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1. Project Definition

There are series of complaints coming related to the suitability of the presented Staff Development Centre. The management has determined to fund the move to a new centre at Exotic Place to make sure the sustained quality of staff development. (Anthony, 2011)


2. Constraints Summary

Constraints for the project as below:

  • It must be complete within 8 weeks.
  • This should complete within budget £48,000 for building, £12,000 for furniture.
  • It should provide at least the similar facility as currently available.
  • It should have conformed to Fire and safety regulations and pass two mandatory inspections.
  • All equipment must be tested before opening ceremony
  • Opening ceremony to commence on Monday at 9.30 am after move. (PMAJ, 2005)

3. Project Organization

This project is a staff development center movement for the organization. There are below list of stakeholders involved:

  • Kamvazina & B.Gates Co
  • Vasili & Kilim
  • McShields SwatchCar

4. The role of Project manager

Project manager is the responsible for the successful initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a staff movement. As this project staff development movements so as a project manager it should be ensure that the new place is well equipped with existing features along with additional security measures. There is a strict timeline and budget is associated with the project that should also be taken care by the manager to make it a success. (Berrie, 2009)

5. Project Phase:

This project has 5 major phases to be implemented as below:

Initiation: During this phase we cautiously observed to conclude whether or not it advantages for the organization. As we were getting so many complaints about current development center.

Planning:   During this phase we prioritize the task of the project, then calculate the budget and schedule, and conclude what resources are required. As it’s already been communicated that we have to complete the project within £48,000 for building and £12,000 for furniture and other resources.

Execution: In this phase we distributed the tasks to resources and teams will be informed of responsibilities.

Monitoring & controlling: during this phase we will compare project status and progress to the actual plan, as resources perform the scheduled work.

Closure: After project tasks will complete, we will get approval from higher management on the outcome. We will do an evaluation to highlight project success and/or learn from project history. (Roli, 2014)

6. Project Plan

This document is a project plan in which we capture all information related to project like its scope, phases, cost, millstones, communication plan, risk plan , mitigation plan, information distribution, change management and project closure and evolution report. (Duncan, 2015)

Task Name





Staff Data Center Movement

35 days?

Mon 4/20/15

Fri 6/5/15


   New Staff Development facility that includes fittings, painting and carpeting

15 days

Mon 4/20/15

Fri 5/8/15



6 days

Mon 4/20/15

Mon 4/27/15


      Fitting of lights and woodwork

4 days

Tue 4/28/15

Fri 5/1/15



3 days

Mon 5/4/15

Wed 5/6/15



2 days

Thu 5/7/15

Fri 5/8/15


   Acquisition and fitting of new furniture

5 days?

Mon 5/11/15

Fri 5/15/15


      Furniture for 3 training room

2 days

Mon 5/11/15

Tue 5/12/15


      furniture for 1 lecture room

2 days

Wed 5/13/15

Thu 5/14/15


      furniture of reception

1 day?

Fri 5/15/15

Fri 5/15/15


   All wiring & safety installations

1 wk

Mon 5/18/15

Fri 5/22/15


   Moving presented training equipment

1 wk

Mon 5/25/15

Fri 5/29/15



1 wk

Mon 6/1/15

Fri 6/5/15


7. Milestones

The below lists the major milestones for the staff development movement Project.



New Staff Development facility  that includes fittings, painting and carpeting


Acquisition and fitting of new furniture


All wiring & safety installations


Moving presented training equipment





8. Project Budget

The overall budget is defined for the project is £60,000 in which £48,000 for building, £12,000 for furniture was allocate.

9. Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors are the factors which will be responsible for the success of project. We are expecting that a 20% reduction in cost of training from the new center by the year end.  We will use those factors at the project end to measure the project success. There are other factors for making a project is a success as below:


We have the plan with sufficient information so that everyone included in this knows the status of the project. Below are the advantages which are provided with the help of good plan:

• Clearly project deliverables and milestones are documented.

• Timescale should be realistic and valid.

• Permits correct estimates of the cost that to be generated.

• Details of the needs for the resource.

• Behaves as the system for an early warning, gives visibility for the slippage of task.

• Project team should be aware and focused about the progress of the project.

10. Team Motivation

The motivated team will go to the additional mile for delivering the budget of the project and also deliver it on time. The team of the project should be motivated by including them throughout the process of project and in planning phase. Regular milestones should be there to keep track of the progress on the project.


Saying No!

We should never promise whatever thing if we know we cannot deliver or else this will storing up issues for later on. Stick to the guns no matter how important or senior is the person; they'll praise us for this later on. We should also have to be ready and firm to rationalize the explanations behind the decision. (Joseph, 2008)

Quality Targets

We have certain quality targets from this project, some of are as below:

It should pass two safety checks; one after the building work is complete but before to painting and second check straight away before to official opening.

Project should completed with specified timeline of 8 weeks

It should also complete in £60,000

11.  Risk Plan

As per present scenario of project I investigate and find the risk as below can be happen during the movement of staff development center:

Incomplete requirements: This risk will be happen due to throughout defining the prerequisite we miss incredible or overlook the requirement of functionality. To mitigate definite kind of risk we will spend efficient commitment and time to detailing requirements and take an agreement on concluding requirement prior to moving the existing center. (Harold, 2012)

Changing requirements: This will hit the schedule of the project and cost if happen among the movement so that it can handle this. For this we have to use appropriate contingency in the estimate of time and do impact analysis on every request of the change we get. Outcome of the impact analysis supports us to recognize the change request that is implemented.

Stakeholder managment:  In a case of vendor resource are not available on time that will be hit the project schedule so we took some team members from internal project to finish the movement   who have understandable idea of the networking needs to create this new premises.

12. Contingency Plan

The risk plan of the project balances the investment of mitigation against the project advantage. We frequently develop the method that is alternative for accomplishing the goal of the project when the event of risk has been recognized that may irritate the accomplishment of the goal; these plans are known as the contingency plans. This risk of the network system installation may be mitigated with the contingency plan that the needed equipment for the project can be procure during the phase of building construction, paintingand carpeting.

We should plan for the contingency funds .These are the funds which set aside by team of the project to attend the events that are unforeseen that is the reason for increasing the cost of the project. (Sebastian, 2007)

13. Performance Report Plan

Performance plan is a plan that includes the performance issues and their respective action in a case of occurrence.

Step 1: Document performance issues

During this we need to document in which we will focus on the areas of performance of the project and employee’s that require improvement. When we building a performance improvement plan, we should use an established format.

Step 2: Develop an action plan

This is the most important step in which we capture our actions in case of performance measure failure.

We conclude if the project or employee may require any extra resources, in time, and cost in place to meet the objectives. Recognize the plan accurately what management will do or offer to help the team of the project in attaining the goals. (Paul, 2005)

Step 3: Review performance plan

During this we have a third party that must make sure the documentation is confirmed without emotion and clearly. The third party will also evaluate the action plan that is suggested to make sure it is relevant, measurable and precise.

Step 4: Meet with the project Team

At this meeting, the supervisor should clearly lay out the improvements of the areas and action plan.

Step 5: Follow up

The project team and other stake holders should launch standard meetings of follow-up (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly). The stake holders should make sure any roadblocks that are potential are discussed and that team has been providing the essential training and tools. (Lewis, 2006)

14. Change Control Plan

As a part of change control plan we need to submit an document that have necessary information as per the below table:


Description of the task


Created the CR date


Change manager will assign


Contain the change request brief description


Desired change description, its impact, or advantages of the change must be explained


Person name who has finished the CR Form and who will answer the questions about the recommended change


Submitter contact number


Submitter Email details


Details of product that the recommended change is for


For the recommended change give the version of the product


The code that gives the suggested categorization of urgency of recommended change (Low, Medium, High)

15. Communications Plan

Management Plan of Communications recognized the framework for project communication. It will provide as the important point for the communications throughout the lifecycle of the project and will be efficient as requirements change of communication. This plan be familiar with and explains the project team members roles as they communicate to communications. The needs have to be documented in below Matrix of the Communication.

Communication Type

Description of plan




Participants/ Distribution

Status Report - Weekly

Summary of project status in Email



Status Report - Weekly

Project Stakeholders, Sponsor & Team

Meeting of Project Team - Weekly

Project status review by conducting a meeting

In Person


Action Register will be updated

Project Team

Review of Design

Design review or project associated work

In Person

As Needed

Design Package

Project Team

16. Information Distribution Plan

Information distributed plan covers the communication within project and the method for communication. We should communicate which will be based on below points:

  • Distributed the type of information
  • Its audience
  • Give the timeline for the response needed

Below are acceptable methods to stakeholders for project data distributing:

  • Meeting with Project team
  • Meetings based on one-on-one and Individual
  • Meeting with Stakeholder
  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calls
  • Email
  • Portal or project intranet site
  • Collaborative work management tools

The method we decide is based on the audience, company policies, project size, the environment and some other factors.


17. Closure Plan

Project closure plan consists of below activities:

  • We need to build the “Project Punch list” of exceptional items from project. After we get agreement on the Project Sponsor list, work with team to close out the items as fast as possible.
  • We need to check with finance and legal teams to make sure that all project-related contract commitments are closed before that finalized.
  • We should finish the closing accounting of project budget and ensure that surplus funding is applied to closing-out the “punch-list” items, as agreed-to by Project Sponsor.
  • Collect the responses to our feedback questionnaire. We should prepare and distribute a detailed questionnaire for feedback on the project around 2 weeks prior to initiating project closure.
  • We need to ensure that all the deliverables of the project and deliverables are stored and collected on “project server”. (Joseph, 2003)

18. Evaluation Report

The evaluation report has the review of project executed beside every targets set throughout the phases of Planning and Initiation of project. Below we have listed few examples of the criteria:

  • The Business advantages will be delivered that is described in Business case?
  • Objectives will be achieved that is specified the Reference terms?
  • Original scope is deviated as defined in Reference Terms?
  • Quality targets should meet which was defined in Quality Plan?
  • Proceeded as per the considered Delivery Schedule?
  • Budgeted project expenditure will be deviated which is defined in Financial Plan? (Harrison, 2004)


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