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Discuss about the Problem Solving Techniques and Tips.



Being a support worker at the youth disability accommodation service, I come across number of behaviors which are different than normal or sometimes silent behavior which is perhaps more dangerous or complicated in results.

My response to various behaviors below would be based on understanding the psychology of the individual and then responding with the best possible solution.

Elizabeth tripped over the mat on the lounge room floor.

Behavior aspects: Elizabeth is walking in the lounge and she slipped may or may not have certain behavioral implications.  In normal situations where it is possible for her to walk in the usual manner, she intends to walk with shuddering feet. Such kind of conduct do not hint positive response in the mental health of the person. Elizabeth is suffering from memory lapses and this could go severe because under such medical condition, someone forgets on what they are doing in the current time. Elizabeth is walking and suddenly, she overlooks her thoughts and does not know to take next steps in her walking process.  Such behavioral response requires documentation because memory phase treatment would be required to ensure consciousness in her mind and that will make her overcome such kind of behavior.  Sudden loss to the memory may prove fatal for her in her regular activities of life and therefore, memory treatment would help her do the best in life. (Elizabeth, 2015)

You found medication tucked under Mike’s pillow.

Behavior aspects: Mike has been at the youth disability accommodation service for three years and improvement in his health was not remarkable that could allow him to stay normal in the outside life. Mike have a problem in dealing with the people where he struggles to understand, say or believe someone. Such behavioral symptoms of hiding the medication may have thoughts of not getting well. (Kane, 2016) In simple terms Mike believes that if he does not take medication, he would not leave disability accommodation because it the area of his comfort. Here he doesn’t need to deal with people who have strange comportment as per Mike. Mike’s behavior need special attention because giving him medication by force or other method would only deepen his fears. There is need to help him comprehend that medicines on timely basis will make him good and people outside are willing to interact with him. Once medication is normal and Mike’s response is on expected path, miracles are bound to happen.

Behavior aspects: Such behavioral response from Raelene could be easy going or it may have other regressive impacts depending the sternness. Raelene is suffering from Hyperopia where she can see things clearly which are far away from her whereas nearby things need glasses to see them. Simple facet of the behavior is that she might not be looking good wearing those bulky glassed frames. Severe impact of this rejection by Raelene could be trying to stay natural. She believes that glasses are hindering her vision to see virtuous effects and this makes her irritated over the topic of glasses. Also, it is to be noted that Raelene cannot walk a step without her glasses and whenever she even attempts the same, she fells down after hitting any non-moveable object at the place. So, it clear that the problem of the vision has undesirable bearings which could prove fatal to her life. There is requirement to help her understand the vision of glasses by highlighting the virtues.

Leanne was complaining of stomach pain.

Behavior aspects: As a support worker, I can never rely on one observation or one method of observation for monitoring the behavior of the person. Leanne has been regularly complaining of stomach pain. Taking it on a serious note, I decided to go for initial health checks to determine the problem of Leanne. Reports were beyond the general perception that Leanne might be lying to avoid any kind of workload. As per health reports, Leanne’s intestines were malformed due to lack of proper diet. It clearly indicated that Leanne was not eating his food. Since the root cause was identified and I initiated to provide Leanne diet on demand. Though it took time to see responsive change in behavior, yet ensured that Leanne recovered and the complain of stomach pain was thing of the past. With this observation, it is important to appreciate the right action that is surely required before jumping to set conclusions.


George was upset and arguing with his roommate Jim. This has been occurring consistently for some time

Behavior aspects: It is clear thought of humanity that not necessarily, two persons may not resemble in aspects of personality, thoughts or backgrounds. In case of George, there is lot of friction in the empathy with his roommate Jin.  It is not the case that Jin is pinching him for one or the other thing. In fact, situation at George’s end is fiddly and need to be addressed. In terms of mental understanding, George is under the influence of personal friction. Under personal friction, a person is in habit of complaining about others, yelling or argument in nature.  Without discriminating on behavior of George or Jim, my job required me to help George in minimizing gaps. I prepared a care plan for George where listening actively was in focus. It helped George to keep calm with his tempers and his bonding links became compatible not only with his roommate but also with other contacts.

How will you respond to Anton’s behavior to demonstrate effective communication and problem-solving/negotiation strategies?

Initially when Anton came to Youth Refuge, his nature was filled with anxiety and anger to argue with people around. With spending routine time in the refuge, it was observed that Anton is improving and is taking time to solidify with other residents. Anton’s behavior during the last week at the refuge was changing drastically and need to be addressed before he moves out. Ignorance and anger was again observed in the nature of Anton and this was not a good sign. (Valdellon, 2017) With communication and timely discussion approach, it would be possible to address the real problem faced by him. Regular interaction may help him to speak his mind on why there is shift in his nature when time is coming close for him to meet and stay with his family. Might be there is some situation at his home which he is not willing to handle or face. That’s why he is behaving rigid to ensure his stay at the refuge for extended time. I believe meaningful conversations may help me in solving the problem faced by Anton and improving his behavior as well.

How will you address Anton’s cultural differences?

Anton’s behavior is also the output of the family background and differences in the culture need redressal at the earlier because different people from different cultures tend to same thing with different aspects. I will help Anton create supportable relationships with people from other cultures. The first concept to be addressed to Anton is to meet others as an individual and not as someone from some culture. He should be made aware about fair attitude by demonstrating uniformity and fairness in actions rather than judging anyone on different grounds. Communication can solve any misunderstandings and therefore I would encourage Anton to interact with other people. In this way, not only he will overcome these cultural differences but also learn values, styles and skills. In simple term, diversity will be his learning to be successful. (Ryan, 2012)

As Anton’s behavior continues to escalate, how can you respond assertively to ensure personal safety for yourself and Anton?

Aggression in Anton’s behavior may prove terminal both for myself and for him because action/reactions in state of anger are never reversible. With Anton’s behavior getting depraved, it becomes necessary to raise the concern to the management of the Refuge. With good team of psychologists and counselor, Anton will get the best help to control the anger and irritation that pops his mind. Room of Anton will not have any heavy object which he may use to harm himself or others. It will ensure safety as well.

What actions would you need to take after this exchange and over the next week to comply with the organization policies and procedures? Prepare a brief incident report with one entry immediately after the incident and a follow up entry during the week to update the report.

With my observation of the refuge, there needs some structural changes to comply with organization policies and procedures.

  • There is need of work as per interest policy along with compulsion activities. It will help resident to be active and happy.
  • Rather than focusing on what is wrong with the resident, it is more better to go with the positives present among them.
  • Rules in case of non-disciplinary action should not be very stringent as they may bring needless fear among the residents.
  • Various curricular activities must be included in improving the social network among the residents.

In the disability refuge, nature and dependency of residents coming in varies a lot from each other. Therefore, support and assistance provided to them would always differs.  A person may be experiencing various kind of difficult emotions or frustration or anger management and this behavior is different from normal. All due care and support help a patient more than medications and recovery from existing illness is recovered.



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