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Problem Associated With Media Violence Add in library

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Give your literature review that how does media violence affect?



Exposure of grown-ups and children to violence depicted in media has been one of the major concerns. It increases aggression and violence behaviour in the individuals. As per some experts, constant reviewing of violence can affect the overall growth and development of the individuals. There are different types of violence that is shown on television or other Medias.  Video games are one of the methods through which the grown-ups and children get impacted due to violence. This has become a grave concern, and the issue has to be handled in an effective manner. In this report, different factors associated with violence and its impact on the individuals has been highlighted (Anderson et al., 2003).

Problem with the media violence

Violence movies or games can directly impact the individuals, regardless of the age. Teens and children are exposed to vulnerability, which has become one of the major concerns for the parents and teachers. Negative impact of the media violence on the individuals varies and there are different factors that cause this problem. In some cases, the media violence impacts are serious enough, and cause more damage than lung cancer or smoking. Such violence causes inconsistent results, vulnerability, and aggressive nature (Anderson, & Dill, 2000).

One of the examples associated with the violent behaviour and its impact was recorded in the year 2007. On 16th April, VA had experienced the worst shoot-out. The shot out had a major impact on the students and forced the authorities to consider the violence factor on the lives of the individuals, especially the teens. This incidence left 32 people dead, and injured 17 (Block, & Crain, 2007). 


Theory on media violence and its impact

With the help of the theory, the experts attempt to understand the impact of violence on the behaviour of the individuals. In the attribution theory, an explanation is done to understand and explain the behaviours of others. In this method, the people are divided into two types. In the external situational attribution method, the factors causing casualty has been analysed. Such a process is associated with violence that is quite often seen in media and through video games. In case of internal factors, which is also called as the dispositional attribution factors, the internal issues associated with the individuals causing damage has been analysed.  It is quite important to understand the impact of both the factors. Through this method, the authorities, along with parents and others can work towards an effective solution to solve the problem that causes violence (Bushman, & Anderson, 2002).

Types of media violence – movie, and video games

Media violence certainly has an impact of the individuals, and affects the process they think and develop the skills. Due to increase in access of violent video games, by teens and youngsters the incidences associated with the criminal activities have doubled up.


Different types of media violence are –

1. Video games - It includes different types of games that are regularly involved by the gamers. The gamers usually belong to different age groups, and usually enjoy playing the games (Caspi et al., 2002).

2. Violent channels - Through such channels, different types of violence is reflected through by media-personals. Such factors have a major impact on the individual development and overall prosperity of the teens or youngsters (Deselms, & Altman, 2003)

The theory on the video games and its impact on the individuals have to be analysed. This has been related to the catharsis mode, which highly talks about the impact of the video games on the teens and individuals.  As per few experts, the impact of the video games varied from one individual to another. It depends upon the type of games or violence factor is reviewed by the gamer. Some of the players constantly show the effect of cathartic impact, after participating in the violent games. In case of the other players, there were no major impacts on the participants of the violent games (Ferguson, 2007).


Short and long term effect of the media violence - examples

The impact of media violence on different individuals varies, and thus, it becomes important to understand the impact of the same. Impact on the teens and grown-ups related to social media can be classified into long term and short term basis. Such a classification is quite important and would enable the experts to understand the impact of the media violence on the individuals. Such factors are associated with the psychological issues and human behaviour. Both the factors have a direct and serious impact on the behaviour of the individuals. Thus, it is essential to adopt and implement the right type of strategies through which the required changes can be introduced for correcting teens with distracting nature (Kutner et al., 2008).

Short term impact

In the short term impact, the observational level of the individuals playing video games or watching violence media is analysed. Through this method, the brain tries to recognise different things that were watched at the time of playing the video games. In this method, the brain tries to stimulate the game, and plays the same again in the brain. Such factors can stimulate aggression in the minds of the teens or the individuals. The level of aggression is short lived, as the individuals overcome the memory after sometimes. For instance, such incidences trigger short term aggression in the minds of the individuals (Olson, 2004).


Longer impact of the media violence

The concept associated with the longer term impact of the media violence on the individuals depends upon different factors. Some of the factors are considered to be complex, and thus it has to be understood in the right manner. It depends upon the brain structure and the factors that impact the same. In this case, various factors that are known to the determinant factors for behaviour are analysed. This plays a key role in determining the factors that causes or stimulates the brain. The impact of violence remains in the minds of the teens or individuals for a longer period of time. Thus, efforts have to be made to help the individuals to overpower the situation and reduce the aggression level present in the individuals. For example – violence related to shooting or killing, triggers an individual to enact the same thing in real life (Savage, 2004).


Media violence impacts the overall development and growth of the individuals. Thus, it is essential to adopt and implement the right steps through which the required changes for controlling the impact of violence on the individual can be controlled. Many research work states that the impact of media violence in some cases is too serious. Thus, it is necessary to analyse the affect and introduce the right changes through which the negative impact of media violence can be reduced on the individuals.



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