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Operating System OR Multiprocessor System And Multi-Core System Add in library

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1. The four (4) main components of a computer system are:

Processor: controls the operation of the computer and performs its data processing functions
Main memory: stores both data and instructions;
I/O modules: which move data between the computer and its external environment
System Bus: provides for communication among processors, main memory, and I/O modules

Which of the above 4 components do you believe is most important? Why?

2. How would you distinguish between a multiprocessor system and a multicore system? Which system you believe is more efficient? Why?




Task 1: Main Component of Computer system

The processor is the main component of the computer system in comparison to main memory, I/O modules and system bus. The processor is useful in managing the operation of the computer system. The operation such as arithmetic and logical operations are performed under processor. The processor is also termed as central processing unit (CPU) (Hsiung & Shen, 2010). In CPU, the data and instructions are taken from the storage unit and perform all calculations on the basis of instruction provided. On the other hand, the processor is useful in running the multiple programs at one time (Bolc, 2012). The processor allocates the certain percentage of space for every program and helps in pacing up the program. Moreover, the processor can instruct the computers to provide quick and accurate decisions to the users of computers. The capacity can be increased for analyzing the data and boosting up the computers. Therefore, many people consider the processor before buying personal computers (Hsiung & Shen, 2010). For instance, today’s computers are considered for gaming purpose. Therefore, customers look for processors that can provide different power level in computing.

According to Hsu (2010), the processors is the brain of the computer system that transforms input instruction that is arithmetic, logical operations and control operations into output. Therefore, many processors making companies such as Intel regularly makes advancement in the processors. One or more printed circuit boards are needed for processors in case of large machine (Hwang, 2010).  On small workstations and personal computers, CPU is built in single chip. Apart from that CPU is better than main memory because main memory requires continuous supply of power and it can be slower. Apart from that, the I/O modules is less important than processor as the speed of I/O device is slower than CPU and on the other side, the I/O module can slower down the speed of processor of CPU (Kumar et al. 2012). Moreover, processor is effective than system bus as system bus requires clock speed which I much slower as against CPU. Therefore, CPU can be regarded as the main component as it does all the important work of the computer and all the input and output is based on the result of processor (Yeo et al. 2012).


2. Distinguish between multiprocessor system and multi-core system

In multiprocessor system, the processors are located in different chips and processors are interconnected via a backplane bus. The multiprocessor can be helpful in enhancing the performance of the computer system with high speed and accuracy and it may require lower power consumption (Nicolescu & Mosterman, 2010). On the other hand, the multi-core system has processor on the same chip. A multi-core system comprises I/O interface, interconnection network, shared memory modules, etc.

Apart from that, multiprocessor has two or more than two physical CPUs and each CPU has one or more than one cores. In case of multi-core system, the only one physical CPU is linked with the CPU but can have more than one core in the central processing unit. On the other hand, in case of multi-core system does not require supply of power to every CPU in comparison to multiprocessor (S & Suresh Kumar, 2013). Moreover, multiprocessor system allows CPU to perform work in parallel that is simultaneous multiprocessing whereas, multi-core system linked with multiple execution cores and CPU perform in parallel on different operations which is termed as chip-level multiprocessing.


Multi-core system

Multiprocessor system

Processor power consumption



Processor Performance



Total Power Consumption

Relatively low

Relatively high

Integration level

All processors are on the same chip

Each processor has different chip


If selection is to be made between multiprocessor and multi-core system, then multi-core system can be much effective than former. The processing speed can be increased as total cores act as a processing unit. On the other hand, if the multi-core system is used, then CPU can deliver and process more data with the same rate of clock frequency. Therefore, it can be helpful for the users to take quick decisions. The employment of multithread with single core can be done with much ease with the multi-core processors (UÄŸuz, 2012). On the other hand, the complex task can be easily performed by the CPU and also at low energy consumption. Therefore, the burden from power can be reduced and more number of tasks can be done in quick time. The CPU cache memory can be shared by multi-core system and separate use of cache can be reduced for each core. The computer can work faster in case certain programs such as web browser, office suite, video games, etc (Xu & Ge, 2012). On the other hand, the computer may not get high heated whenever the computer is turned on. 



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