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Project Management: Control Techniques

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The IT department could not remove the old computers because there was no place to store them. Analyze the critical success factors, and state their conclusion and the lessons learned.



Purpose of the Closure Report

This report is purposely presented to make sure about the success of project with the highlighted successful measures that can be presented in future project for betterment. In addition to this, this report is also highlighting all open issues identified to be resolved with proper matter of concern (Boud et al., 2014). This closure project is mainly focusing on three issues that are found during the project was being operated by the project members. This report is elaborating these issues and providing under lessons learned section of the report.

Goals of Project Report

Following are the goals of the project:

  • To review and validate the success and milestone of the project
  • To confirm the risks, issues and recommendation
  • To form the outline of the project activities and task necessary for the project to be closed (Burke, 2013)
  • To identify the highlights of project and best practices needed for future project
  • To validate the measures taken for the success of project
  • To ensure the resolution techniques of issues highlighted in during project

Report summary of the closure project

Background of the Project

The project is mainly based on management of employees and improvisation of IT department. These two aspects are generally covered during the total project. The project is concerned with risk assessment resolving those by taking proper measures. Among all the success factors three issues identified during the project management (Chia, 2013). In this closure report these issues are highlighted to be solved with the help of concerned view point of employees and authority. In addition to this, the successful aspects are being carried out by this project for next project management as an appropriate example of success.

Best practices

  • Utilization of IT risk assessment techniques
  • Utilizations of detailed work definition document
  • Feedback assessment

synopsis of the closure

One project can be closed for two reasons: a) all of the project objectives are met or b) there is change in the plan. In case of concerned project all the objectives of the project is met and concerned results are positive with respect to the deliverables set for the project (Leach, 2014). Therefore, the closure is obvious in concerned last step.


Project performance

Object performance

According to project assessment it is found that the project has successfully met all the decided measures.

Milestone of performance

According to the surveys done, all the deliverables were met with high customer satisfaction (Schwalbe, 2015). In addition to this, surveys done for knowing the results of this project shows that the response of the members were indicating the success of project.

Project Closure tasks

Resource management

During the resource management IT sources and some sort of general project resources had been changed for betterment of the project (Walker, 2015). These resources are shifted to be further used in the upcoming next projects.

Issues management

Three issues are identified during the project: a) all the 100 computers were not licensed for running new software, b) change were resisted by staffs and they were not willing to do training and c) IT department were unable remove the old computers as there were lack of space to store the old one.

Risk management

Mitigated risks: chances of increasing conflicts within project and communication barrier problem among members are reduced (Boud et al., 2014).

Outstanding risks: Stopped growth of IT department and resistances to change management are the risks that are outstanding.

Lessons learned

Well performed tasks: Conflict resolution and resolving of communication barrier were two well performed tasks among all mitigated issues (Burke, 2013).

Poorly performed tasks: IT risk assessment and management was the poorly performed tasks and it requires proper mitigation techniques.

Post project tasks

There are mainly three issues that are not mitigated properly: a) all the 100 computers were not licensed for running new software, b) change were resisted by staffs and they were not willing to do training and c) IT department were unable remove the old computers as there were lack of space to store the old one (Chia, 2013). It is the responsibility of the project head to mitigate these issues properly, but due to lack of care these issues were not mitigated properly. Therefore, proper steps should be taken for these issues.

Closure recommendation of the project

These recommendations provides following mitigating techniques for addressing the success and closure of the project:

IT risks assessment: The techniques will help the project head to mitigate the problems of IT department (Leach, 2014).

Change management: This technique will help the project head to resolve conflicting situation among employees.



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