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Principles Of Management Calin Rovinescu

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Discuss about the Principles of Management Calin Rovinescu.



The following paper discusses principles of management with reference to Calin Rovinescu who is the CEO of Air Canada. He has served the role of managing the company for the past eight years. The Manager has also worked in other positions in the company since 2000 (, 2017).

Calin Rovinescu managerial roles

Calin Rovinescu competently handles his interpersonal and informational roles as the president and Chief Executive officer of the Air Canada.  He acts has the figurehead, leader and liaison of the company. He is the symbol of authority and the figurehead in company’s legal and social duties. The manager motivates, builds relationships and communicates with the employees of the company to influence performance and increase the company’s returns. Calin Rovinescu also communicates on behalf of the company. He disseminates information from external or internal sources. He also acts as the spokesperson to the outsiders. Therefore it can be said that Calin Rovinescu roles in Air Canada corresponds to Minztberg’s managerial roles.

Calin Rovinescu functions in management

Planning: The manager is involved in forecasting the future of the company. He formulates the desired results for Air Canada. The manager is involved in creating both short term and long term objectives of the company. He formulates strategic plan for meeting company’s objectives. The manager communicates the mission and vision of the company to keep the employees focused in continuously improving performance. The manager ensures that the company has resources to support the plan by overseeing preparation of a budget.


Organizing: The manager is involved in creating a structure in the company that enhances communication and performance of daily tasks. Calin Rovinescu brings together physical and human resources to enhance the company performance. It is through organizing the manager is able to develop a chain of command that enhances effectiveness and efficiency in the organization. Calin Rovinescu is also involved in delegating responsibilities and ensuring coordination in the tasks that are performed in the company in order to achieve goals and objectives (Canada, 2017).

Leading: Calin Rovinescu is the leader of Air Canada. He is continuously involved in influencing employees in the company to achieve the predetermined goals and objectives. He supervises, motivates and communicates with all personnel in the organization to influence their performance and ensure set objectives are met.

Controlling activities: Calin Rovinescu is involved in measurement of the Air Canada performance. He is involved in setting standards for the company’s activities and monitoring that actual performance is in accordance to the set standards. He uses the feedback in this process to make corrections in order to ensure that company’s activities meet standard (Robbins et al., 2014).

Calin Rovinescu effectiveness and efficiency

Calin Rovinescu has been effective in the Air Canada for the past years as the CEO of the company. He has been able to increase customer satisfaction by improvi9ng service delivery. This has been enhanced by the effectiveness of the manager to plan and meet predetermined objectives. This has also been enhanced by the ability to influence employees towards exceptional performance and good control of activities.

Calin Rovinescu has been efficiently managed the Air Canada Company. Through good organization, the company has been able to increase returns. The company increased both its revenues and total assets. This shows that Calin Rovinescu has successfully succeeded in allocating minimum resources to realize high returns. Calin Rovinescu has been able to exercise good control of activities in the company that has improved returns the past years.


Ways that can make Calin Rovinescu more effective and efficient

Calin Rovinescu can be more efficient by applying performance appraisal management tools in controlling activities in the organization. This will ensure that performance per employees is appraised thereby increasing control in the organization. This will enable efficient allocation of resources in the company by ensuring performance is effectively controlled (Langton et al., 2014).

Calin Rovinescu can increase effectiveness in the company by improving the organizational structure in terms of chain of command, communication and coordination. This can be achieved by adopting an organizational structure that has well defined chains of commands and communication channels. This will improve coordination of tasks in the company and communication leading to easier running of the company. This will improve the company’s ability to meet its goals and objectives.

Calin Rovinescu effectiveness analysis on delegation and empowerment of employees

Calin Rovinescu has delegated several responsibilities and duties in the company. The following departments report directly to the Chief executive officer include Chief finance officer, chief operational officer, secretary, sales, passage airlines, legal and human resource of the organization. The tasks in the organization are further delegated in department to enable performance of tasks in the company. This process ensures that Calin Rovinescu delegates responsibilities in the company to allow easy coordination and communication.

Calin Rovinescu has also been able to empower employees in the Air Canada. He has continuously adopted a training and development program in the company to enhance the skills of employees to meet the requirements of their jobs. He has also facilitated morale of the employees by inspiration and rewards. Employees’ empowerment has also been done by acquisition of talents to the company’s labour pool (Robbins et al., 2017).


Ethical and Social Corporate Responsibilities

Contract of Classical and Social economical approach of social corporate responsibility

The social economical approach view corporate social responsibility as part of business. It states that businesses should be involved in solving the society’s problem. The social economic view state that business not just exist to maximize shareholders rather exist at part of society. This entails that businesses should be involved in improvement of the society they exist in. This view looks that business benefits in a broader picture and require full business participation to society matters. The responsibility of the business is therefore in the whole society and not shareholders alone. On contract, classical view of Social corporate responsibility states that businesses have a responsibility to shareholders interest only. It states that business should focus on maximizing shareholders wealth and should not be involved in activities that reduce profits like corporate social responsibility (Pike, 2013).  

Roles of stakeholders in four approaches of social corporate responsibilities

According to four approaches of social corporate responsibility, stakeholders have several roles to ensure good relationship of the business and the society. First stakeholders have a role to ensure the company is economically responsible. This ensures that the company gains profits and successes in meeting it economical obligations (Tilt, 2016). Second, the stakeholders have a role to ensure the organization is legally responsible to the society it operates in. This enables the organization to operate within the law. Third, stakeholders have a role to ensure the organization is ethically responsible. This role ensure the company engages on what is right to its customers and environment. Lastly the stakeholders have a role of enabling the company to be philanthropically responsible. This ensures the company supports the society thereby improving the society. These roles enables an organization to create good public relation, improve public, long run profits and better environment thereby enabling sustainability of the company in the society (Jones et al., 2009).

Corporate Social responsibility

Corporate Social responsibility means activities in the organizations that enable organization relate to it stakeholders responsibility. It involves actions that are aimed to creating a positive operating environment to the organization. This entails organization acting responsibility to all it stakeholders in the society and bringing success to all. It also means the organization doing what it believes is right. The stakeholders of an organization are customers, employees, shareholders, environment, government and community.

I think businesses should be socially responsible to the society they operate in. Businesses should not only focus at shareholders interests but rather exist in the society as a responsible citizen. When businesses are socially responsible, they lead to success of all stakeholders of the company and not one side at the expense of the other. Businesses operating socially responsible protect the environment that enables sustainability and long term returns. Corporate Social responsibility enables the organization to build a public image, meet customer expectation, sustain profitability of the company and help improve the society (Trong Tuan, 2012).


Self profile: View of management

Management is an organizational activity that involves aligning resources to achieve a certain goal. Management involve activities aimed that attaining objectives by use of minimum resources and obtaining maximum returns. It process of several activities that enable businesses to operate and serve their purpose of existence. Management plan, organize, staff, direct and control organizational activities to achieve gals. Planning involve a management activity that predetermine activities to be carried out within a certain period of time. Planning creates focus in the organization by formulating objectives and activities to be done. This enables the organization to serve it purpose of existence. Plan in management projects physical, financial and human resources to be required in attaining a predetermined objective. Planning also projects the time required to complete activities for a specified period. Organizing is part of management that involves arranging activities and delegating responsibilities. This process enables sharing of authority to manage resources in the organization. Organizing enables communication in the organization by defining who reports to whom enabling execution of activities in the organization. Organizing enable management systematically delegate duties and responsibilities in the organization enabling effectiveness and efficiency. Staffing is a management activity that deals with activities of human resource in the organization. This activity involves recruiting, promoting and promoting employees in the organization.  Staffing enables the organization to acquire and maintain talents that improve productivity.  Staffing is an important activity in management because it helps in acquiring skillful qualified employees. Acquiring competent human resource is the first step to achieving organizational objectives. Directing is another management activity that involves influencing employees in the organization to attain a certain goal. It involves supervision and motivation that give employees morale to meet organization expectation performance. Directing also involve providing leadership in the organization that every point to ensure activities are in accordance with the plan. Lastly, the management is involved in controlling activities in the organization. Control involves setting standards for activities and making observations of the actual performance of activities. This means that control act as a monitor to ensure actual activities are undertaken as they are planned.

Management therefore is a process of joined activities that complement one another in achieving an organizational goal. Management also has a starting point and follow and process that complete it function in an organization. Management starts by creating a plan, organizing duties and responsibilities, staffing, directing and lastly control.       


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