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Most Common Dermatological Adverse Events And The Drugs Causing Add in library

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Describe about the Summarize the Most Common Dermatological Adverse Events and the Drugs Causing them?



Drugs are extremely beneficial, extend life and enhance its quality by decreasing the symptoms and enhancing human well-being. However, some drugs can have adverse effects on people and can hold the potential of rooting injury even if the drugs are used appropriately. The dermatological adverse event is an unpleasant and harmful reaction that may generate from an intercession relating to the application of a medicinal product (Uetrecht, 2010). Furthermore, the dermatologic toxicities can have reflective effect on the patient. Therefore, the dermatologic adverse events have garnered significant attention due to holding high frequency, presence in cosmetically and functional sensitive areas, etc lead to declined quality of health and life. Therefore, the current assignment will be focusing on the dermatological adverse events and the drugs that lead to such events.

Type of drugs causing adverse reaction

An adverse drug reaction is treated as an injury that may occur due to medication.

Type A (predictable reactions): These can occur due to known pharmacological events of the drugs. It is normally dose related. Moreover, the predictable reaction comprises overdose or toxicity, drug interactions, side effects and secondary effects (Hobbs, 2010).

Type B (unpredictable reactions): Theses are considered as dose independent and do not relate with the drug’s pharmacological actions and may involve genetic basis. Further, the particular reaction are segmented into three groups namely hypersensitivity reaction, intolerance and idiosyncratic reaction.

Type C (reactions): This type of reaction is concerned with the therapy of chronic.

Type D (reactions): It is composed of delayed reactions, for instance, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis (Khan and Solensky, 2010).


Drugs leading to allergies

Penicillin and related antibiotic: Penicillin can lead to adverse reaction such as diarrhea, upset stomach. Moreover, the penicillin antibiotics can cause hives, rashes, swollen lips, face or tongue and itchy eyes. On the other hand, people take penicillin antibiotics over and over again without any serious problem which causes them allergies (Leung, 2010). Therefore, a person can have skin test to find out whether he/she is having penicillin allergy or not.

Antibiotics containing sulfonamides: It is also termed as sulfa allergy. It is an antibiotic that contains chemicals termed sulfonamides that can cause reaction if a person is having sulfa allergy. Therefore, sulfonamide antibiotics can lead to allergic reaction that may range from meek to harsh rashes via to anaphylaxis. Thus, the allergic reaction to sulfonamide antibiotics may not be effective in increasing the likelihood (Mechcatie, 2010). On the other side, sulfonamide antibiotics involve combination drugs such as erythromycin-sulfisoxazole and sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim. Apart from that, other sulfa medications that can create reactions are sulfasalazine and dapsone. Thus, if a person is allergic to sulfonamide antibiotic then they should avoid using the antibiotic.

Anticonvulsants: This type of drug is normally used for reducing or preventing the frequency or severity of seizures in different kinds of epilepsy. On the other hand, this drug can too lead to allergy or negative drug reaction such as headache, nausea, dizziness, fever, hepatitis, skin reactions, and rashes. It is evident that carbamazepine an anticonvulsant roots rashes to 10% in individual. Moreover, anticonvulsants can also cause different types of skin reaction such as exfoliative dermatitis, urticaria, erythema multiforme and purpura (Mossillo and Pinzini, 2010). Therefore, the anticonvulsant drugs can have adverse effects such as drowsiness, lightheadedness or dizziness.

Aspirin: Aspirin can also cause adverse drug reaction and a person may be having reaction to NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Therefore, the person may be suffering from itchy skin, red eyes, and hives, and runny nose, shortness of breath, coughing, anaphylaxis and coughing (Pawankar, Holgate and Rosenwasser, 2010). On the other hand, it has been known that if a person is having chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps or urticaria then a person may be at high risk of inclining towards reaction to aspirin.

Chemotherapy drugs: It falls under the segment of cancer treatment that employs chemical substance. Therefore chemotherapy drugs along with other drugs such as vaccines, biological therapies and hormone therapy can cause side effects that can affect the health and life of the patients (Pichler, 2010). Moreover, the chemotherapy drugs can affect the cells in digestive tract, bone marrow, hair follicles, etc. Thus, the therapy has to taken under expert so that person does not fall into any adverse condition.


From the whole study it can be concluded that, drugs can have significantly adverse impact on the health of the people if not taken in prescribed manner. On the other hand, the person has to consult with the doctors if they are facing allergy after consuming medicine or drugs. Thus, from the study it has been found that a person can have rashes, itchiness, fever, upset stomach, etc.



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