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Discuss an alternate course of action to address this issue and two preventative courses of action.ensure your argument addressed the marking criteria

1. The issue is dealt in a logical &highly convincing discussion with support form ethical and legislative literature.

2. Provide an alternative way to deal with this issue in a logical & highly convincing discussion with support from ethical and legislative literature.

3. Prevention of this issue is discussed in a logical& highly convincing discussion with support from ethical and legislative literature.

4. Provide an alternative way to prevent this issue in a logical &highly convincing discussion with support from ethical and legislative literature.

5. Presentation in a professional manner of a consistently high standard throughout , acknowledged within the text, listed in the reference list , high quality, relevant , peer-reviewed , in the reference list correctly?


1. Defining a particular issue in healthcare:

In healthcare organization, issue of hand hygiene has been increased a lot. Both patients as well as healthcare professionals are lacking from effective use of hand hygiene aspects. Keating et al. (2013) stated that, hand hygiene is the very crucial thing that needs to be done for the sake of healthcare organization. Hand hygiene is painstaking as the most important issue, which diminish the spread out of nosocomial pathogens. Often patients feel stressed as well as helpless for their problem. Especially, for the patients who are mentally ill often lacks from hand hygiene with the healthcare professionals. Washing hands prior to as well as subsequent to patient communication looks like a straightforward resolution to avoid the transmission of bacteria between patients. It is also the fact that various health care institutions have hand hygiene policies in position that direct their workforce to avoid hand hygiene related issues. But, in practical, it is not as easy as it looks like. Patients often become less concerned to follow hand hygiene aspects (Khandpur, 2014).  

As mentioned in the New York Times, due to hand hygiene issues department officials of V.A. Hospital failing to provide opportunities better health care (Philipps, 2015). On the other hand HICKEY (2014) stated that, less concern about hand hygiene among patients and healthcare professionals happens only for using nonstandard terminology and informal as well as rushed interaction at the time of transferring the patients from the healthcare organization. At the time of discharging the patients, coordination and care are often missed by the organization of healthcare (, 2015).

2. Alternative way to deal with the hand hygiene issue:

As stated by DiPersio (2013), there are several alternative ways to deal with the issues of hand hygiene. Healthcare professional should be aware about the cultures of different individual patients of the particular healthcare organization. For the physically handicapped person who cannot hear or see, interpreters should be utilized by the professionals in order to provide guidance how to maintain hand hygiene standard for the patients. On the other hand, Ang et al. (2013) stated that, different types of effective communication, like verbal and non verbal mode of communication needs to be learned by the healthcare professionals that will help to build effective use of hand hygiene standards (,. 2015).


3. Prevention of the issues:

Issue has to be prevented with the effective means of different mode of communication related to hand hygiene.

Prevention strategies


Verbal, spoken and lip reading

Healthcare professional therefore should use verbal, spoken and lip reading as well as sign related communication method.

Effective training

Effective training within the healthcare professionals needs to be provided by the organization.

Systemic approach

Systemic approach should be taken by the healthcare professionals of an organization (de Witt, & Ploeg, 2014). Posters, letter, etc can be used for providing colorful communication with the disable persons.

4. Alternative way for preventing the issues:

Alternative ways





Gentle care



Barber (2014) stated that, patients should be treated with gentle care. However, for providing gentle care, effective communication about hand hygiene standard is very much required for the development of the patients and also indirectly then organization. Therefore, Flores & White (2005) argued that, healthcare professional should provide a person centered approach to all those patients.




Person centered approach

Person centered approach has been defined by Meyer (2013), that every individual person needs to be treated in accordance with their own attitude, beliefs and personality. For providing person centered approach, effective communication can be helpful.





Training and development of effective communication

Khan Niazi (2013) stated that, future health professionals should be trained by the basis of prior instruction of training and development of effective communication. Every healthcare professional should be given particular role play task for improving the communication process of healthcare professionals.



Reference list


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