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Principles Of Informed Care On Mental Health Status

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Discuss Principles Of Informed Care On Mental Health Status?




Trauma informed care perspective

Trauma informed care is an evidence base approach that builds on the understanding and reacting on trauma that involves the social, physical, psychological and emotional safety for victims involved. The recognition of people having different traumas in life is referring to as trauma informed care. Traumatic victims often need the moral support and upbeat for the task. Trauma informed care thus refer to the orientation in the human and social services in which a component of any system are considered., assessed and arranged  in an organized manner  in an understanding the role the violence plays in the lives of the people seeking services, (MHCC, 2013).  The dynamics of trauma and the role it plays in consumer populations. The human service systems like the alcohol and drug users and the mental health service often seek treatment for trauma not knowing that trauma has occurred. Understanding the role played by violence and victimization in the lives of the consumers plays a significant role in trauma care., there is need for designing services that are geared towards accommodating trauma survivors and service delivery, (Harris & Fallot, 2001b p.4). Thus system change ought to be reflected in the service delivery and placed in the systematic change. The elements of understanding the principles of trauma informed care is crucial in understanding the impact of trauma. Trauma issues are often expressed as possibility in lives of clients and patients.  Trauma exists in the individual setting in any service given thus recognized as the central principle in organizing care, (Kezelman & Stavropoouls, 2012). This paper summarizes the informed care to the victims experiencing it and the system put in place to provide the service system needed for this category of people for the purpose of providing trauma informed care.


Trauma informed care on policy action

The development of trauma informed care is paramount in studying the relationship it has on trauma victims and drug abuse on the needs needed to be developed.  a study by Jennifer (2004), developed principles and services that are important in understanding the trauma informed care, include safety from physical harm , understanding clients and their symptoms, opening genuine collaboration  between provider and consumer, emphasis on skill building, understanding symptoms, view of trauma and experience that build it and focus son what is happening to person rather than the person    itself. Trauma informed care has always been attached on the relationship between mental health and sexual victimisation like gender, power and disenfranchisement. (Thurp & Furnham, 2014).  Trauma informed care has emerge to be an issue in implementation of effective and contemporary mental health and pose a challenges to nurses in providing mental health to the patient, this presents the need for growing awareness of the benefits of trauma informed care for the victims, (Muskett, 2014). Practice systems thus needs to be incorporated in the systems level, thus it must go beyond practise of skills and training to practitioners. The trauma informed care has been implemented into the systems and organisational models in practice. The three distinct levels of practice of trauma are, trauma integrated interventions which refer to therapeutic and clinical interventions for the consumers and victims, in which the impacts of trauma and violence are incorporated into the program. The incorporation of trauma informed organizational and service models with an aim to change the operational and cultural constructs in the organisation or at the systems set up and finally the trauma specific interventions designed to counter trauma symptoms. The broader understanding of systems change in different environments to develop the understanding of the trauma symptoms which have been implemented..  There is need for implementing the interventions based on informed care which have comprehensive care, be able to be integrated in the clinical and organization levels, being able to deliver trauma informed care and co-operates social responsibility involvement, (Hunnington et al., 2005). The systems change for trauma informed care has developed advances in US compared to other countries, (Muskett, 2014;van Veen &Lafreniere, 2012). There has been concerns on the need for prevention of training for trauma informed care and practice among the practitioners at a national level in the co-ordination approach for reforms of practice and policy Healthcare development. For a paradigm change to trauma informed health care and service system, there is need to support key constructs, (Jennings, 208; MHCC 2013). The administrative policies involved include; action towards government policy  and responsibly for change of system, boost hiring  and staff retention with education background, engage models for support of trauma informed services and implementation of proven trauma practices , support service models that incorporate trauma awareness in work force and support for models that support integrate core system care.


The systems change shift to consumers with mental health is crucial. Systems have two or more parts that relate to one another. It may be used to refer to social and organizational states for cases like service delivery, (Foster-Fishman et al., 2007). Principles of trauma care have been advanced to mental health issues as systems change paradigm. This change has been viewed as how things are being done, viewed or health issues being handled, (Foster-Fisherman et al., 2007). Trauma informed practices have been practised now more than the past. Any institution that is trauma informed has the ability to know the impacts of trauma and be able to realize different displays and symptoms of trauma among the specific target group and gives a respond by inco-operating knowledge on policies, regulations and practices and fight to manage the re-occurrence of trauma among the patients, (SAMHSA, 2014).

Principles of informed care on mental health status

The principles that have advanced for trauma informed care include; safety, trustworthiness, peer support, building partnerships, empowerment and self support and cultural, historical and gender related issues. Safety concerns dictate that staff and consumers should feel safe psychologically. Safety incorporates utilising controls over the environment and eventually decreasing the risks associated, (Almazar & Sims, 2016). A work place environment that has the ability to offer psychological safety offers a shared belief of being safe through the protection by the management. This has been illustrated in situations such as when the management hears the concerns of staff with empathy and shows sympathy to them at low moments with consumers alike gives them the needed support and eventually psychological satisfaction and peace they deserve.

Transparency principle dictates that the organisations activities be done in an open way in a manner that builds the trust. It is important for consumers and staff in organisations. The management must be able to show the direction of the institution that illustrates the principles of trauma informed care practice, (NETI, 2005). Open communication builds on nurturing relation between the leadership and staff, thus in organizational changes the principles of trauma care practice must informed the policies and regulations being followed. A case example is when senior management circulates a memo to staff concerning the changes made in the organization and reasoning behind the changes in a manner that shows openness is likely to be reflected in the manner the staff will treat the management.

Peer mentoring and support to staff is essential for the mental health status. Mentoring and support mechanism is crucial in building safety, hope and building trust amongst the employees and the management, (SAMHSA, 2014). Staffs need to go deeper in supporting process and structures. Peer efforts and mentoring are important in building workplace resilience with broader sense of community reception. This has been displayed in cases where the management is congratulating the staff for job well done or even taking them for lunch or dinner session as a way of mentor ship and support.


In an organization there is need for building partnerships and collaborations towards effectiveness of the institution. It has been effective in cases where you are effecting culture change in the workplace. In the workplace all the behaviour has a meaning in the trauma informed care. Staff have to be appreciated for practices that trauma informed practice, (MHCC et al., 2013). This can be represented in cases like sharing of governance and power.

Building of empowerment network for the organisation and staff is key. It needs to strengthen services to foster empowerment. Rolling out empowerment is key towards building organizational resilience.  Trauma informed care facilitates the shift to empowerment and nurturing of skills among the staff and should be given priority in the organization. Leadership has the role of enabling staff empowerment through acts such as engaging in meaningful actions like asking the consumers their likes and dislikes on the products or service they need.

The organisation development has to shift focus from cultural stereotyping towards a gender responsive approach which offers traditional connections towards the cultural perspective. Trauma informed care has the ability to offer cultural shift is replicated in cases like change in language use.  Shift in language use enables assessment in from a trauma informed care. An example of such illustration is by asking questions such as, ‘what is wrong with him’ shifts to question like, ‘what has happened to him’.



In building informed nursing practice care, it is paramount to recognise the special needs of different subsets of people in provision of care. Mental status of customers and staff alike play a crucial role for the delivery of effective service. Trauma informed care practices in the medical field shows that trauma related concern can be managed effectively with appropriate and effective approach on physical and mental state towards building appositive outcome. In building on the constructs of principles in informed are practice is essential in mental health and possible shift in policy change for the benefit of consumers.



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