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Problems Statements In Chrysler Minivans Add in library

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1. While Chrysler's minivans,pickups and sport utility vehicles take a big share of the truck market, its can trail behind those of GM, Ford, HOnda and toyata. Quality problems inchude, among other things, wate leaks and defective parts,

Define the problem statement(the why and the what) in the following situation:

Companies benefit throught employee loyalty. Crude downsizing in organizations during the recessicrused the loyality of millions. the economic benefits of loyality embrace lower recruitment and train cost, higher productivity of workers, customer satisfaction, and the boost to moral of fresh recruits. order that these benefits are not lost, some companies, while downsizing, try various gimmicks.Flex lea for instance,is one. This helps employees receive 20% of their salary, plus employer- provided benefits while they take a 6-12 month sabbatical, with c call option on their services,others try alternate like more communication, hand holding, and the like.

How would you define the broad problems in the following case?
2. What is the purpose of a critical literature review?
How would you go about a literature review in the area of corporate social responsibility?
Why is approprite citation important? What are the consequences of not giving credit to the source from which materials are extracted?
Afterstuding and extracting information from all the relevant work done previously, how does the researcher know which particuler references, articles and information should be given prominence in the literature review?




(1) Problems Statements in Chrysler minivans

One of the major problems of the Chrysler minivans is related to its quality. The Chrysler is one of the most prominent companies of minivans who are currently leading the in the market. However, company is facing tough to sustain in highly competitive environment because of the poor quality of the machinery parts used in the vans (Boxall & Purcell, 2007). Apart from that, company goodwill in downsizing its armlet value because of the leaking and defective parts of the products.


Employee Loyalty: Boarder problems

One of the major problem in the above case is that loyalty of the employee is been decreasing every year because of fear of job security. The patience of employee is wearing thin because of the too much of hiring and firing since the 2008 market crash.  It has crushed the employees   trust and faith in the company (Davis, 2011). Company uses various corporate gimmicks to maintain their profitability one of them is downsizing in organizations. Companies are using term like scaling operation and re-valuations will give enough chances to manage the scapegoat the employees (Dickmann, 2009).

On the contrary, notwithstanding of the policy, most of the organization is still using the various benefits to the employees that has ensure the productivity, customer satisfactions and the boost the employees (Boswell & Wright, 2007). Employee morale has been decreased because of the guilt of losing the colleagues and friends form the company.  Most of the survivors are feeling betrayed that the promise of lifelong employment for the company.


(2) Purpose of literature review

 One of the major purpose of the literature is to evaluate, summaries and the bring clear in the research. The review of literature given theoretical concepts and models which will helps to determine the nature of research (Hewitt, 2006).  Literature review in snot limited to the information and concepts rather it is beyond that, it bring consistency in the results in the study which helps to uncover the flaws in the research design.

Apart from the above, literature review motivates the reader to focus on the summary of the current state of the knowledge.  Literature review also give the past results and theories that would highlight their thoughts (Krajewski, 2005). On the other hand, it helps in identifying the gap and the limitations in the current state of knowledge. 


Literature review on the CSR

Literature review in the area of the CSR will highlight the ethics, behaviour and the sustainability within the topic. The CSR is one of the Permanent parts of the management practice in the contemporary business scenario (Hopkins, 2009). Initially CSR is been used as the managing risk in operation management but now its beyond that it actually helps in innovations and create permanent solution for decreasing the environmental pollutions (Keinert, 2009).

CSR literature review will consist of the conceptual framework which will help in understanding the topic and concepts and theories as per the given chosen topic scenario (Boswell & Wright, 2007). Since the topic is CSR, then the first topic will be concept of CSR followed by the key characteristics of the CSR.

Importance of citations

Citation helps to analyses the reader has used various books, journals and the websites before completing the literature work. Proper citations include the in-text reference, bibliography and reference list. Researcher usually cites their work either to verify the information’s or to learn moiré about the issues (Ketcham, 2008). Reference citation is very much important it directs the readers for the additional and mire detail investigations of the discussions.


Reference as per the information given

Citations is very much important part of the literature because the theory, models and concepts used in the literature used are already been writer by authors. Without citations the work will be copy or rather plagiarism which will like burglary or theft or fraud (Masic, 2013). The citation helps to acknowledge the authors and their work on the field of the research work.  Reference as per the citation helps the readers to judge the work of various authors and the work of researcher. The in-text referencing gives enough scope to manage and demonstrate the position and arguments throughput the research (Schmitt, 2014). The research work is incomplete without the reference work because of the authenticity of the research.  As the research work is been one of  the major influence which helps to creates impact on the research  work and literary of  the others would helps in creating the proper way of  making the literature review (Siebers, 2013).  


Reference list


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