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Ordinary Shares Issued By The JB HiFi Limited Add in library

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1. How many ordinary shares have been issued by the company at financial year-end?

2. Are any of the company's issued shares not fully paid at the end of the financial year? If so, provide details.




1. Ordinary Shares issued by the JB HiFi Limited

The total ordinary shares issues by the JB HiFi limited are worth of 2789881 out of which 2663051 were unvested as per the 2014 annual report. The total number of board of directors within the company is 6 where the fully paid ordinary shares have been shared among the directors of the company (, 2015).  The ordinary shares holders are the owner of the company.  The shares have been distributed by the owners of the company as per their capital investment within the company. The ordinary shareholder has fully voting right within the JB HiFi limited.  The total issuance of shares under the shareholder options  plan are 21523.  The total owner’s equity is very much shows that, company has buy back the shares of 25830. Ordinary shareholder receive the residual income  which is leftover income after the paying the interest  to the debenture holder and the divided paid to the preference share holders. Therefore, the amount payable to the ordinary shareholder is very much pre-determinable.

Since, the amount of the share which JB limited has issued along the shareholder is very much calculated on the basis of EPS. The EPS of the company is 128.4cps which is growing every year after the 2011 collapse for the JB HiFi (The Australian, 2015).   

Owners equity  of JB HiFi Limited


Issue of shares under share options plans


Shares buy back


Share issues and buy back cost


Dividends paid


Acquisitions of non controlling interest


Share based payments –expense


Share based payments – income




2. Are any issues shares are not fully paid at the end of financial year?

Fully paid ordinary shares of JB HiFi limited Australia is given below:


Total shares

Executive share option plan










B. Laughton
















As per the above, given information’s the 6 major director of the company has been fully paid their shares.  The director of the company has been paid in different amount as per their holdings. The highest paid amount was given to the G Murray which is also the CEO of HB HiFi limited company.

However, R. Murray  is been able to receive the direct number of shares 100,000 and 2000 indirect share but as per the executive share option plan , R Murray is 311640 which is also been paid  by the company.  As the company CEO ahs juts been change after retiring of the terry smart on 30th June 2014 (, 2015).  The newly appointed CEO of the company Mr.Murray will be getting more than 311640 which are needed to pay as per the executive share options plan. This issues of such shares options is also been subjected to the approval of the entire members in the AGM   which will be held in October 2014. The executive share option is been given to the major member of the company who is also been one of the most important position of the company.


Reference List


TheAustralian, (2015). JB Hi-Fi lifts annual profit by 10pc. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Jan. 2015]., (2015). JB Hi-Fi ANNUAL REPORT 2014. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Jan. 2015].


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