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Discuss about the Provide Leadership Across The Organisation for Employee Compensation?



Identify and analyse the various problems created by the introduction of the changes at Oz Resort

Ms Griffin, the new manager of the Oz Resort introduced a great number of strategies in order to cost cutting, without consulting the staffs. The staffs of the mentioned organization were to pay for their uniforms and also need to pay for any sporting facilities in case if offered those by the Resort. The hours of working have been increasing as the months passing on with no such improvement in the pay packages. Now the staffs require working harder in accordance with the new strategy since the management is not arranging for the replacement for those who are leaving the organization. The staffs have been resisting to such changes and this also has increased staff turnover to 30%.

In addition to this, the employees came up with various complaints in the departmental meeting with the managers. Firstly the staffs although were promised were not provided with adequate training. Secondly they were not getting extra payment for working overtime. The accommodations provided to the staffs were not with adequate comfort. Since they are needed to pay for their own uniforms they are not ready to wear them.

Has the new Resort Manager, Geraldine Griffin espoused and communicated the company (Oz Resort) values and standards “People are the Key to Success."?

Since Ms Griffin in her previous organization has created record in enhancing profit, she has been recruited in the Oz Resort in order to cost cutting. In doing so, the new manager has introduced a number of new strategies to increase profit of the organization and cost cutting. She thus has taken various strategies without communicating the staffs co cost cutting. And she has not espoused and communicated the values and standards to the organization.


Make recommendations – what actions would Geraldine Griffin now need to take to:

Clarify the organisations values and strategic directions and needs with staff

The manager needs to communicate with the staffs about the organizational values, strategies and needs. In order to do so she needs to meet her staffs and have them a clear understanding about the specific goals of the organization. She also need to encourage to participate in the meeting and come up with various strategies so that they are able to meet the organizational values, needs through specific strategies. In addition to this the staffs also need to be provided with adequate training so that they expertise in their task and thus the customer service can be improved.

establish linkages between the organisations vision and values and the responsibilities of staff

The staffs need to provided with adequate training so that they gain experience in performing their activities. The staffs also need to be provided with adequate support and provision so that they build up trust upon the organization. The staffs need to be provided with the vision of the organization and in reaching so what responsibility they need to take upon. Moreover, while carrying on their responsibilities regular meetings and workshops needed to be organized where they would discuss about their requirements while providing service to the consumers and monitoring their performances (Hope and Mackin, 2007).

build trust, confidence and respect of staff and other stakeholders

Communication is the major aspect to build in trust, confidence and respect amongst staffs and stakeholders. The staffs need to be adequately arrange for induction where the staffs would be able to understand the values and principles of the organization. According to the respective tasks, the staffs are also required to provide training so as to perform excellent service to the consumers. Moreover upon the training proper evaluation and monitoring of their performance also need to be checked by the manager so that the need of the staffs are well understood. In doing so, the customers will also be satisfied with the service, that the organization provides which will help them to retain for longer time (Lewis, Thornhill and Saunders, 2003).

develop an effective workplace culture

Different strategies and organizational values need to be communicated with the staffs and since staffs are the key to success certain provisions need to be provided which again will motivate the staffs to improve their performance and dependability on the organization. The staffs need to be well training so that their performance enhances which in the long run will enhance the service provision of the organization. The staffs also need to be motivated to come forward in participating and formulating various strategies for the effectiveness of the organization (Vollmer, 1960).

Ensure her actions convey flexibility and adaptability to change

The strategies need to be formulated in such a manner that they still remain flexible and do not burden the staffs which consequently will negatively impact their performance. Certain strategies where the manager has not been paying enough to the staffs for their extra time working and also forcing them to put on uniforms where they are bound to pay for those must not be implemented. The manager needs to communicate the staffs about the organizational goal and their responsibility to reach them and also the strategies need to be so framed that they are adaptable (Werhane, Radin and Bowie, 2004).

Ensure that decision making take into account the needs and expectations of the customers, staff and the sustainability of the organisation

The decision that are taken by the organization need to take care of the requirements of the staffs, consumers which will help the organization to sustain. Thus the needs of the staffs need to be known by the manager where certain requirements such as provision of adequate raining, proper facilities to the staffs and the service need to be provided in a manner that meets the requirement of the consumers. All these will help the organization to sustain and achieve their goal (Somerset, 2008).   


Business Report

Plan to communicate the new organisational mission and goal

After the staffs join the organization, they will be introduced with the organizational mission and goals through induction. Aside this, they will also be met regularly in order to acknowledge them about their responsibilities as an employee and as in a group of staffs. In order to meet the organizational objectives I would formulate certain short and long term objectives in accordance with the mission statement (Rowland and Tatham, 2010).

Since we are living in a society where individual from various society belong thus, in order to reach the objective different communication styles would be used.  They will also be communicated with their language if not possible them with interpreter where they will be able to understand the use of organizational policies appropriately which will be communicated using different medias such as broadcast and print.

Influencing groups and individuals 

I need to provide adequate training identifying the needs of the employees so that they develop their skills and also take care of their requirements which will enhance their dependability on the organization. 

It is about the maintaining and discipline in the workplace which would enhance the performance of the employees. This is a manner to train staffs and enhance their efficiencies as individual worker and as a part of a larger team.           

I would encourage to participate in the decision making procedure and recommend certain strategies in order to enhance the performance of the organization. In doing so regular workshops and meting need to be arranged.      

The staffs need in order to perform their activities is the major aspect to focus on. Thus identifying their needs, the organization needs to provide adequate training. Thus after the staffs are done with the training their performance need also to be evaluated to monitor their improvement and also communicate with the staffs to know where they lack.        

The team need to be made updated about the recent market and the changing needs of the consumers by utilizing the technology, so that they can work upon on those to provide best of their services to the consumers.           

Since the manger has opted various rigid strategies where she not consulted with the staffs and the staffs also are not paid appropriately where they are working hard, the turnover of the staffs will increase and over burden of work will also impact their performance and service of the organization. Thus the health and safety also are not given importance.                                                                                                                                                                                       

The strategies need to be so well formulated that the staffs and the consumers are in no harm. Moreover the need of the staffs and consumers are taken care adequately.


Building and Supporting Teams

The staffs and the mangers need to be communicated well about their needs and how to reach the objective of the organization (Harvey, Drolet and Wehmeyer, 1994).

The staffs and the manager needed to encourage in decision making policy where they would be provided opportunities to take part in coming up with recommendations.


Personal and Professional Development and Networking

Development Required


Time frame

Management strategies need to be made adaptable and target-based

3 months course conducted by People Leadership Development Consultants

October to January

Mentoring Skills

6 months course provided by Future management

June to December

Leadership Skills

3 months course by People Leadership development  Consultants

January to March


Hotel Industry groups

Hospitality Industry

1 year


The report has been presented is requested to be accepted and confirmed by the Executive team and need to be commenced within 4 weeks of time and Mentors need to be chosen to enhance the development of leadership and change.



Harvey, T., Drolet, B. and Wehmeyer, L. (1994). Building teams, building people. Lancaster: Technomic Pub. Co.

Hope, J. and Mackin, P. (2007). The relationship between employee turnover and employee compensation in small business. [Washington, D.C.]: SBA Office of Advocacy.

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Somerset, S. (2008). Enhancing an organization's capacity to engage youth in decison-making and governance. Ottawa: Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

Vollmer, H. (1960). Employee rights and the employment relationship. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Werhane, P., Radin, T. and Bowie, N. (2004). Employment and employee rights. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing.

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