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Quality Management: Business Operations

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Write about the Quality Management for Business Operations.




Quality management can be explained as a holistic approach for future growth and success by which there is continuous improvements in an organisation’s processes, approaches, business operations and all related activities. Quality management is a long-term process which involves the management functions and activities in regards with quality policy and its effective e implementation in an organisation through quality assurance, quality planning and quality control. There is a recognized transformation in an organisation by quality management through changes in systems, structures, practices and the attitudes (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). With the increasing globalisation, there are several identical changes which have taken place in the organisation and have impacted several functional areas including the quality management perspectives. The essay will have its primary focus on understanding the influence of globalisation of quality management and the role of the business partners, organisational culture, employees, managers and customers.

The Influence of Globalisation over the Changes to the Function of Quality Management in a Workplace Today

Quality management is an essential part of the organisation which is linked with almost all the functions of the company. In earlier times, the scope of quality management was narrow and was restricted to the production and manufacturing of products and services. But with extensive researches and studies, the scope of quality management has widening that it touches the roots of the organisation (Klefsjö, Bergquist and Garvare, 2008). Quality management or the total quality management are the fine approaches that helps the organisations in achieving the most desired and effective results. There are seven basic principles of quality management on the grounds of which, the quality management approach resolves. These principles include customer focus, relationship management, leadership, evidence-based decision making, and engagement of people, improvement and process approach (Mandal, 2009).

Almost each and every organisation takes use of the quality management approach for efficient business operations and improved customer base. But in last few decades, there are significant impacts of globalisation on these organisations and theirs approaches and strategies. With the occurrence of globalisation, the organisations are now ranked and evaluate on the basis of global perspectives (Puig, Marques and Ghauri, 2009). There are no boundaries for performing business transactions and fetching the attention of the global overseas customers and global workforce. Earlier the organisations plan and incorporate strategies and approaches which can offer them domestic competitive advantages. But due to globalisation, there are enormous changes and modifications which have taken place in all these functions, approaches and strategies. One of those functions where such changes and influences have been observed due to globalisation is quality management function or approach.

Globalisation can simply be explained as the integration of the different governments, organisations and the people across the world. There are number of changes and impacts posed on the organisations because of globalisation such as from the employees’ consideration, there has been observed increased cultural diversity in the organisations. With increased globalisations, the companies have to deal with the enhanced cultural diversity with the organisational workforce. These cultural changes require the business organisations to deal with the cultural diversity and to implement new guidelines and policies for the employees. The religious differences and the diversities on the work ethics are continuously argumentative topics across the world. There are both benefits and disadvantages of the increased cultural diversity in the organisations (Zadek, 2006).


As per the quality management frameworks and the principles, for attaining quality results, it is essential to have higher engagement of the organisational people. Due to increased cultural diversity, it is not easy to have improved employee engagement because of several barricades such as ineffective communication, diverse behaviour etc. (Kannan and Tan, 2005). Therefore, it is essential to resolve the issues of cultural diversity for achieving complete quality management in the organisations. The employees themselves a key role in resolving those issues of cultural diversity on quality management function. The employees must work in teams where they can understand the diversities and can also take use of those diversities in competing with other organisations. There can be take use of the quality management tools i.e. check sheet for having adequate information and analysis of the strengths of the diverse employees and offering them, the job role according to their skills, competence and cultural diversities.

Another influence of globalisation is the expanded markets and the extended customer reach. Earlier the organisations used to sell the products and services in the domestic markets only but with globalisation, the businesses used to sell their products to the overseas markets and the overseas customers. Increasing and expanding the reach not only up surge the sales but all the responsibilities of the organisation towards its customers to provide adequate quality, value and satisfaction to them. As per the quality management principles i.e. customer focus and relationship management, it is the primary aspect of quality management to have high emphasis upon the customers as well as develop an improved relationship with them so that they can be reliable customer base of the organisation. It has been observed in several areas, where the organisations transfer their primary emphasis and focus on the international markets for attracting the potential customers and because of this they deprived in meeting the needs of the domestic customers. Therefore, it is a negative influence of globalisation on the quality management function (Barad and Raz, 2000).

To overcome or cope up with this, the organisation and the mangers plays a vital role. The organisation and the mangers must have new and improved strategies by which they can pay equal emphasis on the domestic as well as overseas customers so that both the customer groups remain satisfied with the services of the organisation. The managers must take use of the organisational tool i.e. the scatter diagram for understanding the relationship among the variables. Here, the managers can identify and evaluate that whether and how much the customers are satisfied with the products or services or not with the help of the scatter diagram. The diagram will show the relationship between the quality of the product and the level of satisfaction of the consumers (Parker, 2005).

Another influence or impact of globalisation is the improved technology. Before globalisation, the organisations used to incorporate technologies which can help them in attaining the competitive advantages in the domestic market. But due to overseas trade and globalisation, the organisations face a risk and threat of international competition. Thus, to overcome these risks, the organisations incorporate new and innovative technologies for managing the business operations (Parker, 2005). But implementation of the pioneering and complex technologies acts as a barricade for some employees as they do not possess much knowledge to work upon the new technologies and processes. As per the quality management principle, i.e. improvement, it is essential to have continuous improvement in the business processes and functions so that there can be achieved competitive advantages by the organisations. Therefore, taking use of innovative and high-tech processes and approaches is a vital step for the attainment of the continuous improvement of business processes (Rigby and Bilodeau, 2011).

To cope with the issues of resistance towards change and inconvenience of the workforce, the employees and the managers both must take initiatives. The organisational managers must offer adequate trainings to the employees so that they can have a deep understanding of the new processes. With the help of these trainings, the older or the less competent employees can learn to work upon these technologies. As well as the employees should also put their efforts in learning new technologies instead of restricting themselves from working on the newly incorporated technologies. For overcoming this issue, there can be taken use of a quality management tool i.e. cause and effect (fishbone) diagram. With this tool, first there is recognition of the issues arising, secondly there has been identify ways for solving those issues. Next there are analysed the causes of the issues. Then these causes are bifurcate into equipment, material, process and people. And by the means of brainstorming the issues are solved (Dale, 20150.


Globalisation has it key and significant impacts on the organisation as well as on the quality management functions. Globalisation has several positive impacts on the organisation but there are numerous negative implications too which restricts the effective functioning of the approaches of quality management. To cope up with the issues such as resistance towards change and use of technologies, distracted focus on domestic customers, increased cultural diversity, etc, the managers and the employees themselves are required to take initiatives. There can b e made improvements in the approaches and the functioning techniques so that such issues do not arise in future. There are several tools of quality management which are taken use for the achieving high quality standards and efficient organisational productivity. Hence, it can be concluded that there is vast impact of globalisation on the changes of functions in quality management but these influences can be easily cope up with effective management and appropriate measures by the employees, managers as well as the organisation.



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