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Are the Netball team’s performance results due to their fitness levels? Discuss?




Netball is one of the popular games in UK. The net ball of team of UK won the championship in 2014. But, in the current year, it is seen that the performance of netball team is very poor and they have also lost most of the matches. Total seven players are selected for netball team for playing the match and three players are kept as reserve. In netball game, the fitness and energy of the players are very much important. There are different of steps in the netball game such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. So, players are required full of energy to complete those steps in the game and optimal performance is required to beat the other teams. According to (Fish and Greig, 2014), good level physical fitness is required to play the game in entire duration. For the higher levels of net ball performance, the players need to develop the physical capacities to optimal levels (Burgess and Naughton, 2010). This cannot be accomplished by sampling allotting practice time for fitness development with non-specific instructions (Thivel et al., 2015). It requires a structural development of the players’ strength, flexibility and energy systems as per the requirement of game (Mielgo-Ayuso, 2015). It can be done only through providing proper training as per the individual requirement.

Aim of the Study

The aim of the study is to assess whether the fitness level of players are important for the optimal performance or not. The results of the study will be used for the development of efficient, tailor-made training programs and exercises (Rumbold et al., 2013). The findings will also be helpful to get the information regarding the physiological responses of players to the work demanded of them so that adverse effects can be reduced and performance levels and player health can be protected (Ashton and Twist, 2015).


The hypothesis of the study is as follows:

Null Hypothesis

H0: The fitness level of players has no positive impact on the team performance.

H1: The fitness level of players has positive impact on the team performance.


For the analysis of the current study, the researcher has collected all the information regarding the physical fitness of the players such as age, weight, height, sprint, squat jump, etc (Thivel et al., 2012). Each criterion of fitness is selected as the variable of the study (Bruce et al., 2009). The researcher has taken data of current year (2015) and previous year (2014) for the current research. The statistical tool “t-test” is appropriate for analyzing the data whether there is any impact of fitness of players on the performance of team Ryan, (2009). The researcher has done t-test between the variables of two years of each criterion of fitness. Microsoft excel is used to perform the t-test for the current study.




Squat Jump

Countermovement no hold

505 right

505 left

Medicine ball (OH) metres

Medicine ball (chest) metres

VerTec (CM)

t Stat









t Critical two-tail









Table 1: Results of t-test

The above table contains the results of t-test done through excel. Two values have taken from the results of t-test of each category. These two values are the t-statistics value and the critical value. These two values are helpful to reach the aim of the current research easily whether there is any impact of fitness of the players for the good performance of team.

Discussion & Conclusion     

 According to the results of t-test, it is seen that the absolute value of test statistics (2.80) is greater than the critical value (2.26) only for the variable of sprint. In case of all other variables, the absolute value of t statistics is smaller than the critical value. So, null hypothesis should be rejected only in case of sprint. But, for rest variables, the null hypothesis can be accepted. So, in overall, it can be said that there is no impact of fitness level of players for the poor team performance and not winning of game.


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