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Personal Development Planning Of Students Add in library

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1. Demonstrate ability to reflect on chosen subjects to highlight the skills acquired and emphasise how improvement in performance is being achieved?

2. Exhibit motivation and confidence in engaging in personal and career development and planning?

3. Demonstrate progressive learning through a series of agreed milestones?




In this case, ‘personal development planning’ we will discuss about the personal development of the student. It is very important for any student to develop the personal skills and knowledge for the better future of the student. Personal development planning plays an important role in every student career, as it will give the better exposal to the student and the student can achieve the aim in life. Personal development planning can be a process of learning which will help the student to plan for the career development. It also make the student unique from the other students, in terms of personal skills, knowledge etc. In personal development planning the student need to identify the areas in which the student can develop his/her skills and knowledge. Personal development planning also helps the student to set the goal for the future benefit of the student and also a student can see the recording image of the student by following the personal development process (Baker, Perkins and Comber, 2014).

1. Computer literacy skill:

In the present world, it is very important for the student to have the knowledge about the computer. Computer literacy skill can help the student to acquire the knowledge and the ability to work in computer in various kinds for problem solving. The student should have to be very comfortable for computer literacy, which will help the students in different ways. The student who have computer knowledge and have the ability to work in a computer can do lots of work in the computer (Reutzel and Mohr, 2014). In the present scenario, almost every difficult task is done through computer programming, but at the same time programming and computer literacy is different. The computer programming includes the work related with coding and web designing or other designs, which is not necessary for every student. The student has to learn the basic knowledge about the computer in order to use the computer for general purpose (Qiu, Li and Chen, 2013). The student who can use computer can add this feature in the personal development planning. Now a day in every work place, the use of computer is common, so if the student think to do the job in the multinational company, then it is necessary for the student to know how to use the computer. The knowledge of computer can help the student to do the work easier and faster.

There are various kinds of advantage in the using of computer:

  • The computer can do the work easy and fast.
  • In computer the student may use different types of software, which can be very helpful for the student to complete the task (Faver et al., 2013).
  • The knowledge of computer can be added in the personal development planning.

In develops countries, the knowledge of computer is very important for every workers, as the organizations are highly dependable to their computers for working system. For every student who are in general course or in the professional course, it is important to have the knowledge of computer.

2. Knowledge of specialist subject and the future career options.

It is important for the students to choose the specialization subject, which can help the student for their future. The specialization subject can help the students to select their path, suppose the student want to make their career in the marketing field, than they should go for the business management course, with marketing specialization. Suppose some of the students want to make their career in the Health sector, than they should go the professional degree, which is related with the health (White, 2015). The specialization subjects help the student to make their career specific. The selection of the specialization subject provides the student the depth knowledge of the particular subject, which is very important in the practical field. The future career option will be more specific, if any student goes for the specialist subject. It will easy for the students to work in the same area where they have done their study (Rehfuss and Di Fabio, 2012). For example: if a student wants to work in the marketing field after completing his degree in the business management course, than the job may not create difficulties for him, as he already know about the marketing tactics. He will follow the marketing strategies or the marketing policies, which will help him to complete his task (Sher, 2011).

It is depend upon the students, that what they want to do for making their future bright after their completion of the course.


3. Importance of presentation skill:

For every student, in order to express them the presentation skill is important. When the student goes for the first presentation, it is very natural to get nervous, as there will be different types of people in front of the student who will see your presentation (Andersson and Mattsson, 2015). For every student who is in professional or in general course, this is very important to have the good presentation skill, as in every section of the study the students have to give a presentation. Presentation skill plays a vital role for the professional students or for the professional employees. In the present world the competition is very high and it is getting more higher, in order to compete with others, it is necessary that one should know about the presentation skill. One of the most important aspects for the good presentation is the one who is going to deliver the presentation. During the time of presentation; the body language and the proper eye contact with the audience is important, as these things will describe the personality of the one who is delivering the presentation.

People use to take note while giving the presentation, on order to communicate the real or the actual thing in the time of presentation. The audience should understand about what you are trying to communicate, if the audience fails to understand your presentation then there is no point of view to give the presentation (Duke and Cochran, 2014).

Some of the important points to explain why presentation skill is important for student:

  • Presentation skill can reduce the shyness of the student.
  • Presentation skill can help he student to be more confident, while speaking in front of others.
  • Presentation skill can also help the students to express them in front of others.
  • Personal development can be done, by learning the presentation skill (Talbot, 2012).
  • Presentation skill can also help the student for the future career.


Personal development planning is the process of learning which will help the GSM student for the future career. Personal development planning can also help the GSM student to know about themselves and what they want to be in the future career and to classify the way of the future. The clear route and reason for the study can be identifying by personal development planning. Personal development planning can help the students to achieve their short term goal in the educational field, as the GSM students will be more confident because of the personal development. It can also help the students in the future career, as they are going to join some multinational company after their education level. The students can be motivate themselves, if they are following the personal development planning and it also make the way easier for the students to accomplish their academic goals. In GSM the students will only get their degree after completing their course, but at the same time the students can also get inner confidence with the personal development planning. Self confidence is very important for the students to achieve any goals, so personal development planning can help the students to achieve the goals.


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