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Project Management: Critical Access Hospital

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Describe abour the:
1. BC-MAR HIT planning?.
2. BC-MAR HIT design?.
3. BC-MAR HIT selection?.
4. BC-MAR HIT implementation?.
5. BC-MAR HIT integration?.
6. BC-MAR HIT testing?.
7. BC-MAR HIT evaluation?.
8. BC-MAR HIT support/maintenance?.



Activities to be conducted by the project manager

The higher management of the critical access hospital is interested in the sequential   implementation and adaptation of a “Best of Fit” Electronic Health Record management system   within the organization. The   project manager in concern has been vested with the responsibility of overlooking the inclusion of the barcode MAR system within the said EHR system.
In order to conduct the   integration of the barcode MAR system within the EHR system in concern, the project manager requires to perform the under mentioned work packages:
1. BC-MAR HIT Planning:
Researchers Botchkarev and Finnigan (2015) are of the opinion that the following    activities need to be performed for the fulfillment  of the   planning stage  of the project:
Defining the scope of the project undertaken
Setting the goal of the project
Designing and developing the project management documents
Designing and documenting the change management process of the project.

2. BC-MAR HIT Design:
The designing phase of the said project should include the following activities:

The users of the system need to be identified (Joslin & Müller, 2015).

The specific requirements of the BC-MAR system need to be identified.

The essential utilities of the system need to be identified.

3. BC-MAR HIT Selection

The selection of the appropriate barcode MAR system, so as to integrate it with EHR system of the hospital,  would be  successful  only after the  completion of the following activities:

Gathering information about the barcode MAR system solutions that are readily available in the market (Müller & Söderlund, 2015).

Comparing the functionalities available with the readily available systems with those identified in the stage above.

Selecting the appropriate solution.


4. BC-MAR HIT Implementation:

Procurement of the system.

Developing implementation documents.

Conducting a pilot project (Patanakul, 2015).

5. BC-MAR HIT Integration

Developing integration management plans

Developing change management plans

Incorporating the BC MAR modules in the HER system

6. BC-MAR HIT Testing

Unit testing.

White Box testing (Müller & Söderlund, 2015)

Black box testing.

7. BC-MAR HIT Evaluation

Integration testing

Experts Evaluation

User evaluation


8. BC-MAR HIT Support/Maintenance

Training employees

Evaluating efficiency of system

Incorporating changes in the system (Botchkarev & Finnigan, 2015).


The  primary objective  of this report  was  to  shed some light on the  responsibilities of  a project manager  associated  with an  information system project: the  project  being aimed at  the  inclusion of the barcode MAR system (popularly known as the  BC MAR) system  within  a pre-existing Electronic Health Record management system.

In the  light of the discussions made in the section above, it  can be said that  the implementation  of the bar code  MAR system would facilitate the process  of digitalizing the  information  associated  with the facilities provided to  the patients.  The strategic goal of the   hospital is to include an electronic health record system which would lead to the ultimate digitalization of all patient records: thus, the incorporation of the BC MAR system would indeed facilitate the task of meeting  the goals of the organization.



Botchkarev, A. & Finnigan, P. (2015). Complexity in the Context of Information Systems Project Management. Organisational Project Management, 2(1), 15. https://dx.doi.org/10.5130/opm.v2i1.4272

Joslin, R. & Müller, R. (2015). Relationships between a project management methodology and project success in different project governance contexts. International Journal Of Project Management,33(6), 1377-1392. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijproman.2015.03.005

Müller, R. & Söderlund, J. (2015). Innovative approaches in project management research.International Journal Of Project Management, 33(2), 251-253. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijproman.2014.10.001

Patanakul, P. (2015). Key attributes of effectiveness in managing project portfolio. International Journal Of Project Management, 33(5), 1084-1097. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijproman.2015.01.004


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