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Obesity And Children Schools, Parents And Kids Add in library

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1. Identifies a contemporary media article focusing on a significant childhood issue, and writes short and accurate review of the key issues contained in the articles.

2. Develops a concise blog with evidence of theorising around key sociological themes, critical thinking and research exploring the issues identified.

3. Presents the blog in a way that is accessible to a wider parent and community audience and uses evidence from academic literature to substantiate claims.




1. Obesity is a very common problem that many children face today but it is the responsibility of the parents to understand the seriousness of the issue and take actions accordingly. Eating healthy is one of the best things that parents can do for their kinds. Since childhood, parents should motivate their children to consume healthy diet rather than that of eating anything that is easily available. Parents can make dishes that are healthy so that kids can enjoy healthy eating at a very young age itself. Calorie-rich temptation is one of the things that are motivating people to eat unhealthy things but that carving should be curbed at a very young age itself. Apart from giving healthy food to kids, parents should take time out and explain the importance of being healthy to their kids. The kids should be motivated to stay active so that they can burn the calories that they consume all day. Watching television is one of the most addictive things so kids should be motivated to reduce television and go out and play in open air (Arizona 2015).

2. Schools very well understand the fact that gaining weight or being underweight is not a good sign and hence, schools have started with programs that are helping the over-weight students to lose weight and the under-weight students to gain weight. Schools in the US have started with a program called head start. This head start program is helping the kids to stay healthy and at the same time, it is also helping the nation to control obesity. There are professionals present in school who are monitoring the healthy habits of the child. If any particular habit is present at their school then the kids are motivated to follow it so that they can have a great mental health which will eventually lead to better eating habits (CBSNews 2015).

3. Parents can help their kids to be in best of shape. It is very important for the parents to teach rights to the kids at a very young age. Parents should remember to practice what they preach. Parents should push kids to go outside in the open and play rather than that of motivating them to stay back at home and watch television or play games. The parents can talk to kids and understand the things that they like so that a healthy diet can be prepared accordingly. Family activities are one of the best ways by which the complete family can spend time together. Kids can be involved in the planning of family activities so that they are a part of various activities that can help them to keep a check on their health. Many parents appreciate their kids by giving chocolates as rewards to doing something good or for not doing something bad. This is how kids get addicted to chocolates and chocolates can create a great impact on the kid’s health (Xeniagazette 2015).

School lunches aren’t healthy, is one of the very common perceptions that parents have but it has been proven that it’s not true. Today schools are putting in efforts to understand what is good for the health of the students. The lunch prepared in schools are prepared by taking their nutritional facts into consideration. Parents may think that giving chips to kids is unhealthy and hence, they may be including of plenty of other things but none of the parents are aware of the nutritional facts of the things that are offered to the kids to eat. Parents can be rest assured that their kids are eating healthy food as they are willing to offer healthy food to kids. Apart from that, parents should be actively involved in the children’s school activities so that healthy eating habits are promoted. Apart from actively providing healthy food to kids, the schools are also taking initiatives to include students in various fitness programs. Schools believe that helping students at right age will help them to be healthy and happy (The Huffington Post 2015).


References and Annotated Bibliography

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American heart association staff states that obesity is one of the biggest problems in the society. This article states that the parents should look for ways by which they can inculcate healthy eating habits at a very young age so that the kids can lead a good life. Parents should also motivate kids to undertake various outdoor activities so that the calories can be burned.  

CBSNews, 2015, Head start program helps reduce childhood obesity, Viewed on January 17, 2015,

Schools are also putting in efforts to help students to understand the importance of leading a good and healthy life. Many schools are helping the kids to gain weight if they are under weight and it also helping the obese kids to lose weight so that they can be healthy. The habits of the students are monitored closely so that the healthy habits of the students can be motivated and also the unhealthy habits of students can be replaced with good healthy habits.

Xeniagazette, 2015, Combating childhood obesity, Viewed on January 17, 2015,

Parents are the first point of contact for kids and hence, they should put in efforts to help kids to lead a healthy. Rewarding kids for the good activities that the kids do is one of the bad habits and due to this, the kids are getting addicted to bad eating habits. Parents should involve their kids in planning family activities so that the kids are actively involved.

The Huffington Post, 2015, Tackling childhood obesity takes resolve, Viewed on January 17, 2015,

Schools are introducing lunches so that the students can eat healthy rather than that of getting lunch boxes from home. Schools understand that it is very important to understand the nutrition of kids and hence, their lunches are planned accordingly. The physical fitness routine is also planned so that the students can be healthy. The parents should actively be involved with the school’s management so that they can decide on what’s good and what’s bad for the students.

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