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Write an Essay about Online Booking Systems for Takeaway?




The system of online management of restaurant has been developed for the sole purpose of better administration techniques which has the ultimate goal of satisfying the customer with its better provision of services by enabling online ordering for takeaways as well as reservations in restaurants. Most of the restaurants face the problem of ordering as well as reservation of table, as the manual booking of customer often causes confusion and difficulty for the waiters to keep record of the correct customer information and also loss of customer information sometimes. Therefore the online systems help the restaurant management system as well as the restaurant administrator to manage the reservation as well as the takeaway system properly. The system should not only be useful for the restaurants but also for the customers as they are the ones ordering food and hence the system should be easy to use by any customer who wants to order food (Queyranne and Ball, n.d.).

The Complications  

Most of the restaurants I recent times manage their business in manual form through the customer ordering. The waiter might collect the information in a piece of paper and sometimes may lose the information regarding the order due to some unforced errors, this might lead to the destruction of the reputation of the restaurant due to such faults or complications. Even the waiter information system includes the use of manual written records which is quite often very difficult for the restaurant administrator to search for the schedule as well as the personal information regarding the staff as well as the customer of the restaurant which is often very important for future reference and marketing or retainment of the customers. Even the management of the menu for the restaurants by the waiter manually is very difficult as it is the menu which might be viewed by the customers. Therefore due to these reasons the present style of management of menus, waiter information, and takeaway menu information by the restaurants is becoming difficult day by day (Piolatto, n.d.). 

The Relationship Between The Customers And The Restaurant

In any form of restaurant there are two types of customers, one who takeaway the food and the other who come over for dine in. In this report our main aim is about the takeaway process of online dining in any restaurant. The design of the online menu should be such that the customers can chose their food through the online menu and also order the food without reserving a table. The customer can not only order the food online but also can chose the date and time of takeaway when they might be needing it. The customer in most cases has to select the menu and order the food at least an hour before the time of delivery. The entire system will be maintained by the administrator who will be given the responsibility of maintenance and control of the entire system. The administrator is responsible for the entry of new customer list, new waiter list as well as the update of the menu into the online database of the restaurant (Gaynor and Brown, 2012).


Deliverables Of The Online System

The flow of the activity regarding the online process has the following types of deliverables like in terms of online ordering of the customer, feedback module, and reservation module, registration of the customer module, reservation module, menu module and also lastly the report generating module (Teng, 2014).

Module for customer registration- this module has to be created in order to register the personal and other information regarding the customer ad finally all the information has to be recorded in the database for future reference.

Online ordering and reservation module of the customer- this module is create to record all the information that has been provided by the customer on the form generated by this module in order the food and the reservations of the date of delivery.

Module for the waiters and the staff- the personal information of all the staffs and the waiters are to be recorded in this module. They are also used to schedule their tasks as well as other information which might help to assess the performance of the waiters and all these are therefore recorded in the database.

Feedback module- the feedback module is one of the most important modules in this system as it determines the success of the restaurant as well as the service provided by the restaurant to its customers it should provide feedback regarding the food as well as any suggestion scan be send by the customer regarding any services they might to alter in the system to make it better.

Module for menu- the menu module will provide the customers with the menu of the restaurant in order to choose the food they want to have.

Report generating module- the option to generate a report can be obtained through this module which will contain details like the report regarding the choice of order of the customer as well as the mode of dining, the information about the customer as well as the waiter in the report, the report ay also contain the suggest ad the comment of the customer as well as the profit made from the business (Ert and Fleischer, 2014).


The online system will be of great benefit to the customer as well as the administrator of the restaurant. It is one of the most common problems of any restaurant nowadays as they face problems due to manual calculations as well as the queue the customers have to face due to the presence of such manual operation. The presence of such online and automatic system will also help to reduce the queue as well as the inconvenience caused to the customers, as they can be informed about the availability of the menu and the time within which their food will be prepared while they are at the comfort of their homes. This process will also help to generate business as more people ad orders ca be processed by the restaurant without the hassle of making their customers wait for food. This system will be able to overcome the problem of customer of customer satisfaction pretty well.



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