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New Plymouth Adventure Tourism Alliance

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Discuss about the New Plymouth Adventure Tourism Alliance.



Adventure tourism has become more popular in the industry of tourism. The adventure can be the different for other tourists because things that fill up the fear of one tourist may not fill up for another tourist. An adventure covers the risky activities in which tourist get unusual experience. New Plymouth is a sunny city which is located in the Taranaki region; it is most popular tourist destination. It has various attractive places such as black sand surfing beaches and glorious gardens that attracts tourists towards it. The research proposal is based on the “New Plymouth Adventure Tourism Alliance: water safety and river activities”. New Plymouth is a sunny place and river activities would be great adventure for the tourist that can give them a memorable adventure. The activities should be done in sophisticated manner so that the use of water can be utilized. Literature review about this topic will demonstrate the various activities in water which will provide an amazing fun and adventure to tourist. The description about Canoe & Kayak Tours will be focused in literature review in which the brief description about WaitaraRiver and various river activities will be discussed. The business proposal is essential tool to explore the market for future growth. Michael porter’s 7 Ps will be enlightened in the context of New Plymouth Adventure Tourism Alliance which will be helpful to understand the various aspects for river activities.

Adventure tourism is a kind of niche tourism including exploration with a certain degree of risk. It has been stated by Soininen, (2007), that adventure tourism has the capability to offer the tourists with relatively upper level of sensory encouragement. Adventure tourism can refer to activities which encompasses real risk such as sky mountaineering, caving, snowboarding, mountain biking, sky-diving, white water rafting, skiing, and many more. New Ply Mouth is situated on the west coast of New Zealand. It has various attractive tourist places such as Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Pukekura Park, Subalpine forests and waterfalls and so on which may attract the tourist from all over the world. It has been mentioned in the article of New Plymouth Attractions by Jules Wilke that this city is rich with art and culture and offers tourist an epic destination with various adventurous activities as well as glorious sights.

There are various factors which may influence the adventure tourism such as geography, economics, human behaviour and psychology. It has been found that geography holds a specific position in the research of tourism. The effective adventure experience may attract the tourist in wider manner which may lead the economy of the country in progress and raise the interesting issues of economic valuation. Adventure tourism may be liable to provide the tool to evaluate the neurophysiology of the human brain in the context of fear, thrill and flow. It is the new venture of tourism alliance in New Plymouth city which will provide the facilities of river activities; it is required for the travel association to analyze the various aspects related to the destination point (Plymouth, 2017).

Adventure tourism can be distinguished into soft adventure and hard adventure. Soft adventure can be defined in terms of low level of risk but all these activities are led by experienced holder. On the hand hard adventure required adventurous skills and it contains high level of risk. Ply Mouth tourism alliance provides high level as well as low level of experience of adventure and it is totally depending on the interest of tourist that what they would go for.

New Plymouth city is situated in New Zealand and it is the country which is considered as the diving paradise. New Plymouth has so many things to do which attract the attention of lovers of water sport. This place has sailing events and it has outstanding cruising waters. There are so many adventures such as tree surfers, the cawsand ferry, Blagdon’s Meadow, Aquanauts dive and many more. Aquanauts dive centre in New Plymouth is able to give you instruction and guide about all essential requirements about diving. The diving of New Plymouth is considered as the best in the country because the diving style of this place is different from others. It has been stated by Novelli, (2016), that water activity is different adventure which give great experience to tourist about water activity but along with that it is essential to provide the upper level of safety to tourist and analyze their skills before offering them to do hard adventures because in diving, safety is paramount. Aquanaut is the diving centre that welcomes tourists from 8 years to 80 years. Every diving ride has included three staff such as the instructor, the rescue diver and the Dive Marshall. Annual underwater cleanups for the marine conservations society has been conducted by the Aquanauts.


There is a Cawsand ferry service that provides daily crossings between the Barbican Landing Stage on New Plymouth's famous Barbican and the beaches. White water rafting is considered as the recreational outdoor activities which utilize an inflatable raft to navigate water.  It has been analyzed that every river is different because the level of water is different of every river (Hu, et. al., 2014).

The business startups should be summarized in systematic manner so that issues cannot arise in case of any potential crisis. It has been evaluated that the new business start up of travel should be analyzed in a sophisticated manner. New Plymouth is a place where most of the tourist visits due to water sports. It would be great opportunity for the new business to provide the different services of water activity to the tourist from others. There are so many activities centre situated in New Plymouth and the business can tie up with that centre to provide the combo of various activities to tourists. Apart from rafting there are so many activities such as surfing and kayaking which would be great and different adventures for tourist. Kayaking is being done with the use of kayak for moving across river. Kayaking in New Plymouth is famous and most of the tourist who has interest in water activities visit New Plymouth for Kayaking and other water activities. There are so many benefits of water activities such as it is helpful to burn body fat, make fit and focused.

The role of customer segments is major for new business of adventure tourism because it is not possible that every tourist is fond of water activities and other tourism adventure. That is why it is required for the new business to focus on certain groups of customers within a large market. It can be distinguished by demographics. It has been stated by Eiras?Barca, Brands &Miguez?Macho, (2016), that generally, traveler are divided into three larger groups of family travelers, adventurous travelers and fun travelers. It is helpful to provide the idea about providing travelling services as per categorized group. The new start up business can focus on glorious parks, the national marine aquarium and so on for Fun group. Adventurous activities such as diving, kayaking, surfing and white water rafting in New Plymouth can be categorized for the group of adventurous group. Family travelers want to explore new things and they should be provided a visit of historical place, gardens, boating and other places which are famous in New Plymouth.

It has been analyzed that there are so many people in all over the world who have interest in water sports and for having that kind of fun they would like to prefer to visit that place where they can experience various activities related to adventurous. It has been evaluated that participation in water activities has risen since 2007. There is an increment of participations of water activities by 6%. There are so many water activities in all over the world which cover kite surfing, angling, diving, kayaking and many more. Kayaking has the largest participation from all over the world which rate has increased up to 3%.

It can be seen in above mentioned graph that the interest of tourist towards water activity has increased significantly. It is the proof that there are so many people in all over the world who has huge interest in to do different things. Ithas been evaluated that the reason of warmest summer is being the reason of increasing the rate of water activity. The contribution of improve picture of economic and the Olympic legacy are also likely the same to the increase the participation in various activities. The rate of female in water activities participation is increased day by day. It has been evaluated that 28.8% of people took participate in water activities in a year. Perception of the destination is attached with the image of the destination and the image of the New Plymouth is great and various tourists want to visit that place once. There are four travel motivators which enthusiasm tourist efficiently that are physical motivators, culture motivators, interpersonal motivators and status and prestige motivators. Physical motivators encourage tourist to physical relaxation, sports, pleasure, medical treatment and sports activity. All these activities are liable to reduce the tension of the individual (Pierce, 2016). Cultural motivators are those who have huge interest to know the various cultures of different countries and fond of to explore the art, music and dance of different country. Interpersonal motivators are those who are willing to meet their known such as relative and friend from other country. Travel is considered as the different change which is able to escape an individual from daily routine activities. Status and prestige motivators are linked with the personal need and desire and the development of the individual. This kind of motivators visits other country for the purpose of education and business to get attention from different people and for making recognition in the view of different people. Along with that it is required for the travel marketers to categorized international travels in three groups such as psychocentric, allocentric-, and midcentric travelers. A psychocentric traveler is quiet moderate and wants recommendation of other to make decision about the trip. Allocentric traveler is considered as the active tour planner that seeks adventures, experiences and new people in journeys (Stern, et. al., 2017). Those tourists who fit between these two types of travelers are placed in midcentric travelers.

  • How the travel market can be segmented and made flexible for needs and lifestyle of the tourist?
  • What strategies and investment should be considered to gain competitive advantages in an adequate manner?
  • What are the ways of promotion and pricing strategy to start up the new venture?
  • How many employees and space are required to start up the business?

Business plan

The tourism industry has grown rapidly of unsurpassed nature over the last several decades. The marketing management of the travel industry should have the effective planning and control over the various aspects which may lead the business in adverse or prosperous situation. The marketing mix is the familiar marketing strategy tool which is helpful to know the various aspects regarding new business start up before opening a new business. Porter’s 7Ps has the ability to define the potential situation of the business with the help of product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people and partners. The element of product defines the requirement of develop of the products and services. Price element defines the price of the certain service to the tourist. New Plymouth is an attractive tourist place so it is required for the business to know the way of promotion. The aspect of marketing mix of promotion helps to provide the way of promotion in which new business can promote their services to all over the world. Place is considered as the most important element because it tells that how much space is required to set up the new venture in certain place (Flynn, 2014). The growth of the business is dependent on the staff and the physical evidence aids to tell that how many resources are required to accomplish the task and for providing the services in an efficient manner (Dobbs, 2014). People are an element that defines about the skills gap within an industry. The last element of 7Ps is partners that shows the level of support and represent the requirement of new partners or managing existing partners. The above question’s answer will be discussed in below.

The place in the marketing mix elaborates the availability of the product and it is required for the business to critically think about the travel product and services in well structured manner. New Plymouth is the destination place which attracts so many tourists from all over the world. Ithas been evaluated that the nature of travel services drive companies to sell preferably by using indirect channels such as agencies and intermediates. Channel arrangement should be arranged in systematic manner as per the changes in the market. For instance, new technologies are able to communicate with customer in fast and advanced way and by adapting the new technology time to time can enhance the growth of the business in progressive way. Internet is considered as the increasing tool because it aids to decrease the cost of channel considerably and attract many customers with wider range and easiest way (Porter, 2008). However, internet cannot become the single channel in just any case; multinational structure takes into account a number of customer segments that enhance the sales and profits of the specific industry. Along with that the customer can access information about the New Plymouth services and water activities by social media and through mass communication. Decision on channel structure should be based on evaluation of possible staff can be involved. The potential intermediaries of new business can be reputation, cooperativeness and profit which are able to reflective the potential success.

The role of pricing decision is vital in the marketing mix and directly connected with so many functions of running the business in progressive way. There are major two factors competition and image of the products while planning prices of the products. It is vital for the new business to make the pricing strategy as per the point of view of customers. There are two type of distribution such as direct and indirect distribution. Direct distribution refers to price the product as per the last moment demand. On the other hand indirect distribution defines the procedure of selling products or services through one or more channels (Rajasekar& Al Raee, 2013). A river activity contains so many varieties in adventure tourism and it has been evaluated that certain rate of total population is interested in this activity. That is why the New Plymouth travel alliance should set the pricing of services after segmenting of customers.


The product in the travel industry is considered as the services. New Plymouth travel alliance can provide the services related to water activities to the lover of water activities. It is distinguished into a double perception that the destination and the provided satisfaction during the stay in the destination (Rosenberg &Ferlie, 2016). There are four characteristics that travel alliance must be familiar with are heterogeneity, intangibility, perishability and inseparability. Intangibility defines the product which cannot be felt such as night in hotel or transport facility while traveling. The inseparability refers the requirement of presence of customer and owner during the whole transaction. Perishability is non-beneficial element for the travel companies. For instance the seats in airplane is already fixed, the empty seats cannot be secured for the next customers.

Promotion refers the using of various strategies to reach the potential customers by communicating with them number of channels. The promotion plan can be effective if the marketing mix is balanced effective in terms of price, place, product and people. The promotional tool for New Plymouth travel alliance is publicity, personal selling, advertising and sales promotion (Irimie, Baleanu &Zeininger, 2015). There are various destination points situated in New Plymouth from which many tourists are not aware, the new business of travel alliance can aware them about the highlighted travel spot to the tourist by using various channels of promotion. Promotional tools are also maintained and planned to attract the consumer buying behaviour. Integrated promotion strategy refers that all the active promotional tools are working in synergy and the promotional messages are delivered to the end-user in an effective way.

In the tourism industry, physical evidence is linked to the intangibility of the product. It is the element which affects the satisfaction of the customer. It is the process which explains that how customer can perceive the quality of the services. It is important for the New Plymouth travel alliance to evaluate the physical portion of the exterior design, parking and surrounding environments. The image of the company can be influenced through physical details of the company (Weinmann, 2015). It would be great element to enhance the productivity of the employee to attain the targeted goals

The meaning of process explains entire activities that the customer goes through together with the travel marketer to complete the purchase. The perception of customer is most valuable for this element and the planning of the process is maintained as per the requirement of the customer and the demand of the market. It is fact the customer is always present in the production of services. It is required for the New Plymouth Travel Alliance to keep focus on the uniformity of offering the delivery and the consumption of the services.

People are very important value adding element in the marketing mix. It has been cleared that in the tourism industry the production of the product and the consumption of the product is done at the same time. That is why it is required for the new business to recognize the need of the consumer at individual level. The business plan in the context of people of new venture describes that there should be proper staff such as human resource, accountant and administration. There are major three functions that are training, personal selling and customer service in the customer orientation of people. Training of the services is considered as vital in the phase of marketing. On the hand personal makes a lot of contact with customers that is why it is assumed as a promotional tool. Agents and clerk are playing a major role for this element. In the context of customer service, company offers additional support to their customer by offering various packages.



It has been concluded that the adventure tourism has become more popular in the form of outdoor recreation activity in the tourism industry. It has been analyzed that the river activities are accepting by youth in wider manner and they are fond of to do water activities. Literature review has shown the critical analysis of the New Plymouth and covered various essential components for the point of view of new business. The business proposal plan of New Plymouth Travel Alliance has been described with the support of 7Ps of porter. It has helped to new business to evaluate the various aspects in the term of place, price, product, promotion, physical evidence, people and process.

It has been recommended that new travel alliance should analyze the external environment in an appropriate manner. Adventure travel is a kind of niche tourism, including exploration of certain degree of risk. Every adventure activity has its own global geography of the sites. New venture should focus on certain river activities in initial way and tie up with well-known hotel of New-Plymouth to provide the combo of tour to travelers. It will attract them when they will get all facilities at one place. Along with it should categorize the travel packages with different facilities so that tourist can choose the package as per their budget and get experience of adventure travel.

There is a certain limitation such as budget, partners and lot of research and planning. New Plymouth travel alliance should focus on entire budget because it has to arrange costumes and expert for providing the services of river activities to tourist. This limitation can be covered if people are urged to work more efficiently rather than long hours. Partners are important to complement the strength. Technologist partner should be found out by the business to build strength in the business. Research and planning should be necessary for the business and it can be done easily if business analyzes 7Ps in an efficient manner. The marketing mix is the familiar marketing strategy tool which is helpful to know the various aspects regarding new business start up before opening a new business.



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