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Describe about the Project Management Counselling Plan?


Section A


Project management department for software


Team members

one project manager, two senior managers, five software engineers

Current goals


·         To achieve high sales growth @ 5%

·         To achieve profit growth @ 2%

·         To improve the software delivery process

Future goals

·         To increase the sales by 2%

·         To increase profit by 1%

·         To introduce new software programs

·         To increase employee retention by 1%


Based on the goals identified by the project manager in the software development project, the manager will have to identify the following ways in which these current and future goals can be effectively achieved.

Training and development:

The existing employees within the project will be provided with further training about operations concerning new software programs. The project manager in this respect will provide both educational and technological training to the employees.

Recruitment and selection:

In order to ensure good performance levels, the project manager will introduce new employees within the team. The new recruitment will be based on specialized skills that are required for achievement of the current and the future sales and profit levels.

Motivational techniques:

In order to boost the productivity of the team members and the senior managers within the project development team, the manager must introduce various motivational techniques like monetary and non-monetary benefits that will help the team members to increase their productivity.

Use of new technologies:

In order to ensure timely delivery of the software products and high quality software services, the project manager should install new technologies that will help them to upgrade their current working procedure.


Section B

a) In order to develop the attitude of the employees of Sunny Side Pizzeria the manger should include motivational strategies that will reduce the rate of absenteeism. Moreover, the delivery agents should be trained to be polite and show positive attitude towards the customers in order to retain customers.
b) The manager will allocate work within the efficient employees. The middle level managers at the Pizza Company will be responsible for the training and development of the delivery employees. This will save the cost of the company.
c) Work plan

The work plan of the team will include a counseling session with the employees responsible for the displaying of negative attitudes. Further, the plan will consist of training and development of the employees. The feedback system will include feedback from the customers, which will help the company to analyze the development in the attitudes of the employees.

d) The goals are realistic because certain degree of motivation and training will help the management of team to motivate the employees and help the employees in developing positive attitude towards good performance with the customers.

e) Two contingency plans

Firstly, the use of new employees will be concentrated in case if the old employees are not being able to be trained

Secondly, the loss of customers and the failure in successful delivery will lead to deduction of salary of the delivery boys.

g) The performance will be measured by taking feedback from the customers. If the feedback after the counseling and training are positive then the work plan will be evaluated as successful if the feedback is negative then the work plan will be unsuccessful.



Monitor annual work performance

Probationary staff

Monitor daily work performance

Special cases/ interim reviews

Check the customer feedback and proceed accordingly

Performance planning/ review meetings

Record minute of the meetings and check their fulfillment


Checking of records of the employees and the customer feedbacks

Behavior of team leaders

Should be co operative, provide correct directions


Coaching plan

Areas where excellence in performance has been demonstrated

Sales growth, pizza manufacturing

Performance areas needing improvement

Attitude and behavior of delivery employees, employee absenteeism rates

Additional items

Counseling, formal communication training

Next steps

Train employees, implement the functions  and take further customer feedbacks


i) The in efficient team member will be coached further in order to make the team member efficient. The coaching plan will include providing counseling sessions for the KPI, which remains unattended by the team member. Further, the evaluation of the achievement will be based on monitoring and customer reviews.




High cost involvement in case of counseling sessions

The management will agree with the feedback of the HR and will decide to curtail the plan of counseling all the employees

Non monetary benefits must be included

Agreeing to the feedback non monetary benefits like relaxation in working hours, congenial working environment, friendly behavior at workplace and holidays will be provided

Salary deductions for poor performance

This will not be agreed by the management because salary deductions may lead to loss of employees.



k) Counseling plan

Step 1: The manager will schedule a confidential meeting at a local coffee shop as per the convenience of both employee and the manager.

Step 2: manager will maintain a positive and friendly behavior with the employee and will start an informal conversation

Step 3: Further, the manager will communicate about the work stress and will ensure the employee full support of the company and the management in case of any crisis.

Step 4: The employer will then seek clarification from the employee about this negative behavior with the customers

Step 5: The manager will end the meeting on a positive note suggesting some of the behavior improvement measure that can be adopted by the employee

Step 6: The manager will prepare a written summary of the meeting as a record of remembrance

Step 7: The manager will follow up with the employee’s performance in the next few months to see the change.

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