  and MARKETING ?

2. What are the BENEFITS  and challenges of a connected world?

3. What are the different wireless network business APPLICATIONS  and the benefits they provide?

4. What are the different wireless network categories and why are they important to know?

5. In what ways are technologies transforming how we live, and what are the five different networking elements creating a connected world and their advantages? Provide examples to support your answer.

6. What effects to wireless technologies have on everyday life and business life and how do these technologies enable widespread adoption and innovation? In your discussion, address the benefits and challenges of business mobility.


1. GIS permits us better understand our globe so we can satisfy global troubles. By executing what we know about innovation and GIS to what we don't have the foggiest idea, we can become acquainted with we truly need to know - how to enhance aggregate prosperity and fulfil a superior up and coming. These issues are spatial in qualities and need spatial assets and spatial considering. Creating and actualizing GIS assets and data permit us to fuse topographical insights into how we think and act. To that end, GIS can control our association with the surroundings and in addition help us comprehend complex associations that else we would never have the capacity to get it (Directions Magazine, 2015).

GIS is an innovation with a profoundly powerful arrangement of assets that numerous organizations are utilizing to improve see in their data. New thoughts can prompt improved method and utilitarian systems, even in more seasoned segments like retail location, property, and assets. Numerous organizations have either never recognized the estimation of how place data could help them. Others had some adoration for the force of spot research yet utilized it inadequately (Clarke, 2004).

2. Benefits of connected world:

Frameworks give numerous profits to an organization including

– Discussing assets

– Offering open doors

– Decreasing travel

The primary hotspots for imparting incorporate

– Intranet

– Extranet

– Exclusive individual network


Challenges of connected world:

Frameworks make an alternate overall connected world uprooting time and separation

Systems make it conceivable to unite in ways not previously possible

Despite the fact that systems give numerous business advantages, they additionally make enhanced troubles in assurance, open, moral, and administrative issues (Wedekind, Härder and Lehner, 2005)

3. Wi-Fi business projects and arrangements are utilizing satellite television innovative development. These mechanical advancements are GPS, GIS, and LBS (, 2015).

GPS is a satellite-based steering system offering amazingly exact place, time, and rate subtle elements.

GIS is spot subtle elements that can be demonstrated on a guide.

LBS are projects that utilization spot subtle elements to offer a backing utilized by both GPS and GIS.

Benefits of GPS (Prentzas, 2010):

To use as tracking device

To use as navigation system

To maximise fuel economy

To track the weather condition

Benefits of GIS (Albrecht, 2007):

Expense advantages as an aftereffect of higher proficiency

Better decision making

Enhanced correspondence

Better land data recordkeeping

Overseeing topographically

Benefits of LBS (Kolodziej and Hjelm, 2006):

Used to check privacy

To locate the geographical position

Helps to track

4. Types of wireless network are (Chen, Ji and Zhang, 2013):

WLANS: Wireless Local Area Networks: WLANS permit clients in a nearby group, for example, a great college or gathering, to structure a framework or get web access. A fleeting framework can be created by a few clients without the need of an openness point; given that they needn't bother with availability framework assets.

WPANS: Wireless Personal Area Networks: The two current innovative advancement of remote individual spot methods are Infra-Red and Wireless Bluetooth. These will permit the association of individual gadgets inside a spot of around 30 feet. In any case, IR obliges a direct line of sight and the extent is less.

WMANS: Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks: This innovation permits the association of a few systems in an urban place, for example, distinctive structures in a city, which can be an option or move down to resting birdwatcher or fibre wiring.

WWANS: Wireless Wide Area Networks: These sorts of systems can be overseen over expansive territories, for example, spots or nations, by means of a few satellite methods or aeronautical destinations took care of by an ISP. These sorts of methods are alluded to as 2G procedures.

5. The five different networking elements creating a connected world (University and Outcomes, 2015):

Network providers: At the top of the hierarchy are national service providers (NSPs), private companies that own and maintain the worldwide backbone that supports the internet.

Network categories: Networks are categorized based on geographic span: local area networks, wide area networks, and metropolitan area networks.

Network protocols: A protocol is a standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission. Network access technologies use a standard internet protocol called TCP/IP.

Network convergence: This is the efficient coexistence of telephone, video, and data communication within a single network, offering convenience and flexibility not possible with separate infrastructures.

Network access technologies: A modem is a device that enables a computer to transmit and receive data. Broadband is a high-speed internet connection that is always connected.

6. Benefits of wireless technologies (Small Business -, 2015):

Wi-Fi cooperation has influenced medical services in remote zones around the globe, especially by enhancing accommodation of health awareness data and medicines.

Work to ensure nature has gotten new capacities with the happening to remote collaboration.

Remote cooperation has had a noteworthy effect on how organizations perform, making it easier to stay in contact with clients everywhere throughout the globe.

Remote cooperation has opened endless new routines for excitement.

Remote cooperation has made it less complex for individuals to perform together to bolster a typical reason, improving the imminent for realizing telecommuting spares gas.

Albeit cells frequently have been viewed as a preoccupation by educators who have disallowed them from classes, the propelled capacities of cellular telephones are bringing in teachers to re-examine their planned as classroom devices.

Challenges of wireless technologies (Healthcare IT News, 2015):

A key undertaking to the utilization of Wi-Fi frameworks is the physical advancement of restorative consideration gimmicks and issues acquiring fast web system

An alternate issue for individuals is information exchange usage, availability on their way-fi framework that could confine doctor access to individual data.

Remote innovation satisfies its promise to upgrade proficiency without requesting end clients to wind up "IT Professional".

Members are likewise included with the security that incorporates the Wi-Fi environment itself.



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