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Organisational Structure Of QuickBooks

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Discuss about the Organisational Structure of QuickBooks.


Organisational Structure

The accounting corporation chosen to handle the accounting software packages is the QuickBooks, which consists the proper setup of large and medium sized business organization. The operations of the process are certain forms that work on diverse cloud-based versions where, also an easy acceptance of payments, management and payments for the various functions of the payroll system of the bills are available (Kelly, 2017).  In addition, there is also a function working for double entry package. Thos particular function works on the handling of the security control as well as works with various forms traditional accounting standards.

Operational Problems

There is some incompetency in the system with specific error responsible for the dismantled functioning along with the uninstallation of diverse versions of the system. In addition, there is also a major impact on the system performance leading to the data file connection failure (Blount et al., 2016). Moreover, it is not easy locating files that lead to the various forms, on the basis of data section copying and moving.

Acquisition Methods

The implantation of the ERP system into the QuickBooks is mainly for the use of the progression and effective working on the implementation of software. In addition, there are certain chances for working on the ERP solution needs with the business needs recognition of the same. While considering the upgradation of the companies from the QuickBooks, the companies can be listed by the online publication (Singh, 2016).  List of numbers of important things that are considerable at the time of upgradation of QuickBooks in the online publication, with the everyday transaction process with end user numbers, along with the reporting of the capabilities, data volume and accountability are there. Integration and adaptability with the enterprise system for easy scale and meeting the requirements of the user are one of the major advantages of the ERP.


Flow Chart and the sales procedure

An easy setup of sales procedures is there in the ERP, where the employee payroll centres, payments of the employees, time entering are present along with the patterns of the liability. This will also be helpful for handling the vendors’ details that is inclusive of the receiving the all inventory measures, order purchasing, entering of the bills basically against the process of inventory along with the entering and bills payments. The sales tax management is through the process of sales order with the estimates for the customers for building an easy process of sales receipt for the people (Sledgianowski et al., 2017). Apart from this, this will also be helpful for both the improvement of the system procedures and the formats accounting to the statement charges. The credit and the refund are dependable on the recording the deposits, conciliating, writing the cheques and lastly acknowledging the same with the register. Along with this, the procedures of sales work on the handling of the proper banking approaches where an easy system of change tracking is there that is dependent on the management of the process of the packing as well as the item shipment. A complete track of the information details is related to the ERP system for the management of the banking functions related details (Murray, 2016).

Controlling fraud

People facing the theft related issues along with the issues of the fraud, which has been including the company also formats with the standards that is embezzling, as has been observed. Different transactions working upon the basis are there, where the basic tendency of breaking as well as stealing the data are seen in the most trusted employees. Here, some changes are apparent that are related to the fraud issues, other data and the employee salary. It has been noticed that the focus of the work is on the creation of the data as well as on the process of the modification, where the need for considering the procedures of internal controlling is there as well. Here, the work of the people can be one on the easy processing standards of cash deposits (Zhang et al., 2016). In addition, there is also the presence of the easy process of detection where fake accounts of the employees are made by theme for themselves in order to earn more money.


Development and Adoption

The process of development and adoption are done through IBM with 9PAC that comprises of the easy storage and the access of the same is mainly in the format that is accessible. Several forms are there in the system inclusive of the proprietary accounting system. The proprietary accounting system further includes the processing as well as working on the functionality of the system. Here, some formats are present that are related to the development of SAP RF, consisting the forms with both the easy transaction and decision–making process, with diverse forms of limited intermediaries (Adukwu, 2016). The basis of the application is the user interface working that further works on the Teleware striking options packages of accounting. External facing with the water filters that is responsible for the usage of the different technologies creates the base o the development. Working area of the software is on the fair amount along with the battle indicating innovation adoption. It is based on the easy setup of the system and the technological highest quality. The study proposes that the software technology for accounting works for executing the different characteristics.      This is inclusive of the application software process responsible for the functional modules such as receivable account and payable account (Church et al., 2017). The basis for the accounting is the structure based on online with forms that is internet-enabled as well as the patters based on desktop.

Market Size

This comprises of the formats with Australian accounting software packages including the various forms of 1662 smaller people in the business based in Australia. The characterization of different forms is marked with the commission and omission, with the costs leading to the different ledgers’ development, sales and the purchasing of the same. The formats of the accounting engage the paperwork and the different forms working effectively on the standards and forms. Several reports are there that is marked with efficacy standards and automatic system with better business growth.

Leaders & Competitive Advantage

High-end markets that are mainly for handling the accounting software for business with ERP planning are three. It is considered that XERO is high-end solution, which is designed for supporting certain process of the company (Tippett et al., 2017). In addition, there are forms for the easy set up of the areas dependent on the smaller development teams by the application. The elevation in the risk of the vendor business failure decreases the support availability. The work of the accounting process focuses on the ledgers, sales, purchase, cashbook with petty cash ledgers and the trial balance. This also works on the process of manual accounting that engages the bookkeeping process along with the usage of inputs for correcting the accounts and automatic generated reports.


Current gaps and Challenges

The competition in the market is increasing rapidly with the pace of time for the accounting software capable of handling large numbers of customers related to the medium and small sized business. Different numbers of players are there that includes MYOB, Intuit and XERO. In addition, the focus o the companies are also on the computing, where it is considered that XERO can hold the market share with all the factors related to accounting. Here, the gaps that have been identified are set to the software of the desktop accounting with challenges to maintain, collect and process the accounting books. It works on challenges with for formatting the desktop process with inconsistency and (Dunbar et al., 2016). Cloud accounting and the integration of the business capabilities is included in the usage of the business, which further includes the setup with annual accounts reconciliation with the time consumption with inconsistency and errors.


XERO is based in the development of model software with the Software as the System that is capable of providing a better API where third party vendors are there. In the third party vendors the general tendency of the customers include the integration of the unifies ledger process application, in the cloud. The working of the SaaS is based on the user capabilities for working on application for operating on the cloud infrastructure with the operations through thin user surface. The usage of simple web browser where the cloud computing happens through chiefly through the transformed forms are included in this. It also includes the IT landscapes, which is set with the cost effective patters bringing. The users face the major concerns for working on handling system process and security measures with the technologies and security standards (Boulianne, 2016). This also collaborates the working on the information assets for cyber crime and risk, which are associated with the cloud computing. For solving the challenges, the Identify management is there, with easy carrying of the service authentication of the services. The basis of this is the forms where various characteristics and credentials are there for working on the process describing and self-defending where the Trusted Computing Framework creates the computing environment.



It is based on the software for accounting, where the development of the system is based upon the language of the computer, from simple programs is set with the complex system of computing. Australia has been working on one of the biggest accounting software where the providers must work on competition in the market with the integration of the accounting software in the cloud and the ways for challenging the associates to the desktop accounting software. It is considered that the security is the major problems as well as the cloud computing process (Thomas, 2016). Dealing with the measures for authentication and the working with prediction of cryptography in the information security centric create the base of the strategy.  



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