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Question 1:

List and identify the relationships between different functions/processes and explain the different functions and processes.List the key aims, objectives and mission of ABC Company and draw a process map for any one of the functions.Evaluate the elements required to build a quality gateway, which focuses on the output of the process



Answer 1:


Through this report, significance of various business processes will be discussed that are mainly used for the purpose of delivering the results and the goals of ABC Company, which is a recruitment company (Mullins 2007). The report will also help in understanding how the relevance system tries to ensure about the quality of either product or service of the company and how the same could impact the organization. The report discusses about the managers working at ABC Company who has blamed the company for deficits.The managers have blamed the poor management, inadequate leadership, as well as ineffective management of the company for this deficit (Mullins 2007). These issues have leaded to decrease in job, delayed the operations and close the services. These issues are crucial as financial failure often reflect on the failure of the company (Mullins 2007). Therefore, by considering the present scenario of the company, certain suggestions has to be made for advising over the changes to be made in the company, so that overall performance of the company could be improved (Mullins 2007).

The size of the company might impact the external environment along with ability to respond towards it (Mullins 2007). Small businesses having the limited resources mainly the finance and the management are unable to actually scan the environment and negatively react towards the changes in the environment (Mullins 2007). Basically, there are small businesses that try to thrive towards the slow economy. The organizational structure of ABC Company includes the design group staff through their products and functions (Mullins 2007). This structure is helpful in dealing with the recruitment procedure and work in different areas, like people working in teams or projects (Mullins 2007). The entire business process of ABC Company is the ideal process for doing business, as they have deployed the new technologies in the business like ERP and SAP software’s that has helped them in keeping 360 degree view of the recruited staff, the reason for including these software’s is that the company has gained the experience of having the cross functioning (Mullins 2007).If the company wants to conduct the new recruitment process, it gives the ads and selects the candidates according to qualification and work experience (Mullins 2007). The shortlisted candidates are called for the interview and are selected on the basis of it. The key factor for ABC Company requires looking over to the communication. Increase in the level of communication can result into analyzing the coordination among the productivity level of the company (Mullins 2007). The company also gives constant training and organizes activities in the company. The cross functional activities of the company help the company in achieving the process quality, orientation growth, and employee’s satisfaction (Mullins 2007).ABC Company is devoted towards developing the human potential. The mission of the company is to creative innovative solutions for the people and informs them about the choices in order to improve their lives (Miller 2004). The company motivates and encourages the employees to achieve their both professional as well as personal fulfillment (Miller 2004).

The process mapping is referred as the visual aid that supports in understanding the work process of ABC Company.

work process of ABC Company

The business success lies over the communication ability about the core functions along with important activities of the business (Miller 2004). Process mapping is referred as a technique, in which business process is actually converted into the visual diagram. The above diagram depicts the ABC Company core process along with important activities, in which it is depicted that there core process aim is to achieve the main activities, in order to fulfill the objectives of the business (Miller 2004).

ABC Company has tried to achieve every factor in their mission statement since the starting of the company. The company has tried to maintain their quality of services (Miller 2004). The company has introduced different forms in their recruitment procedure along with imparting training services. The new objectives introduced by the ABC Company tries to fulfill the criteria of the SMART objectives, which includes, specific, measurable, achievable, Time bound as well as result oriented (Miller 2004). The results of the business process rely over the goals as well as factors of attaining critical success. There are certain measures of the business process that are followed by the company (Miller 2004).The company makes use of SAP and ERP software’s in order to properly handle the customers and employees data through having the greatest visibility along with predicated outcomes of the employees that are drawn (Miller 2004). The companies try to enable towards focusing on imparting unique approach towards the recruitment process. The company’s main focus is on talent of the middle as well as senior management requirements. The company tries to recruit all across different segments of the industry for the multinational companies along with other leading business houses (Miller 2004). The ABC Company also tries to deliver their services according to the set timescale.

Question 2:

Design a plan to promote goals and objectives for ABC Company to ensure plans are consistent with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.Write, using SMART objectives, your recommendations relating to the alignment of people and other resources, in an effective and efficient way.Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organizational standards of quality.Carry out work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control.



Answer 2:

Planning for the company requires one to develop the clear objectives that are actually reliable in undertaking the functions of the business (David and Fischer 1983). In the case of ABC Company, they consider that the planning is actually a critical process in ensuring as well as exploring the costs and changes in the advance along with keeping everything under the control (David and Fischer 1983). As per the ABC Company they try to make the plan at various levels. In every organizational level, the core functions of the company tries to drive the individual in order to achieve the objectives and every activity cover up the deployment resources that could try to convert the day to day performance through the behavior quality as well as policy performance (David and Fischer 1983).

The ABC Company undertakes the SMART objectives as it help them in enhancing their process of recruitment process and imparting other HR activities. The David and Fischer (1983) consider the SMART objectives while evaluating the ABC Company employee’s relationship management. Employee’s relationship management is the important process, as it supports in adding value to the company and it also supports in enhancing the business in a quite efficient as well as effective manner (David and Fischer 1983). It is noted that ABC Company has understood the company’s long term growth that relies over their ability to make tie up with the employees. There is a link with the customer’s needs and employees ability to fulfill those needs (David and Fischer 1983).ABC Company has tried to implement the move through improving the recruitment activities and implemented the ERP process in the company (David and Fischer 1983). But actually, there is a high time for the company to understand and look towards the future of the company’s competitors in order to gain the competitive advantage for starting the activities of the company (David and Fischer 1983). The company also tries to build the campaign management, which is quite a demanded process of the company, as through this process the company tries to retrieve the employees profile in order to customize as well as develop the campaign management cycle by making use of the cutting edge in the present scenario and in enhancing the intelligence of employees (David and Fischer 1983).

In order to implement the relevant systems for fulfilling the objectives in the effective manner within the time as well as budget in fulfilling the company’s standard quality, therefore, the company makes use of project management tool for implementing these standards (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986). A project is considered as the different endeavor in order to produce the deliverables in the set time as well as constraints of quality. Its noted that projects are often differentiating that it becomes challenging to define it (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986). A project is defined as the unique venture that includes both starting and ending, which is mainly conducted through the people in order to meet the set up goals along with the parameters of both quality and schedule of cost (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986).The Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar (1986) has also selected the work break structure in the company through adopting different methods like, Gantt Chart, ERP process, tools for risk management, along with Critical Path analysis in order to implement the systems for fulfilling the objectives in effective way and as per the quality standards of the company (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986). It is noted that work breakdown structure of the company supports in conducting the employees relationship process of SAP in the company that supports in understanding all the process as well as task (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986).

The operations plan of ABC Company includes, Organizational constraints, development of products, value added chain, as well as meeting objectives (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986). ABC Company undertakes the two steps for developing the new services like design as well as development and other one is setting up the specifications. The mechanism of ABC Company includes the services of training and development (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986). In this process the company tries to first estimate the ways to increase the sales if the new services are designed that could appeal the employees. After undertaking the market research through the help of research and development department of the ABC Company establish the product specifications (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986). ABC company value added chain includes the process through which they try to collect the employee’s data, and try to recruit the candidate after specific procedure (Arthur, Ellis and Hillmar 1986).

Question 3:

Explain the systems required to manage and monitor quality standards of ABC Company.Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the processRecommend improvements which align with the organization’s objectives and goals and which results in improvements. Highlight the elements of your plan which are going to bring continuous improvement in the system.Write a brief report on the wider implications of proposed changes within the organization.



Answer 3:

In the present world, the quality is considered as the significant factor for determining the position of the company in order to stay in the competitive market (Buchanan and Baddy 1982). The products of high quality have leads towards the goodwill and satisfaction of the customers, through conducting the repetitive sales and making loyal customers (Buchanan and Baddy 1982). The system adopted for monitoring as well as managing the standards of quality specified by the ABC Company are allotted through the top management in all the operations of the company, which includes: The Company should offer the services in order to meet the standards within time frame (Buchanan and Baddy 1982). It should lead towards improving the entire process for the purpose of understanding the needs of the changing customers as well as their preferences and inputs for the purpose of reviewing and establishing the performance standards of the services (Buchanan and Baddy 1982).

Management of the quality at ABC Company is not just a process for the company, rather it’s considered as the continuous process assessment (Basu 2004). As its stated earlier, the total quality management concept adopted by ABC Company is considered as philosophy for managing the company for fulfilling the requirements of stakeholders along with their expectations (Basu 2004). It’s not easy to achieve the total quality management along with the culture of an organization, such as language or subculture in the entire system of the company that impose the challenges; therefore, ABC company priority is based on the changing culture of the company that could increase quality standards and ensure about the process development and continuous monitoring of entire process (Basu 2004).

It is recommended that ABC Company should adopt the six sigma theory in order to enhance the process output quality (Burke 2007). It tries to instigate towards fulfilling the set objectives, along with improvement in process and measuring the performance. It includes all the business process that makes the company work at the zero defects (Burke 2007). ABC Company adopts the quality improvement tools and tries to align with recruitment aims of the company. Quality improvement process is included in order to enhance the productivity and efficiency in fulfilling the needs of the clients (Burke 2007).

It is noted that ABC Company tries to opt for the tools of six sigma in the process of quality improvement, as it supports the company in minimizing its effects of recruitment process, and also help in improving the profitability of the business, along with improving the efficiency and productivity of every operations in order to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the clients (Stoling 2008). The core functions of the six sigma process in ABC Company are enhancing the employee’s retention and improve the business services (Stoling 2008). All the above factors can leave the wide implications in the company over the changed process. It is recommended to ABC Company to implement the tool of Six Sigma through investing the huge capital in adopting the ERP software to be installed in the company (Stoling 2008).

Question 4:

Advice on how to carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organizational requirements ensuring appropriate action is taken.Demonstrate the correct and effective application of the health and safety regulations and legislation applicable in ABC Company.Carry out a systematic review of organizationalhealth and safety policies and procedures in order to ensure they are effective and compliant.Advise on how to carry out the practical application of health and safety policies and procedures ABC Company.



Answer 4:

The legislation of health and safety legislation can be included in the ABC Company, as it can help in organizing the efforts and procedures for exploring the hazards at the workplace and also supports in minimizing the accidents that could be caused through harmful situations (Cardoso 2005). It cover up personnel training in preventing the accidents, response at the time of accidents, preparedness of any type of emergency and using the equipments during risk (Cardoso 2005). Therefore, it’s the duty of the training manager to impart training to staff for getting prepared during risky situations. A risk assessment process is important at ABC Company, so that they could train employees according to the set legislation by the government (Cardoso 2005).

It is noted that laws often don’t expect from every company to practice it, but it’s important they should ensure about the employees safety along with safety of the society (Becker, Rosemann and von Uthmann 2000). The legislation of health and safety as per the 1948 Factories Act, workers welfare should be ensured in the company. ABC Company imparts training that relates according to industry, under which the companies operate their laws (Becker, Rosemann and von Uthmann 2000).

For the purpose of carrying out the organizations review about the policies of health and safety and its entire procedure, ABC Company tries to draw the policies that follow the same in the company (Becker, Rosemann and von Uthmann 2000). It is believed by ABC Company to accept the changes and try to forge towards all these changes in the company. Through evaluating the effectiveness of health and safety legislation, it is expected that ABC company to clearly understand all the efficiencies as well as complaints related to it for the purpose of practicing the regulations of health and safety in the company (Becker, Rosemann and von Uthmann 2000). The company also discuss about the crucial points that could bring improvement in the company.

The ABC Company presents their views on the ABC company along with the points based on the practical applications related to the policies of health and safety, for example, laws related to health and safety falls along with the health and safety policies practical application at the workplaces through hiring the housekeeping service people who could come at the time of production (Becker, Rosemann and von Uthmann 2000). The company should also try to ensure about the hiring those employees who are trained in reducing the hazards. For example, for the paint company, spill of the paint could be risky situation as it can harm the employees; if the employees are trained they could take help of housekeeping machine for keeping the floor clean and minimizes the chances of accidents (Becker, Rosemann and von Uthmann 2000).


ABC Company operates its recruitment business in many countries and tries to impart quality services to their clients. The report has tried to discuss about the interrelationship among the various processes of the ABC Company in order to meet their goals and objectives. The report also discusses about the various areas of the companies responsibilities and how the company should plan its operations, so that it could be improved. On the other side, the report has also discussed about the ABC Company and how to actually monitor the relevant quality systems for the purpose of enhancing the performance of the company. Finally, it also discusses the ways of managing the health and safety in the companies.


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