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Political Leadership And Collective Goods

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Discuss about the Political Leadership and Collective Goods.



This reflective report discusses the concepts of leadership along with leadership theories and models.  It also shows the self-awareness tools such as MBIT and SWOT that is significant to evaluate the personality of an individual. This report presents the suggestion for future development. In last, it discusses the action plan to improve the weaknesses.      

I increased my leadership skills to my last workplace where I worked as a leader. I also understood that team leader can inspire the team member through motivation and addressing the feasible tools. I learned that a leader can refine vision which is implied by each member of the team individually and collectively to have ownership. In the current period, I worked as a leader wherein I analyzed my short coming. I will acknowledge to my weakness where needed. I will positively influence team member to perform activities on behalf of my orders. I also work on my issues that will need at the time of performing as a leader in the team. As well, I also support to my team member to do the same. I gained my knowledge about the ways to motivate the team members by using example and excitement. It is because, in case, leader fully aware of responsibilities then it can sometimes easier to obtain the effective result.

I also gain my knowledge about leadership concepts it will support to increase my self-awareness. I understood that leadership is an authority of control the group about the accomplishments of a specified goal. Furthermore, I analyzed that leadership can be determined as a procedure where one person holds the supremacy to lead team member for attaining the objectives determined by the team or company (Shapiro, et al., 2016).  A leader can be a person that inspires the other and lead the performance as well as behaviors of other. I also analyzed that instruction of leaders are followed by other due to their influencing personality. A leader can play an imperative role to build collaboration among the team to accomplish the objectives decided. An individual can become an effective leader consequently of this personality traits and approval of the team members.  I also learned that a leader can be born or developed. I observed that many authors explained that a leader has birth quality while other say that an effective leader is developed by offering him adequate training (Klenke, 2016). Leadership cannot possible in lack of followers (Sanders, 2017).  Moreover, I observed that understanding about the leadership can support to improve my personality as well as a leadership style. Additionally, leaders have some characteristics that make different from other and influence to other to follow their instruction such as personality traits, personality traits, knowledge and experience, and formal authority. It is analyzed that, effective leadership is compulsory in a company because the leadership can lead the performance of workforce and inspire them that help to attain specified objectives of an organization (Lussier, et al., 2015).


Knowledge of leadership models and theories

I created my knowledge about the leadership models and theories. It can be supportive to make a transactional and transformational plan. I will use both transactional and transformational plan to perform the activity in future due to a reliable result. I improved my strength and weakness after the completion of the lecture. It will help to become transparent in the upcoming period. As a leader, I need to constantly learn new factors that can influence the leadership to influence a large number of people. My action plan to meet my upcoming leadership objectives are valid, reliable, measurable, and realistic. I will imply my plan to meet upcoming objective as leaders continuously address my progress by using the comprehensive plan as a structure.

In addition, I observed that a transformational leadership tends to concentrate on the culture along with learning experience of persons. The major objective of transferring the priorities of team members is to inspire them to act beyond the expectations of organization or leader. I observed that transactional leadership can support to take a decision in oppose to the transfer of reward for compliance. The transactional leadership helps to take an effective decision about the performance of the individual. It permitted the leader to reward the individual accordance to the performance of team member (Ciulla, 2014). In addition, I also analyzed that a tutor can expect same to the student. In case, a student perform better in the classroom then they will be rewarded otherwise the student will be punished (Johnson, 2017).  At the same time, I also analyzed that both of such leadership styles are imperative in my occupation and imply as long as possible. I analyzed that transformational leaders seek a different style of working (Dinh, et al., 2014).  

During the lecture, I strived to understand the theories and models of leadership as it concentrates on our capability to direct. The consistently learning about the leadership can permit to learn new thing and contribute their best in the community as well as within the team (Verba, 2015). I also analyzed that the knowledge of leadership can positive impact on the improvement of personality. I gained my understanding of conflict, leadership style, and power that will be effective to meet the goal of team or organization. I also analyzed that the motivation, accommodation, and communication can be effective in the use of transformational leadership. I observed that my strength direct to the logical leadership style and on behalf of my perception the transformational leadership style can be effective to access the individual.


Through transformational leadership model, leaders provide different types of services to the employees or team members such as inspirational motivation, individualized consideration, and intellectual stimulation (Frohlich, 2015).  I compared my past and current leadership style to measure the difference. I observed that my communication was not good that create the conflict during the communication. I addressed that it was a big issue for me because it resists me to accomplish the specified task of company or team systematically. I also observed that lack of conflict management skills can also a direct impact on the obtained result. Before this class, I was not able to manage the conflict forced me to compromise everyplace. From this lecture, I gained my knowledge about the conflict management and also effectively deal with the unexpected situation. It can be evaluated that leader firstly focus on the group member afterward task but at the same time, a leader has a need to focus on balancing between individual and task (Tschannen, et al., 2014). In the last of lecture, I completely learned about a balanced approach that will be supportive to improve my leadership skills and become an effective leader in future.

Additionally, I observed that each lecture was supportive for me because I improved my personal as well as professional skills beyond my expectation. In the current period, I am capable to handle the people issues along with inspiring them by charisma and rapport. The leadership can be effective in every field for build the team and meet the specified task in less time and cost (Boin, et al., 2016).  I strive to gain my knowledge about the capability to lead classes, each team member to meet the common objective at hand. In the group, the aim is to gain learning the materials as is directed by values. I needed to control my time and resources in the management of workplace environment to meet the common goal.

As a lender, I tried to bring the organized group due to making robust relationship among team members along with meet the specified goal in the boundaries of organization or team. I also learned that a leader can be accountable for success and failure of any team. Due to this, I will effectively instruct the team and always remember on my short comings. I observed that as a leader confidence and organizational skills can be imperative to meet the task systematically. I also analyzed that daily plan can also be imperative to attain the task. For this, I observed that, in case, a leader make an effective vision to attain the feasible result. I gained my knowledge of the methods that can be effective to easily influence a large number of people in less time and cost.

I also gain my knowledge about the self-awareness tools and techniques that will be required to evaluate our personality. Myers-Brigs Type Indicator is an important tool of self-awareness (Chhokar, et al., 2013). Myers-Brigs Type Indicator is self-awareness tool that is based on the approach offered by Carl Jung on behalf of some elements such as feeling, sensation, thoughts, and intuition. This tool is supportive to address the ways by which a person makes a perception about other (Cashman, 2017). 


Strengths and parts for development

During the lecture, I learned about the ways to analyze my personality systematically that was supportive for me to understand good future as well as the weakness of my personality, Additionally, I learned that self-awareness can help to define our personality, dislike and likes, and weakness and strength. The self-awareness can support to recognize at the time of under pressure and stress (Rock, 2014). Moreover, the self-awareness inspires team member as well as a leader to effectively communicate and make a robust interpersonal relation (Miner, 2015). 

In addition, I also learned about the competencies in an organization or group. It can be significant to improve my human, technical, business, and personal traits of people Green, 2017). This section determines that technical skills are a direct impact on the occupation of people (Northouse, 2017).  Along with this, human skills are connected with interaction to individual and personal characteristics are associated with the people, self-esteem, intellectual capacity, and outcome orientation (Grohar, et al., 2016).  I also learned that the business skills are associated with the business skills and commercial knowledge. I created my knowledge regarding the values that define the individual capabilities are important as individual live their lives.

SWOT analysis can be used to analyze the internal characteristics of a person due to improving the personality and mitigate the weakness systematically.  

I learned about two kinds of leadership problems e.g. improve the emotional intelligence and pronunciation issues that are discovered from the self-awareness techniques. The leadership skills needed to be improved: explain the thought with actual pronunciation and developing emotional intelligence (Day, et al., 2014).


Suggestions of cultural and social background on leadership style

I gained my knowledge about different religious, cultural ground, and family to influence the other and also meet the specified task without any conflict. From the lecture, I understood that a team member should gain their knowledge about the leadership styles, communication ways, and way of presentation due to avoiding the misunderstanding issues within the group. Additionally, I also analyzed that knowledge about such cultural elements can enable the team member to meet the task of an organization in less time and cost.  I also learned that a leader can assist the team member to communicate with each other without biases of cultural difference. I also observed that each individual of the group can be different leadership style that can be adopted on behalf of their education and genetic personality. I also analyzed that a hierarchy structure can be effective in an organization due to each level of member involvement in the decision making. In addition, I observed that an effective leader cannot be known by any possession they are identified by their work. An effective leader can be capable to inspire other as well as communicating in an effective manner (Cameron, et al., 2014).  I also analyzed that a leader can also be capable to eliminate the communication barrier to fosters cooperation and attain the competitive benefit.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that a leader should be aware of the leadership style because of motivating a large number of people in less time and cost. It can also be summarized that the knowledge about the values can also be crucial to attain the objective of an organization. Finally, it can be concluded that MBIT and Swot analysis can be appropriate self-awareness tool that will support to analyze the own behavior of the individual.



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