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Explain Outline Of Mobile Jammer?




Mobile phone jammers, which is operated by mobile users are planned to purposely interfere. Generally, in Australia, jammers are available for many of the radiofrequency bands.  Mobile phone jammer prevents the communication at same frequency by transmitting the interference signal. The project is worked by a particular system defined as “active denial of service jamming”. By this system a loud interference signal is radiated continuously in to the space area. The jammers include the bandwidth devices in a band. Some of them are also able to interfere in bands. In short, mobile jammers are those devices who create temporary “dead zone”. It is also called a Denial-of-service attack.

Components of the jamming device:

Main components of device are:

Power supply

Under Circuitry the important components are as follows:

  • Tuning circuit
  • RE amplification
  • Voltage-controlled oscillator
  • Noise generator

Function of the mobile jammers:

Mobile jammer sends the same radio frequency by which the mobiles can operate. A noise generator is used to check the signals to measure the noise, frequency response, and other parameters. There are two types of jammer (Mortazavi et al. 2013). Among them, the first type can block the signals which come from the mobile towers to different phones. The second type is generally larger in size than the first type. It can block the transmission from the satellite to the towers.

Issues of mobile jammer:

Though this is well-developed system still it has many issues which are legal. Such as:

In many countries Mobile jammers are mainly illegal.

It causes the “safety hazard”.

In India jammers have been installed in parliament and prisons.

The Indian government, prisons, religious areas, many institutions use jammers.

Effect of mobile jammer:

People can face many risks after using the mobile jammers. In some emergency case, to call the police, the fire department, ambulance, mobile jammer system barred the outgoing or incoming call facilities. For this a dangerous situation can be diverted into a huge complicated situation. Nowadays jammers are used in mobile phone. Beside this some of the other devices also use the jammer system. The phones, which are using jammers have move the operation or may have to make the devices reset. So if the phones have been jammed on a particular side of a town in the mean time on the other side of the town the jammers may not be working. Some important calls or messages of some V.I.P cases can be barred by this system. In some professional case people use tablets, PDAs for professional purpose. Mobile jammer interrupts their operations.

Solution of mobile jammer:

 To overcome the problems of mobile jammer some ANTI JAMMER solutions can be used which. Anti jamming, is a process of escaping the jamming attacks? One of the techniques to prevent jammers is using an alternate frequency channel. As per (Mishra, 2009) in which a smart meter is used with some other sequential channel, which is already used. In this type of anti jammer technique it first asks the node for the verification and then permits the gadget to communicate. After the verification part, using the user’s public key a sequential encrypted channel is send by the smart meter. The gadget finally can accept the information after decrypting users’ private key. In this way the communication channel of the gadget can be secured.

Advantages of mobile jammer:

  • Using mobile jammer the laws can be maintained to maintain peace.
  • Mobile jammers are useful for the naxal-feared areas.
  • Mobile jammers provide high security to the V.I.P people from any type of danger.
  • Mobile jammers are also useful for the vehicles to beat with the accidents (Pintea & Pop, 2014).
  • Mobile jammers work for both networks like CDMA and GSM.

Disadvantages of mobile jammer:

  • It is very cost oriented
  • Mobile jammers need well-developed hardware.
  • In case of V.I.P people, they may miss out the important calls.


Every technology which is invented has some bad side in spite of having many good sides. But the import matter is that how user is using it. It is a very useful technology to protect the societies from the anti-social cases.



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