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Practices And Performance In Indian Service

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Discuss About The Practices And Performance In Indian Service?




Total quality management is the continuous process that helps the business in reducing or eliminating the errors. The errors might occur in the business processes such as manufacturing, supply chain management, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring that the employees are properly trained (Psomas, Vouzas, and Kafetzopoulos, 2014). This report is based on the assignment 2 which shows tools and techniques used by the Domino’s pizza Australia to overcome the challenges faced by the company. This short report is written to the owner and the board of directors of the business. The report shows ‘Why', ‘What' and ‘How' the business will implement total quality management.

TQM is a management approach that helps the business to achieve the long-term success by providing the satisfaction to the customer. The paper shows the benefits of the TQM implementation to the company along with the process of implementing the TQM (Dale, 2015)


Benefits of the TQM implementation

TQM is an approach that is used by the company to bring the improvement in the operations of the business. The benefits of the TQM will help the owner and board of directors of the company to understand the reason behind the paying attention to the proposal of the TQM (Khanam, Siddiqui, and Talib, 2015). TQM can be implemented by the company in any part of the organization is its accounting, finance, legal, maintenance, manufacturing, services and many others.

Customer satisfaction: - Customer satisfaction is important for the businesses like Domino’s Australia. The company will be able to provide a better quality of the product and services to the customers that reduce the customer complaints in regards to the quality of the product and services. This enhances the customer satisfaction they will like to visit again and again which will ultimately lead to the increase in the sales of the company (Oliver, 2014). The high level of the customer satisfaction will also lead to the increase in the market share of the company.

Cost reduction: - The implementation of the TQM for the long period will reduce the cost of the processing in the business. To perform the rework in the service and quality the business has to spend a huge amount (Oakland, 2014). This amount can be saved with the help of the implementation of the TQM.

Enhance employee morale: - Employees play a vital role in the organization; it is required for the company that they stay in the organization for a longer period. In the on-going process of the TQM, the employees of the business will take part and that lead to the success of the business which results in improving the morale of employees. Improved morale of the employees reduces the employee turnover (Sallis, 2014). This reduces the cost of the hiring and training new employees in the company.

Product and process quality: - The expectation of the customers should be fulfilled with the quality of the product and services provided by the company. TQM believes in improving the quality of the services and reducing the cost of the organization (Talib, Rahman, and Qureshi, 2013).

Changes in the business once TQM is implemented

The business will deficiently find the changes in the internal processes after implementing TQM. There are many changes that the company is going to find once TQM is implemented (Candido, and Santos, 2015).

  • Improved quality of the product and service will help the company in enhancing the customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the business.
  • The customer satisfaction builds the brand value and the brand position in the market.
  • The market share of the business increase because of the customer satisfaction that helps the company in attracting the potential shareholders towards the business.
  • Elimination of the repetitive work will save the time of the employees and make them efficient.
  • The cost of the waste and the reject projects will reduce that save the amount of the company.
  • TQM save the time of the employees and the management from the problems and helps in utilizing the time in increasing production of the existing product or launching of the new product in the market.
  • TQM brings the changes in the delivery time of the product and services so that product reached the customer as soon as possible.

These are some of the changes that occur in the business after implementing TQM. These changes result in the growth and success of the business in the Australian market (Sabet, Adams, and Yazdani, 2016).  The owner of the company should understand the benefits of implementing the TQM in business.


Principles of TQM

The owner of the business should implement the TQM system and the principles of the organization to influence the behavior and culture of employees (Goetsch, and Davis, 2014). The TQM in an organization consists of the philosophy with the values of improving the quality of the product and services.

Producing Quality work

TQM helps in building the quality into the processes of the business. The processes of the business consist of the producing product or producing services. The employees of the company are permitted to make the decisions to progress process. The business provides the proper training to their employees to develop the skills and capabilities (Chang, 2016). The service department of the Domino's analyses the product which is highly demanded by the crowd of the Australia. The manufacturing department ensures that they maintain the quality of the product.

Focus on the customer

The business introduces the product or services considering the requirement or expectation of the customers. The marketing department of the business needs to get the details related to the product, its functionality, attributes and the convenience. The marketing team gets the details through social media platforms, e-mail, texting, survey, blogs, and company's website. This makes the employees of the company believe that should value to the customer feedback and tries to meet their expectations  

Strategic approach to improvement

In the strategic approach, the business ensures the quality of the product by testing the service quality. The purchasing department of the business checks the quality that the suppliers offer (Hill, Jones, and Schilling, 2014). The department monitors the purchase of the raw material from the suppliers who give them the Assurance of the quality products.

Improve continuously

The business always analyses the work is accomplished in the effective and efficient manner. The human resource department of the business makes sure that the hired employees are qualified and they are able to perform their jobs. Training and development of the employees help them in understanding the need of the TQM in the business and they get influence.

Encourage mutual respect and teamwork

Encouraging the teamwork in the organization is a step towards the success of the business. it adds a value in the business culture that the employees of the business from top to bottom hold the principles in heart and follow those principles. The employees of the Domino’s works for accomplishing the personal goals and their personal goals are linked to the business goals. So, ultimately they will be able to accomplish the business strategic goals and objectives (Dietz,, 2014). 

Deming’s fourteen points on quality

Implementation of the TQM in the business includes the step by step procedure. The Deming’s 14 points on quality is a core process that is followed by the business to implement the total quality management, a set of administrative practices that increases the quality and productivity (ASQ, 2017).


Create a constant purpose toward improvement

The business should plan for the quality improvement for the long term. The business should find the innovative and different ways to accomplish the work in the proper and in a better way. Business should try to solve the current problem and estimate the future problems, so that company will be able to prepare their employees for the future challenges.

Adopt the new philosophy 

The change in the economic age has changed the western management. The company needs to put the customer needs and expectation on the priority instead of the competitive pressure and produce the product according to the demands (Alhassan, Alzahrani, and AbdulAziz, 2017). Creation of the new vision of managing the quality in the product in the business that is possible with the employees training and development of enhancing the quality of the product and services.  

Stop depending on inspections

The dependency of the business on the inspections is not a way to bring the improvement in the equality. The business builds the quality in an internal process from the starting to end. TQM not only find the wrong things in the business but also eliminate the wrong things. The statistical control method is the best method that can be used by the company instead of the physical inspection process.

Use a single supplier for any one item

It is must for the business to maintain the consistency in the quality of the products. For that, the business needs to look at the suppliers who are partners in quality. The business should encourage their suppliers to spend more time in improving the quality of the products they supply. The quality statistics will help the business in analyzing that the suppliers of the raw material meet the quality standard of the Domino.

Improve constantly and forever

The business should continuously improve the internal processes and system. The Plan-do-check-act approach is the best approach for the business companies like Domino's, the business should continue this process to analyze and improve the processes. Training and education to the employees to follow the approach is essential. Along with this approach, the company can use kaizen model (Kelly, 2013). This model helps the business to reduce the waste of the food products while making the pizza. This model leads to the effectiveness, productivity and the safety of the products.

Use training on job

Variation can be reduced by the proper training of the employees. The training allows the worker to understand their role in achieving the objectives of the company. The business tries to encourage the staff to lean the values and the environment for the effective teamwork.

Implement leadership

The responsibility and the duty of the leader or manager are to understand their employees and the processes that their employee uses. The leader should be a coach of the employee’s instead of a policeman. The manager should give proper support and resources to the employees (Omar, 2017). Leaders of the Domino’s company need to focus on ways to reach full potential instead of focusing on achieving the quotas and the targets.

Eliminate fear

The employees of the business should be allowed to perform their best but the employees of the company should be aware that their goal is to accomplish the high quality. In the business, the smooth process working will take place once the employees of the business feel encouraged, motivated and valued (Jones-Farmer, and Stevens, 2017). The employees and the leader should always follow the open and honest communication to avoid the unnecessary fear from the business.

Breakdown barrier between departments

Each department of the business should be linked with each other; the business can use the cross-functional teamwork that helps the departments to build the understanding among the departments of the business. The economics departments should focus on the consensus and collaboration instead of compromise.

Get rid of unclear slogans

Slogans or charts provided to the employees should be avoided by the business. The management needs to understand that the main object is to improve the process. The goals need to be set by the business considering the individual skills. Managers should avoid using the nice-sounding phrases they should praise the employees face to face for doing best work.

Eliminate management by objective

A goal is not necessary for the business, the output level with the quality work. It is the duty of the manager to understand that work should be done in order to manage the basis for development. The new manager generally believes in getting more of the output instead of quality.

Remove barriers to pride of workmanship

Work standards, rates, incentive pay, piecework are displays management absence of understanding. Pride of the employees needs to be encouraging for providing the quality work. The workers should not compete with each other for the monetary benefits. Once the employee of the company works with the high level he will be on an equal level.

Implement education and self-improvement

Employees current skills should be encouraged by making the employees ready for the future challenges and the changes that can take place. The employee of the Dominos Company is able to adapt themselves to the changing environment. Each employee’s consists of some skills, these skills can be utilized by an employee in identifying and achieving the improvement in the dynamic conditions. 

Make transformation everyone’s job

The organization should bring the transformation in the business by motivating the each employee of the business to take the step in the direction of quality. The business and the managers analyze these small step, to understand the role this small step plays in the larger picture. The business may use the effective change management system principles to bring the new philosophy and idea in Deming’s 14 points (Welzer, Hölbl, Zlatolas, and Druzovec, 2015).

The above step shows the way to implement the TQM in the business. Though there are different ways to implement the TQM but out of those Deming’s fourteen points on quality is the best suitable method that can be used by the business to make the use of the benefits of the TQM.



The report throws light on the implementation of the TQM in the business. The report talks about the benefits of the TQM that helps the owner to understand that they should consider the proposal of the TQM. The changes will be visible to the board of directors once the TQM will be implemented in the business. Further, the report includes the principles of the TQM that helps the company in the processing. These principles help the business to take the advantage of the benefits of TQM. The implementation of the TQM is the step by step process that needs to be followed by the business for implementing the TQM. TQM change the way of working of the business and company focus becomes the quality. TQM improves quality of the products and services in the business lead to the success and growth of the business (Neyestani, 2017). The owner and the board of directors of the business should always take the step to improve the quality of the products and services that they are providing to the customers.



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