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Describe about the Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Ministry of Health Hospitals?


Role Of Administrator

Flowers Hospital has created some 5-objective scheme, namely the Patient identification, Quality improvement, Concurrent review, Performance oversight plus responsibility, and Tools for all frontline employees. The mentioned objectives have made the administrator a necessary part of the hospital. The major role of manager is seen on each of guidelines that adjust accordingly on specified task. For Patient identification, manager needs to decide the way to recognize the real form of patient which is actually to be on the top priority for improving quality of the care provided and also to acknowledge most effectual prioritization of the patients as per their diseases. Also, the administrator needs to find the requirement to have a proper concurrent reviewer towards skimming through the patients' situation as well as prioritizing accordingly plus also monitoring the inadequacies if any (AL-AAMIRI, 2002).

Processes To Be Managed

Know and understand how to make or design plus monitor systems towards ensuring quality of the health care goods and services within the Flowers Hospital

Define needs of the quality audit scheme used to carry out and manage quality standards specific to the Hospital

Provide the real Tools for frontline a employee that was actually greed to be the beneficial one in Flowers Hospital.

To make that the care protocols in reality are observed, and the health information regarding patient situations and to the way in which such conditions must be managed by the hospital standards also needs to be provided in some colored packets that is always accessible for staff and all the care providers.

Producing some excellent services also could be a very mountainous task, yet manager with careful and prominent handling as well as construction of the quality auditing plus skill of quality management can attain such goal without any difficulty (Dessler, 2000).

Role Of Communication

Hospital administrators at times act as go-between for the department heads as well as medical personnel. Here the role of administrator arises and his duties include actual budgeting as well as fundraising, plus hiring doctors and even other medical employees. Healthcare administrator also is required to fully be capable of effectively communicating and also relating to the cadre of the individuals like Patients, vendors, investors and partners, industry leaders and also physicians as well as fellow administrators (KARAALP, TEKE & CELEN, 2013).

Healthcare administrators needs to be very much capable of properly demonstrating to every of above cadre of people because they in fact are equally significant, and can be also challenging when several parties have real competing interests. Therefore, relationship management, necessitates the good communication knowledge and skill, and is also essential quality for the healthcare administrator.

Being a successful leader he also must be very mindful that the communication involves some additional oral skills; and includes ability to properly listen, write, plus effectively present the data and information (Mathis & Jackson, 2003).

Finally, in communicating plus managing the relations, the entire healthcare administrator must be capable to make sure that every party with whom the administrator corresponds are properly focused on the primary goal which adheres to organization's ethics and values.

Role Of Manager In Coordinating

Delivery of the health services in fact is very changing. Thus being a manager one must obtain effectual decision-making ability to address all the changes, plus to solve daily problems which they encounter within their departments. For managers to make proper decisions, they should also receive guidelines right from higher authority and utilize some helpful decision making tools (Mondy, Noe & Gowan, 2005).

Division of the work is another role of the manager as this maintains the coordination among staffs and people know what they need to perform and to what extent.

In health field, people to communicate with actually are managers, and physicians, colleagues, patients, subordinates, and families, plus agencies. Regardless of level of the management, every manager needs to be capable to communicate properly as success of the performing management operations partly depends upon effective interaction (Smith, 1976).

Jobs To Be Filled

Registered nurse

Experience required- supervised clinical knowledge and experience like a part of the academic program

Medium yearly wage- $65470

Education- Bachelor’s degree, nursing license

Medical care service manager

a)  Experience required- on job training
b)  Annual wage- $29370
c)  Education- Associate degree 
3)  Medical assistant
a)  Experience required- On job training
b)  Annual wage0 $29370
c)  Education- Graduate (Wise, 2013)

Describe To Divide The Work Processes

1) Identification plus division of the work- organizing function will start with division of the entire work in small units. Every unit of the total work will be named a job.
2) Grouping jobs plus departmentalization- Just after division of work within small jobs that will be related as well as similar ones they will be grouped together plus put under sole department.
3) Departmentalization will be done through process of functional departmentalization
4) Assignment of the duties- just after dividing organization in some specialized departments every individual working within different departments will be assigned a proper duty that will match to his/her skill plus qualifications (Wise, 2013).
5) Establishing the reporting relationship- following the grouping of activities in dissimilar department’s staffs will need to perform job.

Advantages Of The Departmentalization

Develop specialization

Departmentalization will lead to benefits of the specialization. Through departmentalization, works will be easily divided into dissimilar departments on basis of all of their nature as well as responsibility that is entrusted towards skilled as well as efficient manager.

Administrative control

Within departmentalization, standard of the performance of every department plus objective to be attained can be properly planned.

Fixation of the responsibility

Departmentalization helps in division of works into some different units based on nature plus responsibility and this fixes up the tasks of each department and helps in keeping away confusions and conflicts (Mathis & Jackson, 2003).

Helpful for the expansion 

Departmentalization also facilitates the top manager towards directing as well as supervising work carried out by the subordinate staffs. It even helps in division of work into diverse units.

Management development

Departmentalization actually helps to grow plus develop novel managers through providing them chances and opportunities to undertake some independent decision as well as initiatives.



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