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This coursework assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of information systems (IS) and the role of the information systems manager (ISM) through the application of module concepts to a real business situation. The basis is a case study of an organisation of your choice.

The core of every IS is a database; based upon your analysis of the case study organisation: explain the databases used by the organisation in terms of the type of database; how the data is gathered; data storage and organisation; and the outputs used by different departmental groups in the organisation.
Critically evaluate the use of IS by the case study organisation in terms of how key decisions are made within the organisation, with a focus on decisions that relate to the business strategy of the organisation.

In this context, explain the role played by the ISM or perhaps the Information
Systems Team in the organisation.
Your report should cover:
Background information 
• Provide a brief background to the case study organisation, focusing upon contemporary business strategy
• Provide background with respect to deployment of IS and databases including definitions
Specific Analysis relevant to your chosen case study organisation
• Analysis of deployment of databases within the case study organisation
• Analysis of organisational decision-making and the impact of IS on the decision-making processes and outcomes
• Critical evaluation of the benefits and risks of IS in decision-making in the case study organisation
Explanation of the role of the ISM or team 
• Analysis of the elements of the role of the ISM
• Analysis of key responsibilities of the ISM

Deployment of database and information system

Google is a search engine which can be easily used for analyzing a variety of information like website, pictures. Google makes use of a computer program which is known as web crawler which analyses various of world wide web and this is again used for checking the content with proper keywords (Bentley, Omer and Sharp, 2013). Google has a number of strategy in field of product, expansion, revenue, vertical. This is mainly inclusive of various productivity tools like Gmail and google drive and various enterprise related products like google news, google translate and maps other service related to it. There is number of expansion of strategy of google which focuses on developing internet related products and services (Bharadwaj et al., 2013). This expansion mainly focuses in providing strategy for the google to enter into new markets and it aims in improving the existing share of the organization. The organization has successfully provided importance  

Database is nothing but a collection of information in which information can be easily managed and updated on a regular basis. In database data is organized in various ways like rows, columns and various other forms like tables. A cloud SQL is a fully managed database which is generally used by google (Brown and Wilby, 2012). This particular type of database is considered to have easy setup, maintenance and proper usage of SQL and MySQL which is generally used for forming SQL and MySQL form of database of cloud storage. Different organization has large amount of data which is generally used in database. An information system is nothing but a software which is generally used for proper organization and analysis of data. It has provided the employee with flexibility which will provide them with better choice (Chai, Liu and Ngai, 2013). This mainly checks or ensures that employee has a proper method of access to information system which provides an access to information system in a proper way or method. Development of IT infrastructure generally provides a various ranges of products.

Google provides a cloud platform in which user from different zones can easily store data which contain vital information. Google has make use of SQL and My SQL technique which is used for implementation of its database (Connor and Lande, 2012). Object storage is used for different price and needs which is generally used for management of database by using SQL and MySQL technique. It has changed the process or mechanism of online storage of data by making use by bring various new techniques like live data of cloud based solution. Google claims to provide the best infrastructure for online storage of data. Cloud SQL is generally managed by the help of various database services which claim to provide managing, maintenance and proper administration of database in the cloud services (Grant, 2016). It provides an infrastructure by the help of which various device can easily work irrespective of user location.

Cloud bigtable provides a platform where a database name NoSQL is used for different kinds of workloads (Han, Lee and Crespi, 2014). It is generally upgraded with different technology like Big Data technology which consist of technology like Hadoop and spark. Cloud based spanner technology is used for relational database which claim to provides availability at a large scale. It provides a rich platform for admin and it can be used for accessing database for a large number of things like mobile and internet related tools.  

Analysis of deployment of database in Google

Information system plays a vital or key role which cannot be ignored easily. As the number of employees within an organization like Google increases, the number of transaction within an organization also increases (Kang and Han, 2015). So as a result the organization needs to be have an effective management system, better planning and decision making tools. Decision making can be considered to be an important factor for the management system of an organization. Information can be taken as an alternative form of management but management cannot also work with proper information. Decision making and proper coordination will help the manager or executive of Google to have to an analysis of issues and this can be considered to be better factor which will help in the creation of new product and services for its customers or users (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). Evolution of upgraded system can provide a better role which is used for implementation and development of information system. The needs or requirements of information technology is gaining importance on a daily basis and it is becoming complex with every passing day in Google.

The main notion of information system in Google is to provide its managers, management and stakeholders with different information which are in relation to planning, analyzing of various business. Powerful and latest version of information system has provided various organization to be become more flexible and has removed the layers of various function of management. Improving the benefits of information system can be helpful in providing better architecture and infrastructure for working (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). Information system aims in providing all the necessary information to the various manager of Google which will ultimately help them in analyzing various operation and can be helpful in gathering of proper information. Four types of information system are TPS or transaction processing system, MIS or management information system, DSS or decision support system, and expert system. TPS or Transaction processing system is also known as data processing system. It mainly does collection and data processing with a company or firm. Some detail example of TPS are invoice, shipping and payments related models. Management information system in Google can help various managers and executive for proper planning, monitoring and lastly analyzing on the basis of month week and year (Low and Chen, 2012). Some other use of MIS is arraignment on basis of products and checking or tracking of salary. DSS or decision support system generally works on the management level of organization. DSS is generally used in Google for providing access to data for having proper information. Expert system is the expanded form of DSS or decision support system. It is a program method of decision making which is generally used for capturing and producing knowledge (Martens and Teuteberg, 2012). This is generally used in Artificial intelligence method which is nothing but a system based technology that acts like human being, gather new knowledge and provides best idea for decision making. Personal information system is nothing but a group system which is generally designed in such a way that it can satisfy the requirements of various work groups.

Effect of information System on decision making

Personal system is not but a method which is used for providing a large number of advantages to various information system of Google which in many is seen in various small organization. Internet has created a platform by the help of which information can be accessed irrespective of user location (Mithas, Tafti and Mitchell, 2013). There are large number of advantages for decision making like communication, availability and new jobs. Information is now available for various business for a platform of 24*7 which is considered to be vital for an organization. It has ultimately provided us with platform where decision making has become easier and more convenient. System and software developer generally create new option of employment with the help of information system

Risk are considered as certain number of events which provide us which various outcomes. Management of risk is considering to be various processes and methods which are generally used for overcoming and prevention of various risk (Pagani, 2013). The ultimate notion of risk management is reducing the impact of damage. The fact cannot be ignored that risk cannot be completely removed from a system. It generally aims in identification and management of risk at particular level which is accepted in various organization inclusive of Google. Risk mitigation is generally used for minimizing the amount of risk in a particular system.

Information system manager or ISM implements information system within an organization like Google. There are certain number of roles of information system manager like planning, installation and maintaining which is generally inclusive of various software upgrades and various hardware device related to it (Mithas, Tafti and Mitchell, 2013). IS manager mainly focus on certain issues like aims of various manager or executive of Google. ISM mainly focus or address availability, data security and many other services which is generally related to this organization.

Information system manager of Google must have a proper idea regarding technical needs of the organization and its requirements. They generally look after the technical and organizational needs of various organization which is inclusive of Google (Rodriguez, Martinez and Herrera, 2012). Implementation of technology will ultimately improve the productivity of various organization inclusive of Google.

The responsibility of ISM is

  • Installing and upgrading of various hardware and software of various software of an organization like Google.
  • Programming and implementation of different software and networks which is generally related to various system of Google.
  • More using of various public and private related websites.
  • Proper maintenance of various digital securities.

Strategic enterprise system is mainly used by various organization including Google which is generally used for giving comfortable and proper management of data (Srivastava et al., 2015). This will ultimately save the time which is generally lost during conversation with large number of customers.

Customer relationship management is generally used by Google in proper management and storing of required information and contacts at the required place. It creates a platform where data can be easily accessed at any time and from any device.

Enterprise resource planning generally helps in proper distribution of information to all available departments of Google. It generally helps in enhancing the rate and level of performance and reduces the time which is required for implementation (Weil, Brady and Weil, 2016). It also helps in minimizing the delay time which generally arises due to bad consumption of data.

Enterprise content management generally helps in proper organizing, storing and delivery of data which is used by various organization inclusive of Google. It generally helps in proper organization of data which contains particular value or amount of useful information.  


From the above discussion it can be easily concluded that is report is all about the Google which is a well-known information technology organization of world. A brief background of Google with respect to contemporary business strategy has been provided in the above pages of the report. Proper analysis has been done regarding implementation of database in an organization like Google. Possible effects of information system on decision making in Google has been provided in the above pages of the report. Advantages and possible risk which are associated in information system has been discussed in the above pages of report in details. Various roles and responsibilities of ISM that is information system manager has been discussed in the above pages of the report.  Strategic use of various models of enterprise like ICM, CRM, ERP, ECM in Google has been discussed in the above pages of the report.


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