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Occupational Health Safety In Organization

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Question: Describe about the occupational health safety in organization.     Answer: Introduction The wellbeing of the workers is highly important in the workplace to ensure a healthy working environment. It is the duty of the management to prevent the health related issues, control various risks and ensuring that the employees adapt to their work. It also refers to the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of the physical, mental and the social well-being of the persons in various occupations. It is essential to ensure that the persons have the pleasant working places to ensure that they increase their productivity in different organizations. The occupational health services are significant in various enterprises as they aid in advising the workers, the individuals offering jobs and other representatives on particular issues. They include the implementation and maintenance of a safe favorable environment that does not interfere with the physical and mental status of the persons. In addition to that, the employees should be assigned the duties according to their capabilities. The workers have their particular expertise’s that are beneficial to the organization. The departments in the company can be run by persons who have pursued different careers. The discussion outlines about the occupation health and safety. Health On the other hand, it is challenging to make several changes concerning health in an institution and many professionals face the challenge. The changes that are required include the alteration of the persons and institution existing systems, beliefs and other traditions. The problems that affect a certain enterprise and contribute to the health issues and various illnesses should be analyzed. The risks that are associated with several hazards should be put into consideration and later on evaluated. The management should come up with a strategy to ensure the improvement of the health of the employees and the organization needs should be implemented. The program developed should be monitored from time to time so as to see the response from the people. the administration of particular institution should take their time in scrutinizing the issues affecting the organization concerning health. The strategies are highly critical in the implementation of the occupational health and safety management. The process takes place slowly, but it is highly beneficial to the employees and the whole organization. Before the program begins all the issues that are important should be put into consideration (Acutt & Hattingh, 2003). Workplace Details The team deals with the creation and development of the applications that are used on the mobile phones and computers. It is an information technology company and also offers the technology related issues. On the other hand, it also creates websites that are used by various individuals to market their goods and services to the public. The offices and other government organizations use them to advertise the job vacancies to the public. The institution is famous to the people due to its quality services that are delivered to them. It has been widely accepted in the market by the people, and it has kept its promise to provide the quality services to its customers. The organization occupies a large environment and it is equipped with the facilities required so as to carry out the activities required. It has many computers and servers that help host the websites’ it creates for the customers. Moreover, it has over two hundred workers who undertake various tasks and help the organization to meet its goals and objectives. The company has eighty females, and the other one hundred and twenty are males. The individuals are aged from twenty-three years and above and highly commit themselves to their tasks. They are also experienced in the technology issues as they engage with them every day as they work (Bohle & Quinlan, 2000). The management ensures the new employees are given orientation on how the system works and given supervisors so as to catch up faster. Most of the individuals have spent over twenty years while working at the institution. Their services are highly valued by the organization as they have helped increase the productivity. The inputs of the workers are highly appreciated and are motivated by the management to continue working.  The persons that meet the set targets are often remunerated by the managers for their good work. It also motivates the other workers to keep working and improve their objectives. The employees are from time to time exposed to the health hazards. The management of the organization ensures that there is a good flow of communication to enable the workers to address their grievances. Through this, the working environment becomes favorable to work in as one knows they are valued. The employees in the institution have various talents, and the management utilizes their knowledge and ideas to improve the company and standout in the market. The creation of new products that meet the customer needs is vital to ensure they opt for the company as they make their purchases. The workers are treated equally by the management, and no one is oppressed at any time. The salaries of the employees are paid at the exact as scheduled or if there are delays the finance department communicates (Barnett-Schuster, 2008). The workers are often faced with various health hazards as they perform their tasks from time to time. The employees are encouraged to interact with their colleagues so to get clarifications on the areas that they do not understand. Moreover, it ensures that they live as a family and help each other in various situations. The supervisors also take their time to assist the workers in the areas that they need help and also airing their grievances to the management. The workplace is made favorable to ensure that the individuals perform their tasks diligently and with minimum supervision. It enables to meet the client demands in time and provision of the quality services to the customers. The workers are encouraged to maintain a good company image to the public. It ensures that the organization gets more customers for their services. It also improves the appreciation of the products and services to the people from various locations (British Standards Institution, 2004). Occupational Health Hazard The employees in the organization often face the mental stress and eye defects hazard as they undertake their activities. The individuals risk facing eye problems and several headaches from time to time. The risks are a result of the duties that the individuals engage in from day to day. The eye problem is caused by a long period stay on the computers while working and firmly staring at them. The brightness of the computers causes the people to have the eyesight issues when not regulated. The work practices involve the usage of the computers to create the applications, websites, and hosting of the sites. The employees use them to carry out their duties and during the working hours. The computers are sometimes addictive to use, and many people spend their time on them even when it is time for breaks. The continued stay on the computer while working may cause the mental stress or eye defects if the brightness is not controlled. The mental stress is often caused by carrying out the programming of the websites as one has to think of how to implement various features. On the other hand, the computers and the servers emit radiation that is harmful to the health of an individual if not well controlled. The exposure to the radiation should be minimized to ensure the environment is safe for working (Hopkins, 2000).   The management of the organization assured that so as to counter the risks the employees had to be taught on how to handle the machines. To minimize the eye problems, the brightness of the computers had to be reduced. The workers were outlined on the effects of high intensity and the way to minimize it on the computers. The individuals who had suffered the eye problems were treated and given the eye protection gadgets to help them regularly work on the computer. On the other hand, the managers introduced breaks during the working hours to ensure that the people refresh before returning to work. The initiative allows the body to regain its energy to enable the individual to perform the task diligently. Moreover, the air conditioning systems were installed to allow the environment remains fresh and free from radiation. The persons suffering from the mental stress due to work related issues were advised to take a break or seek assistance from their colleagues. The coding of the sites and applications requires a lot of effort, knowledge and commitment to ensure they have all the features needed. It is sometimes challenging and hence one gets the mental stress and headaches (Hughes et al, 2009). The legal requirements require that an information technology company should have a good working environment. The safety measures should also be put into consideration to help protect the lives of the people in times of disasters. The computers and the servers should also be kept in a calm environment so as to enhance their performance. The air conditioning system should be installed to help regulate the temperatures in the workplaces. Moreover, the seats in the workstations should also be comfortable to enable the people to perform the duties appropriately. The management of the institution has ensured the elimination of the health hazards by offering to train on how to handle the machines and oneself in the organization. It also provided the repair and maintenance of the computers from time to time so that they can work efficiently. It enables the machines to become efficient and perform the required tasks well. The workers are also allowed to report any matter concerning their health that is caused by the usage of the computers. The managers recommend the treatment of the individual and change of the duties until one recover (Kelloway & Francis, 2011). Occupational Health Program The health promotion program is essential and enables the individuals to take control over them and improve their health. The primary aim of the program is for the people to change their lifestyle so as to gain optimal health. It is important to the individuals as it balances the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and the spiritual health rapidly. It is highly emphasized at the workplaces to make sure that the workers perform their tasks as required and with minimum supervision. It aims at preventing the illnesses, injuries and other preventable diseases. To ensure the success the employers, employees, community and other individuals put their effort and provide cooperation to achieve a

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