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Question - prepare the project proposal for a project of sufficient complexity and value that you are familiar with to highlight the costing approach and apprasial of the project?




  1. Introduction

1.1 Objectives

1.2 Mission Statement

1.3 Keys to being Successful

  1. Background of the Company

2.1 Makanan Terbaik Hollywood

2.2 Operational Hours

2.3 Ownership

2.4 Summary of Starting Up the Bistro

2.4.1 Start Up Financing

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Project Schedule and Other Details

4.1 Char ter for the Bistro

4.2 Project Work Structure

4.3 Critical Path

4.3.1 Gantt Chart

  1. Financials

5.1 Startup Balance Sheet

5.2 Pro Forma Profit & Loss Statement

5.3 Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement

5.4 Pro Forma Balance Sheet

  1. Feasibility of the Project

6.1 Costs

6.2 Incomes

6.3 Net Present Value

6.4 Internal Rate of Return

6.5 Accepting the project

  1. Risk Analysis


1. Introduction:

The promoters have identified a window of opportunity in Malaysia, with regards to opening a fast food Bistro which will be like a Hollywood style café in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia is a multi-cultural country and a hotspot for tourists around the world. ( Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2014)


1.1 Objectives:

  • To make a vicinity as an effective nearby fast food outlets and increase a piece of the overall industry in Malaysia's fast food sector.
  • To make the bistro into a goal spot for shopping center goers.
  • To venture into various outlets by the third year, and offer the establishment to neighboring metropolitan urban communities, for example, Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand and Manila.

1.2 Mission Statement:

The primary objective is to be a standout amongst the best fast food outlets in Malaysia, beginning with one retail outlet placed inside a real shopping center as a business sector analyzer.

The bistro will strive to be a head nearby fast food mark in the neighborhood commercial center. The bistro needs their clients to have the aggregate experience when going by their outlet(s) and site as they will research this captivating new popular society. They will offer stock from prepackaged sauces and shirts, to potato cutters, all with their authority image connected to them.

Their principle center will be serving superb nourishment at an incredible quality.

1.3 Keys to being Successful:

To succeed in the proposed business, the following are required:

  • Make an extraordinary, creative, captivating menu that will separate us from whatever remains of the opposition.
  • At all times, controlling costs inside all the regions are actualizing the methodological progression for strategy development. Even after the fact that the company is able to provide all that is in demand, it still requires to open and expand the business for making it be safe at all times.
  • Offering such products and services which have highest quality along with always making the clients satisfied with the enormous class of nourished items that only promote health related quality.
  • Giving complete satisfaction to the customers by keeping them at the highest priority that the company’s administration should consider especially in the competitive environment.

2. Background of the Company:

2.1 Makanan Terbaik Hollywood:

The proposed name of the restaurant is Makanan Terbaik Hollywood meaning Best Hollywood Food. The bistro will be a fast food restaurant, inspired by Hollywood and serve the most popular foods available in USA such as French Fries, Burgers, and Quiches etc.

The bistro will aim to replicate the fun and nostalgia associated with popular Hollywood movies of the yesteryear. Classics such as Ben Hur and The Sound of Music, along with great actors such as Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe will be included via portraits & posters and even incorporated in the menu as part of the ambience and experience. For example, there is going to be a Sean Connery Salmon burger, which will be based on the kind of burger the legendary actor is fond of. (A Burger served with a fresh cured Salmon patty and topped with feta cheese, Tomatoes and an in house Aioli Sauce) (St. Andrew’s Bar and Grill,, n.d)


2.2 Operational Hours:

The proposed bistro shall be open for lunch and dinners every day.  (From 11.30 to 2.00 for lunch; and, 7.00 to 11.30 for Dinner)

2.3 Ownership:

The bistro shall start off as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) for the owners and if required, become a public limited company to raise funds in the future.

Partnership with limited liability is an option for businesses to make them operate as a machine and be supervised by the act of limited liability partnership, 2012. This act is responsible for combining the organizations quality with an association that can monitor and evaluate it on routine basis. The structure of a business having limited partnership liability has an intention for every purposeful business operation legitimacy from the perspective of making beneficial gains. Likewise LLP might be framed through important authorities such as lawyers or chartered accountants with an aim of carrying practices based on expert perspective. The idea of LLP will in the similar manner help new organizations and small businesses for developing their individual organizations disregard the requirement of taking extra stress over the liabilities at individual basis.

2.4 Summary of Starting Up the Bistro:

The chosen country is Malaysia. The country has a mixture of several beliefs, cultures, traditions and norms. This is because there are various citizens in the country that originally belonged from elsewhere in the world. The most ethnicities and religious considerations belong to races such as Indians, Chinese and even Australians living in conjunction to one other (Malaysia Tourism,, n.d) It's no big surprise that we love praising and standardizing. As individuals, Malaysians are exceptionally loose, warm and agreeable. (Malaysia Tourism,, n.d). Multicultural aspects have been very profitable for the country especially because of colorful and vibrant perspectives that the country consists of. There is also no big surprise that the country loves to praise and standardize itself. The citizens of the country have an exceptional nature with warmth and convincing smiles. However regionally, the country has practically differences as well it its culture on the basis of its geographical location. There are 11 status and domains of 2 separate governmental structures known as the Kuala Lampur domain and the Malaysian Peninsular domain. These regions are separated from each other by the sea of southern china that meets eastern Malaysia.

The most important attraction in the country is it feature of its compelling multi diversity which has moreover added a differential feature to the country. There are also higher risks in the country as the country has various wooden based homes but the tourists have made the country favorable (Malaysia Tourism,, n.d)

Mountain with rough terrain drastically reach the higher skies and on the other hand the rain forests are inclined towards the over flooded water plains making the scenic beauty in the country to be highly richer. On the contrary, hideaways in chill good country have warm atmosphere with shorelines that are sandy and a collection of extensively beautiful fauna (Wong, n.d).

The first Bistro of Makanan Terbaik Hollywood will be set up in one of the biggest shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. (Wong, n.d). This area is very much known as a shopping complex and takes up considerable measures for emerging as a mall scape of the city even though the shopping mall is at the main location in the country. In addition, there are 2 main segments noteworthy of being acknowledged which are inclusive of a retail center for shopping, a square at office and 2 towers of private authorities (Wong, n.d).

The city has been managed to be kept as a fashionista with the staple of KI being the general shopping center of the country (Wong, n.d).

2.4.1 Start Up Financing:

As mentioned earlier, the start-up finances shall be brought in by the owners or the promoters. The following are the estimated costs involved for starting up the Bistro.


3. Market Analysis:

Fast food consumption in the region of Malaysia started considerably when the 2000 millennium ended. Ever since then the industry has been flourishing and succeeding by providing enormous employment opportunities to those who are in need. The establishments of fast food joints as well have been very considerably and neatly presented with higher quality food items. Spending of sustenance exists by 56 per cent for the total Malaysian fast food consumers and consumers spend mostly on shopping to recreate. More therefore than any other sector is spent by the customers on the industry of fast food.

A much more extensive claim exists for weekend openings in light of the fact that those are the days when the greater part of our center target business sector appreciates the shopping center going exercises.

  • Age - Youngsters, single, right now enlisted in school and schools for secondary education
  • Units of families - likewise engage families (adolescent families) with kids due to their aggravated spending on food items.
  • Sexual orientation – Males and females genders will be targeted, with a slighter enhanced focus on male customers because of their lower consideration regarding concerns of dieting or nutrition.
  • Pay – speaking to the people with medium salary and also all those individuals who are in the low income groups.

Our idea will have extremely wide claim. It is our objective to be the hip end for fast food longings.

As per a late open overview of individuals 16-46 of age, 79 percent meet at restaurants like fast food joints. Approximately 90% of individuals prefer to eat items that are fast food all the time, and approximately 9 percent of them guaranteed that fast food does interest them and they do adore it. The review additionally gave the accompanying specific motivations to the expanding fame of fast food:

Customers usually have long vacations that last 52 weekend and the people also prefer to eat out because of their stress filled routine. However the best part is that people in Malaysia prefer to enjoy and shop out by window shopping and while window shopping they prefer to enjoy themselves and treat themselves with fast food.

Laborers belonging to offices are those that do not bring their lunch and therefore look for more and more joints of fast food that can make them completely filled to work for long hours. Additionally, parents also give their children more money for buying lunch and these children simply adore their fast food joints. Commonly fast food is the initial best decision because of all the favorable conditions present in the market. Consuming out still stays as Malaysians' regular propensity forever. They don't see fast food is an extravagance, and they appreciate it by bringing their family, particularly in the event that they have littler children, in nature of the western-style fast food outlets.

4. Project Schedule and Other Details:

The project calendar is the apparatus that imparts what work needs to be performed, which assets of the association will perform the work and the time spans in which that work needs to be performed. The project calendar ought to reflect the greater part of the work connected with conveying the project on time. Without a full and complete timetable, the project chief will be not able to convey the complete exertion, regarding expense and assets, important to convey the project.

Online project administration programming permits project directors to track project plans, assets, plans and project related resources continuously. The project timetable can be seen and upgraded by colleagues connected with the project, keeping everybody decently educated on the general project status.

The building squares of a timetable begin with a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS is a various leveled impression of all the work in the project regarding deliverables. Keeping in mind the end goal to create these deliverables, work must be performed.

An ordinary approach in creating a WBS is to begin at the most elevated amount, with the result of the project. For instance, you are allocated as the project director of a New Product Development project. The new item you are creating is another toy for kids age's five trough nine. The goal of this item improvement project is to expand the income of the association by ten percent.

Advertising security is on an outline level called a control account in project administration speech. In Project Insight, project administration programming, control records are called 'rundown undertakings.' Summary assignments are move ups of the errands underneath them.


The decay of a timetable will proceed at different rates. "Handouts" is an undertaking distinguished at the fourth level of decay, while the 'showcasing arrangement' is additionally an errand, yet characterized at the third level of deterioration.

As a project director, the level of disintegration will be subject to the degree to which you will need to oversee. Project Insight underpins the same number of levels of pecking order as are required. The desire is that each one undertaking will have a solitary holder and the manager is required to oversee and investigate the work important to convey the assignment. In Project Insight, this is known as the 'assignment holder.' If you can't allot a solitary manager, or you have to have extra perceivability into the advancement of that undertaking, extra disintegration is suggested.

When all the deliverables of the project have been recognized, errands will be performed with a specific end goal to make the deliverables. Now and again, these exercises are the physical deliverables, however in different cases they are the activities that need to be performed. A physical deliverable, for instance, may be a picture (a genuine record) that is required for the pamphlet.

The work bundle 'center gathering' really comprises of three (3) different undertakings 'recognize center gathering targets,' 'plan center gathering goals' and 'perform center gathering.' The work bundle "overviews," then again, is not separated into errands. In our sample, it may have been dead set that the errand holder that is performing the studies does not have to cover any of the subtle elements of that assignment. As expressed prior, decay will proceed to the level that is important to viably deal with the project.

4.1 Charter for the Bistro:

A Project Charter is an announcement of the degree, targets and members in a project and is a discriminating archive to guarantee that everybody included in the project is mindful of its motivation and destinations. (Planview, 2011) It traces the project targets, distinguishes the fundamental stakeholders, and characterizes the power of the project chief. It serves as a kind of perspective of power for the fate of the project and its administration. (Planview, 2011) The point of interest inside the charter ought to be proportionate with the extent of the project. (Planview, 2011)


To start the first and one of a kind Hollywood style Café in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


To introduce a captivating menu that appeals to the younger Malay population and provide them with a Hollywood theme, also a popular culture in Malaysia.


To make a vicinity as an effective nearby fast food outlets and increase a piece of the overall industry in Malaysia's fast food industry.

To make the bistro into a goal spot for shopping center goers.

To venture into various outlets by year three, and offer the establishment to neighboring metropolitan urban communities, for example, Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand and Manila.



2.5% Inflation Rate (World Bank, 2014)

It is assumed that the demand for such a café is on the rise and will expand over a period of time.


Limited funding available as the entire investments are being borne by the promoters themselves.

Core Team Members


Main Stakeholders

The Promoters: A, B, C, D.

Project Status




31st January 2015.

21st April 2015.


4.2 Project Work Structure:

4.2.1 Work Break Down Structure (WBS):

A structure with work breakdown is the main deliverable in a project which provides collaborated arrangement into areas that have reasonable domains. According to the Knowledge of project management body a structure of work breakdown perspective characterizes the arrangement of deliverables into work decay for executing the group of project. The structure of work break down in additional characterizes outward degree into project group reasonable aspects at every basic level in the structure given with particular definitions and an interesting perspective.

4.3 Critical Path:

The method to evaluate critical path was first initiated in the early times of 1960 and currently it is known as one of the tools highly critical and practical as it has a connection to arrangements and complex projects acknowledgement control is also possible by their help.  (Buckley et al, 1989) (Chanas, 1982) (Chanas and Kamburowski, 1981) (Chanas and Radosinski, 1976).

The method is very essential became it consists of alleged critical paths being identified with exercising critical assertions and occasions in the critical systematic process. The model which is used here is known as the project model which is accepted widely because it helps in finishing the entire project within the given time(Chanas and Zielinski, n.d)

By chance certain qualities helpful for the leader, for example, occasions and exercises slacks, the soonest and the most recent snippets of the beginning and finish of the specific exercises, and so forth, are ascertained. (Chang et al, 1995)What is vital in the CPM technique (Dubois and Prade, 1978) is that the exercises span times are deterministic and known. (Gazdik, 1983) Practically speaking, obviously, this suspicion not generally can be fulfilled with the fulfilling precision.( McCahon, 1993)

In this manner, as ahead of schedule as the paper (Malcolm et al, 1959) the technique brought in writing the PERT system (Kamburowski, 1983) was initially recommended by brief details of non-essential action time estimations along with irregular variables origination with the utilized beta dispersion for the movement times model. In this technique numerous streamlining presumptions have been taken, accordingly it has been seriously created in numerous headings likewise under presumptions (Malcolm et al, 1959) that the likelihood circulations of movement times are different to the beta conveyance.

As such, in the writing, many researches have been developed focusing on this issue in connection with the strategy of PERT and this is the research field wherein most focus is still stagnated. In the year 1970s, the start of the 2nd version took place and it constituted the systematic project methodological intervention. This type of investigation was generally known as the strategy of PERT and was also known as CPM in the later years. This was because the model was developed to use numbers in a fluffy manner for modelling every movement at all times. The use of formulae was done in an excellent manner and it became an important component of this model of CPM and a certain validity condition with regard to any system constituting of movements deterministically. In such situations also the general operations consists of supplanted supervisions in connection to the fluffy numbers overall operational fragments.  

4.3.1 Gantt Chart:

A capable system for comprehension the conduct and execution of parallel projects is the visualization of follow documents (likewise called log records) gathered amid the execution of the system. A follow record contains a few fundamental components. Regularly, these are produced amid the execution of a system by short code successions (in order to minimize the irritation of the execution created by the following and are composed either to circle (cradled, obviously) or to memory as they are produced. Follow records regularly contain arrangements of occasions; an occasion has a timestamp and some information. Sets of occasions may be utilized to characterize a state or span; these regularly speak to the passage to and retreat from a routine or a square of code. An accumulation of occasions for a solitary process, string, or processor is at times called a timetable.

Such posthumous investigation focused around follow documents has been a vital apparatus for execution examination. A considerable lot of these devices show a follow record as a GANTT chart, with the x-hub speaking to time and the y-hub process on the other hand string number. Then again, as parallel projects utilization expanding quantities of courses of action or strings and run for more times, the measure of information gathered into a follow record can get to be amazingly huge, surpassing hundreds or even a large number of megabytes. One response to the issue of showing this measure of information has been to compress the information, for instance, showing aggregate occasion numbers and conveyances of times inside each state. Tragically, in some cases one must inspect the definite conduct of a project to comprehend it. In fact, throughout the years, we have kept on discovering most valuable the capacity to analyze little time interims in extensive subtle element. One approach that has demonstrated powerful is the GANNT chart, in which the "state" of a procedure is spoken to by a hued bar reaching out over a period interim and can be contrasted outwardly and the conditions of other forms in the meantime. Numerous devices increase this perspective with further detail, for example, bolts to show messages and popup windows to show subtle element information on methodology states or messages. Actually when the easiest manifestation of GANNT chart is being shown, be that as it may, the essential issue of versatility emerges, and the issues talked about in this paper can be considered in this connection.

                                                                                         Gannt Chart for the Bistro:



                                                                                                     Task Outline:



5. Financials:

5.1 Startup Balance Sheet:



5.2 Pro Forma Profit & Loss Statement:



5.3 Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement:



5.4 Pro Forma Balance Sheet:


6. Feasibility of the Project:

Monetary plausibility examination utilizes data from each of the past steps to assess whether a project can be conveyed inside a value go the target business sector can manage the cost of over the time of time it will take to arrange, create, build and completely possess the building or auction the greater part of the units. This can be dead set just by a definite correlation of expenses and incomes utilizing a device known as a monetary master forma.

6.1 Costs

It is critical to separate between the hard expenses and delicate expenses, and among settled, variable and optional expenses.

  • Hard expenses are specifically attributable to the development and completing process and incorporate work, materials, machines, furniture and supplies. They might likewise incorporate the price tag of the area and the estimation of any outer enhancements made to the property, for example, site adjusting and arranging.
  • Delicate expenses are those caused in the arranging and configuration of the project and incorporate compositional and building charges, lawful charges, grant expenses, natural appraisals, and publicizing and advancement costs.
  • Settled expenses are those that don't rely on upon the quantity of units built. The expenses connected with a land evaluation or the culmination of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment would be viewed as altered expenses, since they would be the same paying little respect to the quantity of units proposed.
  • Variable expenses change focused around the general size of improvement. Advancement charges would be a sample of a variable delicate expense, as the aggregate charge payable to the region is normally focused around the quantity of units developed.
  • Optional expenses can be diminished, dispensed with or put off without influencing the achievement of fundamental targets, particularly in the short term. An imperative illustration in private advancement is the expense of promoting and advertising.
  • A standout amongst the most troublesome choices confronted by most starting engineers and supporters is settling on the ideal size of a project, the right blend of units, the scope of administrations and enhancements to offer and the measure of the advertising plan. No less difficult is figuring out what sway these choices will have on development costs, work force expenses and other working costs.
  • Much of the time, engineers or lodging suppliers make high and low situations to secure a scope of expenses and to help project future uses over the initial a few years of operation. In all cases, expense evaluations ought to be as itemized as could be expected under the circumstances and legitimately represent swelling and acceleration, which can happen after some time and as the project is involved.

6.2 Incomes

The income sources connected with most seniors' projects are restricted and incorporate extra charges, offering costs and rents; administration expenses; and non-working incomes, for example, interest wage and inheritances. The extent of the project, the rate at which it is possessed or the units sold (known as the ingestion rate) and business sector request all influence incomes. Engineers and lodging suppliers ought to set up a few income situations to cover both hopeful and cynical business expectations over the initial couple of years of the project.

6.3 Net Present Value:

At a particular level when choice of contribution has to be made, an organization requires to make a choice about what it should do with the capital that it currently possesses. In order to decide the project estimate, grounds based testing needs to be done with distinctive methodologies in order to estimate the quantification of the streams of capital in the future. In the presence of cash and time estimations, every penny later on earned requires justification even though not much earning has been done over it currently. The NPV recipe of rebate rate is that process which requires recording for the process. There are no doubt several methods available with organizations to distinguish the rate of markdown even though the general method makes use of other venture decisions normal return with changes at comparable composition.

The Net Present Value (NPV) of the project is $2635.34. (At a discount rate of 4.5%)

6.4 Rate of return internally:

IRR is the rate of development a project is required to produce. While the genuine rate of give back that a surrendered project closures producing will regularly contrast from its evaluated IRR rate, a project with a significantly higher IRR esteem than other accessible choices would in any case give a greatly improved shot of solid development.

IRRs can likewise be analyzed against predominating rates of return in the securities market. On the off chance that a firm can't discover any projects with IRRs more prominent than the returns that can be created in the monetary markets, it might basically decide to put its held profit into the business sector.

The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the project is 5%.

6.5 Accepting the project:

The project is deemed viable as the NPV is greater than zero, and the IRR is greater than the interest rate of 4.5%. Hence the project is deemed feasible and viable.

7. Risk Analysis:

Engineers and patrons of seniors' lodging projects can compute the danger of their proposed endeavors by understanding the elements that influence interest and the rate at which units are sold or possessed. While some of these components will be inside their control, others won't.

Despite the fact that it is conceivable to gauge the span of a target populace on the premise of age, pay and different variables, it is harder to gauge what number of will really move. The best approach is to fail as an afterthought of alert.

More established individuals present specific difficulties as prospective customers of new lodging, since numerous are as of now decently housed and can keep on living agreeably where they are. Any choice to move will by and large be made over a broadened period, particularly by those in the more youthful age accomplices. More established partners may have more motivation to move, especially if their current homes no more suit their needs. In any case, numerous will stay put. The hesitance to move can come from imperviousness to change, trepidation of what such a move flags, and absence of information about the scope of lodging and administration alternatives accessible, and additionally the solace and nature of their current home and neighborhood.

To assist decrease the imprecision connected with ascertaining interest, it is crucial to know the benchmarks or the rate of offer or inhabitance for equivalent projects in the same essential business sector zones, and additionally the focus on market's inclination in configuration, lodging sorts, administrations and pleasantries. At long last, a solid and reliable showcasing arrangement and a successful publicizing battle can impact the inhabitance rate for another project proposal.



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