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Professional Skills For Information And Communication Technology Portfolio

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Table of Contents


  1. Week 3: Critical Thinking
  2. Week 5: SWOT analysis of presentation skills
  3. Week 7: Reflective Writing
  4. Week 11: Personal Ethical Framework
  5. Week 12: Successful Completion


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The concept and idea applied to the information and communication technology and the modern media culture are effectively examined between sound relationships of young people and ICT. It is noted that modern world is best known by its great advancement in technology. People are using the social media network as the most effective medium of communication.


Question-Create a Word document called 'Critical Thinking' and write approximately 400 words,describing why you need to be a critical thinker.Explain why it is important for ICT professionals to be critical thinkers. Note that you should include your definition of the term critical thinking?

1. Week 3: Critical Thinking

The concept of critical thinking is best defined as the analysis of objectives and goal and its evaluation in order to make right justification. The critical thinking over any subject describes to whole analysis of the topic. Cherifi et al. (2011) opined that critical thinking provides various types of information inform of right and wrong over any topic. It is really helpful for making the final judgement of the concerned topic. According to Fogg (2009), there are four major components of critical thinking: application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. ICT helps to communicate with the clients through the world. ICT professional needs to have critical thinker because the use of social media sites for the means of communication bring both positive and negative response. There are so many ICT means of communication like Facebook, Twiter, Google and many more.

Kwan (2011) stated that most the social media sites that are used for making communication are misused for other purpose. ICT professional has to think on both perspective of its services and its impacts on human being and in global market. The four major points that the ICT plays its part and role in communication:-

ICT increases access to market information and transaction cost for poor farmers and traders, ICT helps to achieve universal primary education, Promote gender equality and empower women and ICT provides access to all who needs health services and others.

In the area of communication, information technology really plays a vital role in making the communication more effective and relevant. Most of the people are using various types of social media sites especially by the young generation for making communication with their family, friends and loved ones. ICT professional has to critical thinker because they have to deal different aspects of matter. Negative and positive, both matters have to maintain by the hands of ICT professional. One of the most admirable facts about the ICT professional is that it has to be maintained with the critical mind and ideas. ICT professional must have critical mind for making the communication skills more effective and relevant.

Question-Conduct a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis of your presentation skills.The SWOT analysis should be presented in a square with four quadrants. In addition to the SWOT analysis, you also need to identify two areas of improvement for your presentation skills and outline some strategies you could use to enhance those areas?

2. Week 5: SWOT analysis of presentation skills

 SWOT analysis of presentation skills

                                                                                  Figure 1: SWOT analysis of presentation skills


Strengths: - In presentation, the body languages and way of speaking do matter. The person has common over their words while they are making presentation before the audiences. One of the major strength of professionals is their eyes contact while they are making presentation.

Weakness: - The major of weakness of professional presentation is the lack of confidence that they make during presenting something before the crowd. Confident is the most important factor that a person needs at the time making presentation or addressing something to others.

Threats: - Skills and talents of presentations vary person to person. There are so many professionals whose way of speaking relevant to the topic and they have well command over the means of communication. Apart from that lack of skills and experiences are also the major weaknesses in presentation skills.

Opportunity: - One of the good opportunities that each and every individual learn in ICT is the way of communication. The professional enhances their ability to interact with others in very effective way. Apart from that there is also a self development in working as a professional in communication area.

Two areas of improvement

Effective communication skills: - Communication is the key of success of any relationship. The better a person communicate with others the better can they maintain their relationship for the long period of time. As the professional presentation, one can easily enhance their skills and ability to interact with the others in very friendly way (Helsper, 2011).  

Maintaining good relationship with others: - Liu and Lu (2009) opined that communication is the power of building any relationship in the world. One can easily form a good relation with others by placing sound communication with them. ICT professional is skilled and talented. They are trained for making presentation and how to communicate with the clients in best effective way. Most of social sites like Facebook and twitter also individual to enhances its communication skills to great extent. One can easily increase their way of communication through the means various social media sites.

Question-Write reflectively about your experience with the use of a Social networking technology such as Facebook or Twitter. You will need to provide a brief description of the experience and then write three paragraphs of reflective writing where you analyse the experience, what you have learnt from the experience and how you would handle it differently in the future. Your reflective writing should cover the three key points on reflective writing .If you do not use Social networking technologies, you should write a reflection on why you do NOT use Social networking technologies?

3. Week 7: Reflective Writing

In modern world, the use of social media sites as the means communication is seen immense. Recently, it is said that more than 45% people are using internet and communicate with their loved ones through various means social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google and many more(Nkanu, 2009). Most of the people understand the Facebook and twitter are safe and secure for making communication. On the other hand, some of the Facebook user commented that Facebook does not provide to the level of security. Everyone can view and make comment to the profile of others.

Apart from that some of the Facebook user thinks that Facebook and twitter provides better security and also is the most effective way to get connected with the person you love across the world. Through the services of Facebook and twitter, one can easily reach out to their loved ones through the effective services of Facebook and twitter. However, someone of other user has also said that the use of Facebook and twitter may be effective medium of communication but it does not provide right security of the users (Ongori, 2009). The Facebook platform is really easy to handle and based on high advanced technology, but it also needs to be improved in term of managing high security over the personal identity of users.

It is noted that some of the Facebook user just open their account for making fun. Such kind of concept and idea creates a sense of insecurity for the others long term user of Facebook. However, majority of people are using the Facebook and twitter account for their primary means to communication with their loved ones (Qureshi, 2011). Apart from that, it is also noted that most of long-term Facebook user uses the Facebook account for their effective means for communication with their loved ones, family and friends.


Beside it, it is also noted that ICT must have to provide high level of security for making the communication more effective. It is noted that most of the people are using the social media network as the most effective tools of communication. For the communication more better and relevant, the ICT professional has to adopted new strategies and actions for engaging the people in more than one way.

Question-Understanding who you are and how you relate to others in both your personal and work life can make you aware of the values that are important to you as well as the values that you may need to work on to improve. Create a document called ‘Personal Ethical Framework’ in MS Word and write approximately 500 word account on how to build a reputation as a good ICT professional and how to work with others from diverse backgrounds. This document should include statements about your work ethic, values that are important to you and how you relate to and communicate with others around you?

4. Week 11: Personal Ethical Framework

ICT professional maintains various forms of code of conducts at their work. There are various types of ethics that have to be followed for the accomplishing the goal and objectives of the organisation. ICT professional maintains effective relationship with the other individuals. As in the training as an ICT professional also refers various forms of code of conducts that are used in performing the work.

ACS Code of Ethics: - The ACS code of conducts is part of the ACS constitution. As an ACS member, there are lots of member must upload and advance the honour, dignity and effectiveness of being a professional. The primary code of ethics is the primacy of the public interest.

Primacy of the public interest: - Someone can place the interest of the public those of the personal and interest section. ICT professional maintains the needs and interest of the public in very effective way.

Development of quality of life:- Each and every members of ICT professional can enhance their quality of life and their ability to work as being the members of ICT.

Honest and fairness: - ICT professional effectively maintains fairness and honesty in their presentations of skills, knowledge, services and products.

Competence:- ICT professionals are completely dedicated to works with the best of their skills and knowledge for their stakeholders.

Development of professions: - As to be the ICT professionals, there are so many opportunity in life where they can communicate with others effectively. Presentation skills can be enhanced to great extent (Nkanu, 2009). It is also noted that one can enhance their own professional development and that of their colleagues and staff in very comprehensive way.


These are the ACS code of ethics that are effectively maintained by the ICT professionals during presentations of skills and others areas of working. Apart from that people are also using social media sites like Facebook and twitter for their right medium of communication and making interaction with their family and friends (Helsper, 2011). There are so many ethics and morality are carried out for maintaining the right means of communication through various means of social media sites.

Question-Create a document called ‘Successful Completion’ and write a reflective analysis that demonstrates you have satisfied all eight course learning outcomes that are listed in the course profile for COIT20233 Professional Skills for ICT.Write two things you liked about this course and provide the reason or reasons you liked them. Also describe two suggested improvements to the course and justify why they would improve the course?

5. Week 12: Successful Completion

Information and communication technology really makes a great advancement in contemporary world. The excessive use of internet through social media sites like Facebook and twitter are also the major part of the effective means of communication. It is noted that most of the people in modern era would like to get in touch with their family and friend through the Facebook and twitter. However, Facebook platform is secure and provides a comprehensive way of communication with the very close to heart across the world, it also creates various forms insecurity of misusing the profile of someone by any other else person (Kwan, 2011).

Two things that I liked in this course are the presentations skills and how the communication skills be maintained while we talk around the people. It is well known fact that effective communication is the more comprehensive way of attracting people towards you. ICT professional gives an ideas and concept how we develop our communication skills in conversation and in presentation as well.

I would like to give a comprehensive suggestion for better improvement of information and communication technology. The means of communication through internet can be made more effective and appropriate, if the better and security are provided by service providers. As I have seen that most of the Facebook users argued that the Facebook does not provide to the level of security in hiding some of the personal things like picture and video over the internet. Apart from that ICT professional can also use some of the advanced technology for making the communication so effective and appropriate.

There are some other areas of information and communication technology that still should be improved and enhanced for giving amazing experience in making communication to customers. However, there are some of the user have made a complaints that most of the social media sites are the easy of methods of communication but it also creates a sense of insecurity.  ICT professional can improve the way of communication by making some innovation in services of communication. They can improve the level of security and online platform of making communication in best proper way.



From the above discussion, it is cleared that information and communication technology made a great impact on way of interacting through the internet.  There are huge numbers of people across the world who generally maintains their way of communication through various social media sites and through mailing address.


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