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(1) Identifying building styles-
You are to locate three residential (houses and/or units) properties in your area, each of which with a distinctly different building style.

For each property you must present a short report that:

  • identifies the style, location and approximate age of the building
  • includes sufficient photos of each building to clearly show the key features and construction styles
  • contains a brief description of the key features of the building’s construction type which determines its style including any features you note that may not be typical of the style. This could be, for example, an addition or renovation that is not sympathetic to the original style.

(2) Reporting property defects-

This task requires you to prepare a report for a client who is a residential landlord who is considering selling an investment property you manage and wants you to advise them on the selling of the property.

• The report is to be prepared for your client and is to include:

• the purpose of the report

• identify the property’s building style

• a general statement about the condition of the building including its condition in relation to other similar buildings in the area

• identify three seperate defects including sufficient photos so as to clearly demonstrate the defect. For each defect you should:

• identify the defect

• describe the defect and its probable cause

• make additional comments about this defect that you find in your inspection

• recommendations to your client regarding

• what action they should (or shouldn’t) take prior to maketing the property for sale

• what effect the defects you report on may have on the likely selling price of the property

• any remedial works you recommend in order to bring the best returns to the client

• sources of additional information and professional advice including recommendations for appropriate trades person or professional who the client might retain to undertake the repairs

• advice on the services your agency can offer to regard to managing any repairs and remedial action that needs to be taken 




Task 1:

There are several defects arises in the old buildings, some defects are common and some are distinct or special. These defects or faults decrease the values of respective buildings. In the course of this assignment task several old building are inspected (Alter, 2003). Out of their three, most defective and faulty building is chosen. The buildings are all distinct from each other. They are all from the different period; different era, the architecture of the buildings is also very dissimilar to each other. One is from the Victorian era that is the oldest one approximately one and half century older (Anderson, 2005). Next one is from Federation period that also very older more or less hundred years of age. Subsequently the last one from Inter war era that is also about ninety to ninety two years old. Owing to the growing age as well as less maintenances the buildings are damaging. The building of Victorian age is constructed in unique vivid architecture style of Victorian Rustic Gothic architecture. This particular architecture is exclusively designed for residential purpose. In this architect, there are huge open spaces, big houses, gardens, lakes a huge three-dimensional view. Basically stones, bricks and timbers were used as the building materials. This Victorian Rustic Gothic was opposition of monument style was developed for residential purpose (Douglas and Ransom, 2007). The architect of this particular style is easily detected by its unique features such as unpretentious scale, irregular massing, and sharply pitched gabled roofs with extremely decorated bargeboard.

The next building is from Federation period, in this period most buildings are designed in Federation Gothic style, mainly used normal brickwork and rough substances for dressing as building materials.

A.C Goode House Collins Street Melbourne.

The last building was from Inter War era and the design of the building is Georgian style. These buildings was mainly built for domestic purpose and occasionally used as front elevation of town office building and the height was modest (Jodidio, 2005). 

Front of Albert Hall; Georgian Revival

Task 2:

Reporting the defects of the property:

As the old buildings are constantly damaging the cost of the properties steadily decreasing so that it is become a necessity to re-evaluate the valuation of the old buildings.

The purpose of the report:

The core purpose of the report is to help the client in the process of re- evaluating their older property. Find out the basic advantages and subsequently the disadvantages so that the appropriate evaluation can be finished (Noy and Douglas, 2011). The general condition of the building, the defects, will be evaluated. The recommendation according to the inspection will be provided.


Identify the style of the building:

In the course of inspection it was found that the building is mainly Victorian style. The big buildings with large open space, garden, lake the unique and vivid look make them stand alone. The roofs are also very high; bricks, stones and timber are the basic building material. This building is almost one and half century old. Owing to the age of this building there are lot of defects up-and-coming in this building (Richardson, 2001). However, this building is in far more better condition than the other building of the adjacent area. Similar buildings of this area more damaged compared to the building.

Identify the defects:

There are several defects occurs in this building, such as several places the plaster has loosen, there are water leakages, structural crakes and diagonal crakes these particular crakes sometimes occur due to lower quality of raw material used in the building or may be the external pressure provided by the wind causes the damage (Ross, 2012).

Therefore, the external and internal factors are associated for a particular crack and disputes in a building. On the other hand, the building age plays an important role in this particular context because the older building can lose its strengths and the durability may be low that provide immense impact on the building (Thomas, 2000). Natural disasters can also be an imperative component of resulting detaches on the buildings.  



They should take proper initiatives while marketing and the building stability report provided by the engineer must be displayed by the authority to ensure that the building is safe and reliable and regular maintenance must be done by the building owner as per the and because it can prevent the loss and damage of the building. Due to the high level of stability the building price will be high and simultaneously the demand of the buildings will also increase.



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