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PSY111 Foundations Of Psychology For The Health And Human Services

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  • Course Code: PSY111
  • University: Charles Sturt University

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  • Country: Australia


Exercise 1: Psychological Disorders and Treatments

Task 1 

Case Study – Heather 

Heather, a 20 year-old University student, has an intense fear of speaking to people she does not know very well. During her first and second years, she chose subjects with large lectures, where she could hide in the back of the lecture theatre and not speak to other students or participate in class discussions. Heather received high marks in all of her subjects. In her third year, Heather is now required to attend subjects of smaller class sizes in which class participation and small group work is required. She is sure that she will do something embarrassing, such as vomit, and others will judge her negatively. Because of these fears, Heather has trouble sleeping at night and is considering dropping out of University.

Task 2

Identify the psychological disorder (be specific e.g. Social Anxiety Disorder not just Anxiety) and provide a rationale on how you identified this disorder, including key symptoms.

Task 3 

Based on your diagnosis of the disorder in TASK 2 (above), choose a combination of two therapies that you believe would be the most effective for treating the disorder identified in the case study. In your response, you should provide a justification for why these two therapeutic approaches would be most effective based on evidence from the literature, suitability of techniques used by each of these therapeutic approaches, and how the two (2) therapeutic approaches work together to treat the disorder  

List of therapeutic approaches

  • Psychodynamicpsychotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Behaviouraltherapy
  • Cognitive therapy(either REBT or Beck’s cognitive therapy)
  • CognitiveBehavioural Therapy
  • Acceptanceand Commitment Therapy
  • Gestalttherapy
  • Client-centredtherapy
  • Grouptherapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Electroconvulsivetherapy

Exercise 2: Social psychology (social influence, attitude change, & persuasion)

Task 1

Choose an image of an advertisement from Google images (or similar image search engine e.g. Bing images).

Provide a hyperlink to the image in your assignment (and be sure to check that the link works before submitting your assignment). 

Task 2

Discuss how this advertisement has been designed to change people’s attitudes and behaviours. In your response, you should provide examples from the advertisement that demonstrate principles of social influence, persuasion, and attitude change.

Task 3

Based on your readings and knowledge of attitude and behavioural change, how effective do you think that this advertisement would be in changing people’s attitudes and behaviours and why?

Exercise 3: Motivation

The following exercise requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of the different theoretical perspectives on motivation.

Task 1

Using two of the five perspectives on motivation (psychodynamic, behaviourist, cognitive, humanistic and evolutionary), give 2 explanations of what might motivate someone’s decision to enrol in a university course. 

Task 2

Read the article at the following link (and provided as an additional PDF) by Ryan and Deci on intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.


Ryan and Deci (2000) state that “intrinsic motivation…refers to doing something because it is inherently interesting or enjoyable, and extrinsic motivation. refers to doing something because it leads to a separable outcome”.

Utilising Ryan and Deci’s Self-Determination Theory (SDT) as outlined in the article, assuming that you already have interest in your chosen field of study, what could your lecturers do to enhance your (a) autonomy (b) competence and (c) relatedness?  

Task 3

Health and other professionals are often faced with a range of challenges when it comes to clients complying with their recommended health behaviour changes or other requirements. It is important to understand the individual’s motivation when assessing a client’s likelihood of adhering to treatment advice, and also compliance failures (not adhering to recommendations).

For this exercise:

  • Based on your chosen area of study, give a brief (one or two sentence) example of arecommendation that would require a client to change their behaviour (e.g. not following the clinician's recommendation to attend regular appointments, not adhering to the treatment plan set out by clinician, not adhering to parole or bail conditions, not completing homework tasks, not making a bushfire emergency plan, etc.). 

 Evaluate why the client/patient/individual may not comply with your recommendation. In yourresponse you should:

  • Choose a theory of motivation that best explains why a patient may not comply with yourclinical  Include in-text citations to support your answer.
  • Provide an example of how this theory of motivation could inform how you approach yourclinical recommendations with this patient in the future.
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