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Energy Telematics Project Overview

Discuss About The Organizational Issues Group Implementation.

In current years there has been tremendous increase and  innovative use o f technology, this has been seen as a innovative way of attracting customers and also a way of storing large amount of data in our companies for future use(Griffith,2010). Use of current and new technologies to capture and analyze data is one of ways to keep our customers close to us .Due to this CFI has decided to upgrade its ERP system with  Energy Telematics project .This project is aimed at implementing new technologies to the company that will enhance high speed of capturing data ,analyzing and storing .  The project will include a truck tracking system that will be reporting to the management issues related with the trucks.It is a creative way of maintaining the business niche in the competitive world, however there are some who always do not accept change in technology since they are afraid that it might prevent them from carrying out there private activities(McDermott,2012). Like in this case the drivers were against implementation of the new technology. The Energy Telamatic project include a software that will collect, analyze  and interpret  information needed by the company .The is the most wonderfully   software  that can be implemented  to analyze and  deliver information that is well transparent and acceptable.Also it contains data tools e.g  data warehouses that will store all information or data at use by the company.

 Organizations or people controlling technologically change should be regularly recognized as both specialized engineers and implementers. When in doubt, many association create  innovation and after which they  hands it off to clients, who are less talented but very educated about their own particular regions of utilization(Laupacis,2009). Practically speaking, in this case t Joel  team are the engineers  and the  managers in the project . They should make sure that the project is well implemented if  agreed by the senior managers. More so  if users association is regularly not willing on obligation for the development at the point in then clear clarifications are required to be given to them. The person responsible for execution paying little respect to whether he or she created the  association, the customer affiliation, or in some go-between the position needs to plan the hand-off with the objectives that it is generally undetectable (Goodman,2013) . This is, before the implementation process  changes hands to sprinters ought to have been running in parallel for quite a long time. Supervisor needs to control the viewpoints and the necessities of the engineers and clients.

New Technologies in Energy Telematics

The following are the new Technologies to be implemented in Energy Telamatics project

DlT is  defined as  foot sole area of a few shared (P2P) innovations empowered by the internet, for example, email, sharing music or other media documents, and web communication. Notwithstanding, web based exchanges of advantage proprietorship have for quite some time been subtle, as this requires guaranteeing that a benefit is just exchanged by its actual proprietor and guaranteeing that the advantage can't be exchanged more than once(Aladwami,2010). The advantage being referred to could be anything of mainly involves recording and sharing of data among multiple devices  spread out in a given geographical area .

In this type of technology  to be implemented by CFI  the devices can be connected to each other such every user can know what is happening in the other computer this can be referred us as  distributed ledger.  The database  being  centrally located to be  accessed by every body within the organization since every device is served from the same database this will make any transaction of data or information within CFI be traceable and accountable.

Availability of cryptographic hash functions  which encrypts every data within the DLt system. This ensures high security of data since both the center and the receiver have keys that they can use to decrypt data within in the system. This technology also goes hand in hand with the following technologies.

Correspondingly as showcasing developers precisely designing   Energy Telematics project with a survey through which they will store information .The  execution chiefs will build up an iterative or friendly system, nearly like  accordion system to control choices about when and how to gather required data from all gatherings influenced by a users.Is termed"accordion-like" this is  because  light is involved in the scan of data in respect to its process, and afterward another dynamic time of inquiry cycle after cycle . What is critical about data  is that whoever has it ,it fluctuates at various phases of the execution procedure, however somebody must organize the iterative work of social event it and administration usage.

When the system is designed  should have  some specific operations including the following.

  • Should observe the current system and make sure everything in the new system is different from the current system.
  • The project system should pay more attention to the areas where the user requires to make decision .create room for that.
  • The system engineers should ask the current user what are they finding frustrating about the current system and also should suggest ways to overcome the current situation.

This are independent strategies that are used collectively to determine  if  an element,  the management, or a system meets  some necessities and determinations to satisfy its expected purpose. These are  the elementary measures of a quality management system, for example. The words "confirmation" and "approval" are now and again gone before with "free", showing that the check and approval is to be performed by an uninvolved outsider. "Free check and approval" can be abridged .Any system including Energy Telematic system  in the current world should implement the same technology for it to be modernized and to be more accurate .

Managing Technological Change

Cloud is where information is remotely stored up, overseen, and backed up at any time from internet. This will enable CFI management to keep up data on the web, with the aim that they can retrieve data any time from anywhere. As published by a current investigation coordinated with more than 800 business managers and customers around the globe shows the amount of associations expanding high ground through high cloud gathering has moderately increased over the latest couple of years and by 2017, individuals all in all cloud organizations is expected to be more than  $244 billion. Currently, they ought to explore a bit of the central focuses and obstructions to Cloud Storage... Energy Telematics should be executed with this element to upgrade steadiness of the organization and extends its system.    The advantages of this technology include the followin

  • Usability - All distributed stockpiling organizations reviewed in this subject have work zone categories for Mac's and PC's. This empowers customers to move reports between the dispersed databases and their neighborhood storing centers.
  • Cost Savings Energy Telematics project can frequently diminish yearly working costs by using cloud; appropriated capacity costs around 3 pennies for every gigabyte to store data inside.( Burgelman,2013) Clients can see additional cost reserves since it doesn't require internal vitality to store information remotely.
  • Disaster Recovery It is exceptionally proposed that associations have an emergency support configuration arranged by crisis team. Datawarehouses can be used as a back?up outline by associations by giving a minute copy of basic reports. These reports are secured at a remote territory and can be gotten through a web associations.

Isn’t another idea but a technology as it may be this is because the utilization cases are developing, empowered by versatility GPS, radio recurrence ID (RFID), sensor innovation, e-inks and other new materials. Cases of utilization cases incorporate checking and controlling vitality utilization in structures, remotely observing work locales, for example, digging and development zones for wellbeing and security, and streamlining transportation and administration by following resources progressing utilizing savvy vehicles or brilliant resource administration innovation .This technology will help CFI improve its productivity.

Since data is very important any system and organization it should be processed on time and  it should be validy.The system should have a high processing speed so that as soon as any data is received by the system  is quickly processed to final outcomes that are useful to the organization.

The system now days are portable meaning they can be transferred from one computer to another with change in the source code. More so the systems should be able to be compiled in any operating system e,g Linux or windows operating system

This is a  new technology that is used in the conversion of images or pdf document into machine text, characters that are encoded  or intelligent word recognition (Aladwani,2010). This technology has existed for many years but improved from time to time.   In order for Energy Telematics to achieve high significance the company must spend a lot of resources in implementation of the project. (Edmondson,2010)The technology is very much accurate and fast in terms of capturing data  and comparison of different types of data.

Machine Text Recognition for High Accuracy

With versatile information catch  clients take pictures of reports utilizing a camera on their cell phones. The picture information is sent to an information catch server that concentrates the data put away in the picture and stores it (Smith,2016).

Mobile use to day  is adaptable, versatile, and increases speed while altogether reducing the working expenses related with data catch. It can be used adequately as the stage of a computerized first catch technique; information is entered on the gadget and moves specifically into a back-end framework.

Hence, it might be perfect for littler, more contemporary contestants into the protection business; it isn't fitting as a one-measure fits-all approach for customary safety net providers. This technology will enhance high speed of transfer of information among members when implemented in Energy Telematics(White-baker,2009).

The Joel’s’ team was court  off-guard by the workers team since they had not involved the drivers in the suggestion of installing a tracking system to the trucks to keep each record while the track was moving. While collecting information the team could have involved the drivers team in the session and explain to them the need of having the system and its importance to the company. The team could also have explained to the drivers what the system could do .and what could not be done by the system. Since the strike was a product of the drivers not understanding how the system was working.

The great green challenge succeeded since it had full   plan for the technology and it created awareness to the people who were to use the system. The advantages of the system to the users were clearly explained. Unlike in   Energy Telematics where the drivers were ambushed that a system will be placed in their trucks to record some data. Without them knowing what kind of data will the system collect they strike. If this could be explained to them clearly they could have never strike.

For Joel’s’ team to make there project not suspended they should call the drivers during any meeting when things are brought in order then explained to them why the system is required in the truck. What will the system be recording in the truck and where will be system be placed in truck. This will make the driver accept the implementation of the system in the trucks.


Before the implementation of any new technology a lot of research must be carried out on the existing system so that the new system will have improved features of the old system. The new system should have totally different and new introduced features to improve and speed up the process of data capture. The users of the system should be well notified about the features and the importance of upgrading the system to avoid silly strikes. More so during the process of system development the user should be involved so that the system will interact with the users more easily since they participated in development.


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