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Nurses Role In Promoting Patients Choices Add in library

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Question :

Discuss current debate regarding the nurses role in promoting ‘patients choices;’ in the care of children.

Answer :

Patient consent is one of the important paradigm community health and social care paradigm. This includes not only the education and information delivery of the patient, but also helps them to evaluate and choose the appropriate regime and treatment intervention according to physical suitability, judgment and financial suitability (Uhl, 2013, p.121). Apparently, it is also valuable when the concern is related to patient satisfaction in the cascade of health care services. The concept of patient care and valuing the patient autonomy is appropriate, yet there are certain concerns, which are necessary to address while working for the achievement of organizational objective and maintaining the health care services in the community (Looman, 2013, p.293). These concerns are related to patient consent in emergency care situation and child-care. In the present discussion, the concern is related to childcare where the responsibility and scope of nursing professionals are being discussed.  It is common scenario, that in routine childcare and treatment services, the concerned members are either family person or parents. the related issues such as educating related to disease or disorder, hospital care and filing form, obtaining assessment information and billing related are in general being carried out with the help of concerned family members or parents, in conjunction to care services for children.


The first and prime concern is related to the understanding of the role and responsibilities of nursing professionals. The scope of competencies, especially the effective and efficient communication skills is a pre-requisite for the same (Neilson, 2011, p.545). The promotion of consent can be thus raised with the help of educating the parents and promoting the awareness with respect to the available choice of intervention and care plan. The health care professionals thus have the responsibility to give complete information and maintain the transparency related to available regimes. It is noteworthy to mention that the other parts related to clinical decision, decision support and use of wisdom is contained within the scope of suggesting effective treatment and care plan. Importantly the knowledge and concern related to heritage assessment is crucial, which should be used in the routine nursing care and treatment (Jeyendra, 2013, p.2).


The promotion of incorporating choice of treatment for the care of children thus needs a substantial effort in terms of building effective partnership model with the parents and family members. This is because, children below the age of 18 are not believed to be mature and capable of taking appropriate decision related to their choice of treatment and care plan (Bisgaier & Rhodes, 2011, p.2324). Furthermore, the it is important for nurse to identify the concern of the problem related to health and mention the appropriate referrals for producing effectiveness in the treatment approach. Compared to the concern of nurses, it is more important for the nursing leaders and experienced nurses to take care of the implementation related to educating the family members and obtaining the consent. The monitoring and sustaining such implementation can be carried out with the help of record maintaining and keeping records for informed decision. In short, the attempt of inclusion for consent with respect to childcare, will not only promote the wellbeing of the society, but will also help in achieving the patient satisfaction.



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