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Describe about

Based on your initial response to something about the image, choose a photograph from one of your photo albums or from one of your family albums. Interview a family member about the history of its production (e.g., what was the occasion, where did it take place, is there a backstory) and develop a narrative based on this information. Has your research modified your appreciation of what the photograph represents?

Now the story is about me the young on in the right side. I want to provide info that the suit makes me rich and living in wealthy life and how my brother also have a custom made "Thope" , as in the back days we were really poor, my dad use to work 2 jobs everyday.This picture was taken when I was 4 just has entered the kinda garden school and my brother was 6 just entered school. We never thought about poverty and how hard was it for dad to bring food and clothes to and we rarely seen him.?



In the narration, I am going to talk about my life as a youth and the nature in which we are nowadays. The picture shows two people in their early ages of life who are innocent and still ignorant of many things. In my youthful time, the existence was so unique, and everything that was around was exciting. The picture illustrates the life I used to live with my brother. Looking innocent, I was thrilled and moved by the many instances that my and I brother interacted freely with the environment.

The picture ironically illustrates the richness of us and the entire family. The suits I wore and the custom “Thope” my brother wore display that we were living a wealthy life. Sincerely speaking, we were brought up in a poor background. In order to earn a living, my father had to work extra hard so as to meet our daily bread. He used to undertake two jobs so as to ensure that we lived each passing day. On many occasions, we could not see him as he traversed the region looking for better employment for our sake. Employment at that time was rare. He therefore searched to work on the land of rich people to either plough, work on the farm as a samba boy or take care of livestock. Irrespective of the condition, he used to encourage us to work hard in education even if we were still in early years of school. I was four years at that time, and I was at kinder garden. My brother was six years and was at grade one.


From the picture, one can assert that the truth is far from reality. The fact that we were looking smart and charming is not a dawning reality since we were living in a despicable condition. The family income was solely from the hand to mouth. It implies that there was nothing done except to look for food to allow us see the next day. God is such amazing God; there is no single day that we went with no food. Looking at the background of the picture, the surrounding environment is mountainous with now snow. Additionally, the area is engulfed by a desert. The desert is the true attestation of the situation that our parents lived up for each day. The adaptation features of how to survive each passing day were clear in their minds-to strive for better tomorrow through education. It is the reason why we were encouraged to work hard even in the lower classes. They knew that tomorrow will never take care of itself as is asserted by many philosophers since the phrase was far from the reality in the desert.

In learning and living from the difficult situations, we strived with school life. During early school years, my brother got scared of cars the moment when the school bus crashed head-on into another vehicle. Since that moment, he is very scared of any vehicle even to board. Irrespective of these, he was encouraged and cheered up by our mother. My brother was a mummy’s boy. He was so immersed in her to the point that he never carried on in that day well without her good farewell in the morning. The situation compelled our Dad to remember us every moment he was not at home, and this made him come home more often despite the struggle so as the make us feel his presence and not phobia.

As the days went by, my endeavors in education continued to be very encouraging, and my parents became thrilled and happy. Life with education is very good. Education is a transforming machinery. Immediately I reached the highest grade, and I was able to lay and plan strategies for doing business. Education permitted advicing my parents on the best ways of doing business by making good use of the opportunities that were not explored in the area. My father took heed of my advices and begun to save money little by little. As we speak now, my father owns a retail shop. The shop is the only retail shop in the area. Life now is very good, and we are no longer languishing in poverty as we used to, and our father is no longer searching for employment. We have a happy family and our parent gets to have best times together and as well the entire family. We are now feeling the presence of Dad in the home, and fatherly love is never a compromise.



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