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Nursing: Medical Practitioners

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Discuss about the Nursing for Medical Practitioners.




This work attempt to take a prognosis of health operation in hospitals within Australia. This also establishes some of the dual dilemma that the medical practitioners undergo in the course of their operations and at times arriving at wrong decision which dearly cause the lives of the patient and as such overburdening the family member’s.  Dr. Peter Saul asserts that ineffective treatment at times occurs and this raises a lot of eyebrows on the part of the medic who has administered it. Moreover, this work examines some of the palliative care and treatment that have been disastrous to the patient and some form of legality measures that have been employed by the family of the affected. Miriam Dayhew confirms how Peter underwent some drug therapy which later on did not materialize as it led to the loss of the live of Peter. According to Miriam, Peter went through series of radiotherapy and thereafter surgery which came later on to be viewed as lethargic since he died four months upon having undergone surgery.

Dr. Peter Saul the Intensivist Care doctor alludes that it is the solely responsibility of the doctor to see to it that they help the patient in their potion to fully recuperate by having closer examination of the patient. The aforesaid doctor confirms that most of the patient die on daily basis on the hands of the doctor due to some form of negligence that is usually eminent in that case. Nonetheless, it is explicitly evident from the interview carried out by Annie Guest that most of the patients do push for immediate medical intervention and thereby making the medical to arrive at informed decision due to the high level of expedition of the matter. According to the Jordans that is Jenny Jordan, their son succumbed to death after having undergone surgery which was carried out by Dr. Charlie. Previous report indicated that they were to delay the surgery of their son to a later stage when their son would have been mature enough to undergo it. However, upon consulting Dr. Charlie, he agreed to conduct the surgery which later on stole from the Jordans their loved one. It was evident later on that their son had some level of bleeding on his brain which culminated to his fatal death.


Dr. Saul attest that at times doctors do go a notch higher to over treat patient which later on their effort prove to be futile as they find that they have caused, more harm than good to the patient. It is incumbent to state that the doctor may be sued for this matter. Therefore, it is for this reason that this work shall draw one to the legal framework that have been instituted to see to it that the life of the patient is at right hands and probable legal measures that ought to be undertaken if it found out that the doctor was culpable of causing the patient’s death. It is for this reason that some of the framework are put in place to govern this profession so as to ensure that the patients are nursed by the professional people who have met the set standards postulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.  This piece of work will critically evaluate the ethical nursing decision and the role it has played in this industry. Different ethical principle and guidelines are explicitly reviewed in the bid to determine the worth of operations on midwifery and nursing as a profession.

Loftin, Campanella and Gilbert (2011) assert that legal and ethical principle are very important in this noble profession of nursing. It is incumbent to define ethical code as the systematic approach or rather guideline that is primarily aimed at ensuring that the policies and regulations of this profession are adhered to the latter. Therefore, for the functionality and smoot working relation in the nursing profession, this personality is obliged to possess this notable ethical code of conduct so as to realize the core goals and objectives of the business. However, it is ideal to state that at times the nurse is mostly met with ethical dilemma where the choice and decision of the nurse is very important at this juncture since any form of decision matters a lot and may have great impact to its patient (Gonyea, Wright & Earl-Kulkosky, 2014). It is for this and many other reasons that there are 6 basic principles that have been developed to fully actualize the professionalism in nursing. This six principles of ethics that centers on nursing are justice which implies being affair and able to dispense services without discrimination whatsoever. The second one is to be respectful to the patient or client. This means that the nurse should be self-determined to provide their services well in the view of maintaining autonomy in this sector. Thirdly, the nurse ought to be veracious in their work. This will make it easy for the patients to confide their problems to them and thereby improving the good cordial relationship between the nurse and patients. The fourth ethical observance is fidelity (Essex, 2016).  Every nurse is obliged to be very committed in their profession. This implies that they are supposed to be faithful and able to treat their patient with n high level of professionalism. Additionally, the nurse should avoid any attempt that is primarily geared towards harming the life of their patients. Lastly, the nurse is expected to be beneficence (Davidson, Elliott & Daly, 2006). This, means that they should always be ready to do good.


In Australia there is Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia that majorly ensures that the public receive quality delivery of services from qualified staffs. Therefore, the aforesaid board has put clearly that the nursed and midwives need to register so that they get the full approval of the board to dispense their services within the confines of Australia. Feasibly, it is common knowledge that the public safety ought to be at the center stage of everything and it is for this reason that the government in conjunction with other agents or organization ensures that nurses and midwives are registered before they start rendering their services to the nation (Halcomb, Patterson & Davidson, 2006).  There are some framework and legislation, policies that have been instituted by the National Board to ensure that everyone working within this body has met the given threshold so as to avoid a situation of getting quacks in this profession that is very crucial to most of the citizens.  

Hegney, (1996) states that the enrolled nurse is affiliated to registered nurse whose primary role is to evaluate the successes achieved in the field of nursing. The said entity squarely. Oversee the way the nurses render their services to the patient. Notably, enrolled nurse work within the confines of registered nurses since that it is the body that is entitled with the mandate to discharge their duty on the efficacy of quality services rendered to the patients and how competent this staff are to perform their noble duty. In 2012, most nurses in Australia were instructed to register online so as to determine their eligibility in that field. Till now, AHPRA has approved the registration of nurses and midwives to a tune of 90% on the said platform which has made everything to be digitalized and able to access the details of every nurse in a very simple and organized way (Jones & Cheek, 2003). The board has further made it possible for any woman to deliver from their places of choice or rather preference. It important to state that homebirths are still encouraged in Australia it is for this reason that the midwives are not only limited to dispense their services in hospital only but even at home where the mother finds it ideal for her.  The success of nursing and midwifery in Australia is solely pegged on the support they receive from the government in different level. All the levels of government that is national, state and local work hand in hand to see to it that its citizens get high quality delivery Medicare from their health centers. Ethical consideration is very fundamental issue in the nursing and midwifery as it determines how the said personalities may be able to dispense their services to their clients with high level of veracity (Smith, 2002).

According to Happell, McAllister and Gaskin (2014) there are innumerable regulatory changes that is evident in nursing field. This is feasible in the manner in which the other sectors have been well intertwined to the system to see its efficacy and heighten the whole dispensation of services.  In evaluating this changes, it would be prudent for one to critically examine the role of the Australian government in nursing and midwifery sector. Moreover, evaluate some of the progress they have made in support of the board that have been established for that primary purpose. Therefore, the Australian Government has the sole responsibility of ensuring the following provisions are undertaken in the health facilities (Kitney, Tam, Bennett, Buttigieg, Bramley & Wang, 2016).  An affiliate of Medicare known as Medicare Benefits Schedule offer requisite medical services to the residents of Australia. There is National Healthcare Agreement that aids the state in ensuring that there is equity in provision of this services to all and sundry. To add on that, it has been observed that even the private sectors ought to meet some certain threshold for it to operate under the confines of the laws of the country.  It has been seen that most of this private health sectors subsidize their fees in order for their charges to be favorable for all the resident in the nation. This in turn encourages the citizens to seek medical attention from different sector knowing that the charges have been regulated and therefore affordable (Cleary, Jackson & Hungerford, 2014).  Grants and payments from non-governmental agencies have really played a significant role in the health sector and as such greatly boosted nursing and midwifery in its totality. There is also Medicare benefits scheme that is offered to the patients in order to make them afford the paying the charges that they incur in medical facilities.  


The discretion to go by the schedule squarely lies on their hands. The MBS offers an array of advantage to the citizens and thereby realizing great impact to their lives. The amount of money or fees that is paid in excess by the schedule may be reclaimed back under the same framework as there is provisions primarily meant to recover the excess that are payable (Grant, 2013). This may be actualized through the health insurance strategies and logistical plan for that.  The board has a number of standards which keeps on reviewing it periodically so as to be in alignment with the global changes in health sectors and necessitation on dynamism which is indispensable in nature (Russell & Coventry, 2016). All these standards are basically aimed at ensuring that the citizens are not easily duped to substandard services from those personalities who are purporting to be nurses and midwifery yet they do not have the right credentials for that tasky activity.  Is ideal to state that in Australia there is Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia that majorly ensures that the public receive quality delivery of services from qualified staffs (Russell & Coventry, 2016). Therefore, the aforesaid board has put clearly that the nursed and midwives need to register so that they get the full approval of the board to dispense their services within the confines of Australia. Feasibly, it is common knowledge that the public safety ought to be at the center stage of everything and it is for this reason that the government in conjunction with other agents or organization ensures that nurses and midwives are registered before they start rendering their services to the nation.  The board has well established and published standard, codes of ethics guidelines and most importantly offer consultative services where necessary (Russell & Coventry, 2016).  Tentatively, the board has instituted website where its registered member may access the guidelines of the sector in the view of acquainting themselves well to be able to dispense their services within the parameters of the guidelines established in their profession.



Conclusively, the health sector has really played a significant role in transforming and shaping the nursing and midwifery institution. Some of the great achievements have been highlight.  Just but to mention are the, insurance cover that does benefit a lot of residents who sought medical aid in both private and public health institutions. 



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