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New Practices Introduced At The Workplace

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Write a Report on Employment Relations.



Employee relation is the term that deals with development of the relationship between the employer and the employees. There are many practices implemented by the organizations these days to maintain the employee relations. According to the case analysis, it has-been analyzed that the old owner family of the company were not using any of the employee relation policy for motivating and retaining the employees (Beharrell & Philo, 2016). They were only concerned about the output of the operations and not about the process and the safety of the workers, these results in running the scenario and the company has become the worst place to work for the employees. Although the company was among top of the firm but still cannot be able to retain and maintain the relation with the employees. Therefore, employee reaction processes and strategies should be implemented by the company.

Situation analysis of the company:

As per the case, it has been analyzed that the company is growing in terms of business but it is becoming a very hard place to work for the employees. The prior manager of the company was autocratic in nature (Biddison, Paine, Murakami, Herzke & Weaver, 2016). The managers like this delegate the duties to the employees according to their will and also show the path to complete those duties. They did not involve the views of the employees in the decision making process and takes the decision according to their knowledge. The company was experiencing a bad phase as there were no spending on the benefits of the company and its procedures. The company was owned by the family and they were not spending the money on repairing of trucks and other things those results in many accidents and dissatisfaction of the employees. The resulting scenario is because of the autocratic behavior of the company’s manager. He was not interested in development of the employees but only looking forward to the development and achievement of the company’s goals (Fossum, 2014).


Need for changes in the company:

After analyzing the situation of the company, it has been identified that it is very difficult for the company to manage the employees. The manager of the company is showing interest only in development of the company and not the employees. This results in dissatisfaction of the employees and occurrence of many accidents at the workplace (Kersley, Alpin, Forth, Bryson, Bewley, Dix & Oxenbridge, 2013). Changes are required in order to retain the employees and also to motivate them for effective performance. In the condition like this, the employees can perform effectively for shorter period of time and not for long term. For longer performance of the employees, it is necessary to being about the changes in the employee relation policies of the company so that employees feel happy and satisfied to work with the company. It is to only from the manager’s side but the company owners also need to make some of the investment in order to make the workplace of the company safe for the employees to work. Safe working environment and the beneficial policies of the employees develop the employees and the organization as a whole.

New workplace practices:

According to the case, it has been analyzed that after shifting of the ownership of the company from the family to the new big national transport group, the company has come across many changes after that. Some of the changes have been discussed below:


Change in workplace environment: The new company has a big capital to invest in repairing the company’s property (L?z?roiu, 2015). Cleaning of the yard and issuing of new uniforms to the employees results in better workplace environment for the employees. The installation of the computer system has also change the workplace environment and motivates the employees to work effectively. All these steps or the strategies that have been implemented by the new manager of the company are related to the employee relation. As the company is running well with its operations so the new managers needs to make efforts in developing relations with the employees.

Involvement of employees and participative approach by manager: Involvement of employees in decision making process is very important for the companies to motivate the employees or effective working. The new manager of the company’s has started the practice of taking into account the views of the employees before making any decision and this supports the company to motivate the employees (Markovits, 2016). The approach of investigating the scenario at the time of any issue by the mangers also helps the company as well as the employees to deal with that issue easily. The new manager of the company does not take decision according to his knowledge but tries to find out the cause of the issue raised and then give the decision.

Occupational health and safety: The new manger has also introduced the practices that support the health and safety of the employees during working hours. In regard to this, the employees have given training for customer service and some of the technical trainings have also been given to the employees (?nday, 2016).  This helps the employees to develop their skills and knowledge. Provision of trainings to the employees not only grow them professionally but also helps them to grow personally.

These changes at the workplace helped the employer as well as the employees to achieve goals. The efforts made by the managers in context of employee’s benefits are worth effective. The changes have been experienced in the performance and the behavior of the employees towards the organization. Developing employee relation by such practices helps in retaining the employees and reduces the turnover rate of the company (Saracel & Berbero?lu, 016).

How these practice complement each other:

The practices that have been discussed above, results in many changes in the organization. All the changes were positive in nature, this is because all the new practices implemented by the new yard manger of the company deals with the employee relation policies (Schaufeli & Taris, 2014). The introduction of new uniform was done in order to create a fresh environment in the company. This helps in motivating the employees and helps in creating the feeling of belongingness among the employees. All the new practices in the organization complement each other because all of them relates with motivation of the employees and developing relationship with the employees (Shields,, 2015). Spending money in cleaning of the yard and repairing of the trucks is done for the sake of safety of the drivers. Training has been given to them in order to develop their skills.

What is union?

Union can be defined as the group of people working towards a same goals and one of their representative represents their views to the company owners. Unions are made in the companies so that the business owners can communicate with the employees with the help of the union leaders or representatives. The process of communicating with the union leaders ease out the process of communication between the employees and the employers (Storey, 2014).This is because it is not possible for the employee to communicate with every employee of the organization one to one. This is the reason why representative has been selected for the unions.


Inclusion of transport workers unions in workplace changes:

Transport workers union is also called as blue collared union. This is because the workers under blue collared job generally involve the labor class people that deal with machinery works and their work is not so clean. They are the workers that work manually and are not that much educated in their fields (Toubøl & Jensen, 2014). They are generally posted at the lower level jobs of the department. As far as their union is concerned, it has been analyzed that the unions of blue collar workers are concerned only with the changes of the workplace that affect their lives and salaries. They are not concerned with the long term, growth of the company or the long term growth of their careers. This is because they are people with low economic background and thus earning money is the primary goal of their life (Van Wanrooy, Bewley, Bryson, Forth, Freeth, Stokes, & Wood, 2013). This suggests that they are not much involved in the management of the company as well as in decision-making process or workplace changes decision until and unless it affects their earnings and wages.


Inclusion of public or service sector unions in workplace changes:

Public and service sector union can be defined as the unions that are related to the service sector or white collared jobs. The unions in these types of jobs have higher authority and involvement in the management practices as compared to the blue collared unions. This is because the employees under the white collared jobs are educated enough to take the decisions for the management of the company (Cotti, Haley & Miller, 2014). They have the skills to judge what is right and what is wrong. For example, it has been observed that the organizations like hospitals have Board of Directors. This Board of Directors is not only the shareholders of the hospital but also involves the doctors who are employed in the organization. These doctors who get the chance to be in Board of Directors act as the representative of the whole team of doctors working in the hospital.


This report concludes that employee relation is one of the components that should be included in the policies of the organization. Autocratic behavior of the managers at the workplace can only last for short term performance of the employees but long term performance can only be attained if the employees feel satisfied and happy at the workplace. That can only be possible if the mangers of the organization make some of the employee relation policies of the employees. Involvement o the employees in decision making and investment in making the workplace safe for the employees helps in retaining the talent to the organization and also improved the performance of employees. Develop of employees at individual level not benefitted the individual but also the firm as a whole. 



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