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People With Disability: Health Care Practices Add in library

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Discuss about the People with Disability for Health Care Practices.




Disability refers to an impairment that can be mental, physical, sensory, intellectual, cognitive and developmental that affects a person’s life in terms of activities. Normally these conditions are present in someone’s life since birth or a person develops them in the course of their lifetime. In the society, people with disabilities are often associated with physical and mental impairment, which include visual impairment, mental retardation, mobility, and hearing difficulties. Most of the people with physical disabilities either have difficulties in talking, learning, walking, seeing, hearing, performing tasks and caring for self (Sobh and Tarej, 2017).

Health Care Practices and Beliefs

People with disabilities normally have greater unmet needs and limited access to health care services. The health promotion activities and ways of preventing diseases rarely target the people with disabilities, for instances, disabled women rarely get screening for breast cancer and also people with a mental impairment are ignored such that they even never get their weight checked (South andTarej,2013). The disabled people never get these health care services due to lack of ability to raise the required amount of money needed, there is also the problem of physical barriers whereby for instance the doorways are too narrow and they also face the challenge of limited health facilities that deal with their conditions. These people can be helped through affordable premiums and private groups or individuals can come in and finance them. Health organizations also need to carry out research on the needs of these people and find key solutions. The health sector also needs to come up with good policies that ensure that the disabled are not discriminated in the health service provision and that service delivery is improved for them to get the services efficiently (Kayness, Rosemary, French and Philip, 2012).

Behavior and Communication

Some of the people with disabilities normally have difficulties in hearing, talking, seeing, and that moving hence communication may be a big problem. In order for people to be able to interact with these people with disabilities they need to accept the fact that in society there are people with such conditions and they need to be treated equally and with respect because they also have the same societal goals such as being able to live independently, having full participation in societal activities. People need to understand that physical disability is a common occurrence and these people need to be listened and cared for without any form of discrimination (Lerner, 2011).


Health Issues Associated with People with Disabilities

These people with disabilities normally face the problem of developing chronic conditions, for instance, due to lack of health service provision some of the conditions are not recognized at an early age hence leading to serious complications. In the case of people with mental illness, they may become obese since they are normally ignored and are never taken to weight checkups. In addition, women with mental illness never get early breast cancer screening hence may consequently die (Harry and Thomas, 2017)

How to be Sensitive to People with Disabilities

I can help the people with disabilities by for instance helping the blind to have classes on how to use the brain in order for them to communicate with others efficiently (Thomson and Rosemarie, 2015). I can also help the people with hearing difficulties to attend sign classes and help the partially impaired people with hearing aid. I will also start campaigns on helping people with disabilities to get health care services and sensitizing people on respecting these people and giving them assistance when needed.

Resources Available in Australia to help People with Disabilities

In Australia, there is a national day for people with disabilities hence they have helped create awareness on the presence and importance of these people. The government of Australia has helped people with disabilities by providing mobility allowance, disability parking scheme, and disability career considerations. There are also free medical checkups for the people with hearing problems and the national companion card that allows people with disabilities to participate in some activities freely. Therefore, by recognizing people with disabilities give them the feeling that their needs are catered, which motivates them to accept their challenges enabling them to live a positive life (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014).

Summary and Conclusion

Disability is the physical, mental, or intellectual impairments that affect an individual’s quality of life. Some of these disabilities can be from birth or acquired later in life. Disabilities are a common occurrence in society thus, there is a need for the people with disability to be cared for and respected. In this case, it is very important for people to learn to treat them equally with no discrimination and ensure that they get the required health service needed. Therefore, it is imperative for the society to remove the stigma it has placed in this people in order for them to lead normal productive life.



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