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Mobilizing Creativity And Innovation

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Creativity is considered as backbone for effective working of the organization. to remain competitive in the market, an organization should promote creativity and innovation at the organization as well as individual level. Improvement in creativity and innovation in the employees, individual and organizational level can lead to dramatic improvement in the organization and its survival. Creativity is a key for success achieving the set targets of the organization with application of effective means and smart work. However by analyzing the application of critical thinking and innovation in the company, it is said as a complex process. This is so, as everyone has their own perspective of ideas, hence it is very difficult for the management to arrive at a common idea (APS, 2012).


How individual creativity can lead to improvement in the organization

By critical thinking at individual and employee level can bring effectiveness and flexibility in the working of the organization. Creative thinking can be in any form such as providing flexibility to workers for work, relaxations of rules and regulations, following of communication structure in the organization. For example in case of Google, the employees have to work on their own project in the whole day of a week. By rewarding and positive reinforcement other employees will get motivated to work creatively. With the application of creative thinking, an organization will get diversified ideas to work upon, this would lead to increase in the interaction level between the management and employees and it would be easier for exchanging ideas in future (Best practice consulting, 2017).


Individual blocks to creative thinking

Following are the eight blocks which lead to reduction in individual creative thinking and creativity. However in addition to these eight blocks there can be some other blocks also, which can reduce the individual creativity.

  • Individual believes himself as non creative: If the individual will keep telling himself or the persons around him that he is not creative; after some time it would be realized that the individual mind would stop working for creativity and it would be blocked.
  • Forming assumptions: if the individual would start making too many assumptions; this would restrict the scope for creative thinking. Hence individual should be smart enough to reject some assumptions.
  • Complying with rules and regulations too strictly: if the management has made too many rules and regulations at the initial level of generating ideas. This would lead to restrict the scope of ideas from individuals. This is so because to generate more ideas, management should provide freedom, openness to its individuals (Infinite ideas, 2012).
  • Being too serious: creativity can only be ensured if the individual has fun, spontaneity, laughter quality. Hence to be creative, individual must promote fun and laughter.
  • Avoiding risk: to be creative and to bring unique ideas, some mistakes or wrong ideas must be tolerated by the management. Hence individual and management should kept in mind that doing wrong or doing bad is a normal thing, mistakes are just to make the individual learn and not to repeat the mistakes again.
  • Always relying on own habits: to become innovative, individual must come out from his comfort zone. Hence to bring creative ideas, individual must change his habits and stay free of mind.
  • Assuming one situation only: sometimes it is presumed by the individual that there can only be one situation for the given issue or problem due to which he fails to analyze the other perspectives of the problem or issue.
  • Forming judgments quickly: Ideas should be evaluated efficiently by the individual or management. This is because if the ideas would be judged very quickly, individual and management would not be able to analyze the missed out figures and related issues (Balaceanu, 2016).

Evaluation of critical problem solving

Critical problem solving technique is highly adopted in many organizations. It helps the organization in ways like: improving the quality as well as quality of product and services, it develops use of some new techniques which lead to efficiency in cost. It also results in developing many organizational strategies, generation of innovative ideas. Creation of more innovative ideas results into widening scope of solutions for problems at different levels from different perspectives. This is so, because every individual has his/her different opinion or creativity. Creative thinking in organization would lead to brain storming, SWOT analysis and mid mapping of different situation which come across in the regular working of the organization. Critical thinking is majorly used when decisions are taken at corporate level and requires a major set of alternatives (Creative education foundation, 2015).


Challenges in applying creative thinking in the organization

One of the biggest challenges in promoting creative thinking in the organization is that, the management should also be ready to receive failure. This is so because; innovative and creative thinking does not ensure success in achievement of the goals of the company. Besides this one of the biggest challenge in critical thinking from the part of employees, is that if the employees feel that they are being judged, there would be lack of creative and innovative ideas, and then finally it would result into negative impact in the minds of employees (Isaksen, 2013).

Using Osborn-Parnes as a framework facilitate a CPS session

Osborn has developed some creative tools in creative thinking in 1953. According to him, brainstorming can only be used to produce a checklist of ideas, these ideas plays a role of providing solutions to solve the problem in organization. According to him, introduction of ideas comes earlier as compare to idea evaluation. This is done so to promote the quantity and quality of ideas. Creative thinking leads to a situation where innovation and creativity comes out from employees (Make happy, 2016).

Using Osborn-Parnes technique critical problem session can be structured such as: according to them, there are two choices like introduction of the ideas and evaluation of ideas. In critical success session, there are four steps that need to be followed which are as: clarify, ideate, develop and implement (Rethinking education, 2012).

  • Clarify: this step explore vision of the organization, it gathers data to enable the management for better understanding to the alternatives and problem.
  • Ideate: this step explore various set of alternatives to answer the questions.
  • Develop: it helps the management in selecting the best alternative from the set of alternative ideas. This step helps the management arriving at solutions from various ideas. This step involves an analysis of SWOT analysis of the organization to select the best fit for the problem.
  • Implement: after selection of best alternative, this step helps the management in implementing that particular idea or solution. It identifies the steps roles and responsibilities that need to be performed by the individuals or employees (Henry, 2006).

For implementing critical thinking in the organization, management needs to answer 5 ‘W’. Here 5 ‘W’ stands for who, what, where, when and why. It also tells about H that is how.

  • Who answers who would be involved in the process, who would be finalizing the idea, and who would be most benefitted if the problem has been solved and if not, who would be most benefitted.
  • What answers how summarization can be done for analyzing the problem. It describes about what measures has been taken till now. It answers by making the user presume that if the employee came across the same problem in his personal life, then how he/she would have taken the decision. Besides this, it also answers the management attitude towards problem and would be the result satisfying (Judkins, 2015).
  • Where answers about the time of implementing the solution and occurrence of the problem.
  • When answers about the time when the problem has been raised, the time when management wants to take measures to solve the problem.
  • Why answers the importance of the problem and importance of finding out the alternatives that is whether finding the solutions to the given issue is really important for the user, whether implementing such change would lead to generation of opportunity for the firm or not.
  • It also answers how: that is how the particular employee or individually is involved in the issue, how long the problem would take to get resolved (Procter, 2002).


By analyzing the report it can be said that, creativity and innovation can be brought up in the individuals only if there are strategies like this. To promote creativity and innovation in the organization, there should be open communication in the organization. Besides this, there should not be any bureaucracy, as this leads to a situation called as authoritative and subordinate. While for creative ideas there should be open and sometimes informal communications should be there, so that employees or individuals feel free to open up their ideas in front of the management (Sousa, Monteiro, Walton, and Pissarra, 2012).



It can be concluded that, to promote creativity and innovation in the organization, individual must be free from his habits or rules and regulation in the organization. If he will not come out from his comfort zone he would not be able to analyze the other perspective of the problem or issue. Besides this, individual should be free from fear of mistakes, as mistakes make the individual learn and brings sharpness in his mind.



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