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Features of Cloud Computing


Discuss about the Quick Survey on Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing has able to grab the attention in the market by the business organization. The trend of the Cloud Computing has been increasing among the operational management of the business organization. This have helped in implementing the cloud services in the business organization. The concept of the cloud computing has been discussed with its benefits in the business organization (Almorsy, Grundy & Ibrahim, 2014). Various cloud models are properly explained with diagrams. However, development of the cloud services have given rise different cyber threats in the business organizations. This security threats are discussed with proper solution to it.

Cloud Computing is a set of resources, which is in demand in the market. Different new ways of business and services are proposed by the Cloud Computing. Therefore, this innovation have provided various opportunities and changes in the operation of the business organization. It has provided distributed data centers all over the world. The cloud computing have helped in creating a virtual world of services and proper delivery of it. Different companies are providing cloud-computing services including Google Engine, Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Office 365 (Almorsy, Grundy & Muller, 2016). These companies have successfully provided cloud services to different organizations and users in all over the world. Cloud computing have created a web based network that initializes different online services to customers and organizations all over the word. Cloud Computing is distributed architecture, which helps in centralizing server resources on scalable platform and provide on demand computing resources. Cloud computing helps in providing in demand service to the customers. The hackers access databases in cloud environments with the help of hacking techniques including session hijacking and network channel eavesdropping.

Cloud computing has accelerate the growth of the company by empowering the workforce and transforming the business operations. The solutions have been developed by the cloud computing that signifies the vision of the company with maximum flexibility and minimum risk (Au, Fung & Tses, 2016). Most of the business organizations are using the cloud services to meet requirements of the clients and employees of the company. There are has been logical progression in demand of cloud computing in market.

There are various features of the cloud computing that are discussed below:

The cloud computing has able to provide on demand services to the customers. The availability of cloud services have helped in meeting the requirements of the customers in market.

Cloud Services Models

The cloud computing services are available and accessible from any part of the world. Therefore, it helps in providing location independent services all over the world. The resources of the cloud computer can be accessed from anywhere on the demand of the user.

The cloud computing have able to provide elasticity in its services by scaling up and down to minimize the time required for availing the resources of cloud computing.

The cloud services that are shared with public and can be modified and accessed by any user is known as public cloud (Almorsy, M; Grundy, J; Muller, 2016). The data and information stored in the pubic cloud can be used by any user in the organization. Therefore, the security in the public cloud is preferably less than other cloud types.

This type of the cloud provide the most secured services to the customers. The data and information stored in the private cloud is not shared with other parties (Hussain et al., 2017). This cloud might be organized by an organization for storing their private and important documents and information over the cloud. The private cloud is an expensive service due to its high security systems.

Hybrid cloud is combination of different cloud architecture including public, private and community cloud. Different organization use this type of cloud according to their needs. Some data and information are shared with the customers and employees that are stored in the public cloud (Abdallah et al., 2017). The confidential data and information are stored in private cloud. Therefore, organization have flexibility of using their own cloud architecture according to their needs.

The community cloud deals with the sharing of the cloud services between the organizations of the same community. This cloud is maintained by third party or by organization (Demchenko et al., 2017). The community cloud infrastructure can be internally and externally fixed that helps in providing the cloud services to the community. Community cloud consumers look for economies of scale while at same time minimizing costs related with private clouds or hybrid clouds and public clouds

Cloud computing services models helps in providing various services to the customers and organization according to their needs and requirements. The common service models of cloud computing are discussed below:

User used to avail all the infrastructure of the computer system through internet. This service is known as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). There are various web based databases and architectures provided by cloud computing that helps in meeting the infrastructural requirement of user and organization (De Carvalhoet al., 2017). Therefore, the cloud computing has able to provide database, backups, networks and other infrastructural facility to the companies through internet. This has increased the versatility of the cloud computing in the computer organization. The benefit of the IaaS is that the user only pay for actual use of infrastructure.

Growth and Trends of Cloud Computing in Market

Platform-as-a service (PaaS) helps in providing platform where any software can be made, modified and executed for testing purpose. This platform can help in operating the entire life cycle of the software. The service model is suitable of application developers, testers and administrators in an organization. PaaS includes the environment for developing, compiling, testing and programming languages for modifying the required changes in the software (Perez & Kumar, 2017). Therefore, the cloud computing us able to provide these services to the companies at a low cost online. Therefore, the company can use these services online from any server and place.

This is one of the most used services used by the users and organization in the market. Various software are costly in the market that a business cannot afford for use. Therefore, cloud computing helps in providing this costly software at a low cost for rent. Various software and applications are rented on a monthly basis as per the requirement of the company in the market. Therefore, this reduces the initial cost of the company for stating the business (Burns et al., 2017). For example, Gmail is a SaaS provider that helps in providing free storage up to a limit for the users. SaaS helps in eliminating all the possibilities of installing and maintaining software and application for organization. Therefore, it helps in reducing the cost of the software for organization in the market.

Cloud computing has been enhancing among business organization in the market. According to the study reported by Forbes, global market of enterprise cloud-based services have grown from $12.1 billion in 2010 to $ 35.6 billion in 2015. Growth rate has been 43 % in 2011 and decreased to 13 % over the next five years (Cloud Security Alliance, 2017). SaaS have 70 % revenue in 2010, 30% is related with the IaaS. As per the report of the IDC, revenue from public IT cloud services exceeded $ 16 billion in 2009 to $ 55.5 billion in 2014.

The worldwide spending on the pubic cloud services has grown up to 19.4 %. The Compound Annual Growth Rate has been nearly $70 billion in 205 to more than $141 billion in 2019 (Luitinfotech, 2017). Worldwide Public IT Cloud Service Revenue in 2018 is predicted to be $127B. SaaS and PaaS portion of cloud hardware and infrastructure software spending are projected to reach $55 billion in 2026.

The use of the cloud computing have helped in development of organizations. However, it has faced various security issues over the internet. Some of the main security issues are discussed below:

Security Concerns in Cloud Computing

Confidentiality refers to set of rules and regulation that monitors the working and functionality of the tools and techniques used in the cloud computing these of the security measures for securing data and information has been continuously lacking in case of cloud computing. Therefore, confidentiality refers to securing data and information of customers and organizations in the market. The use of personal information of users is not acceptable in the organization. The security of data and information of customer is the prior thing for organization (Cimler et al., 2015). The cloud computing has helped in storing the personal data over the cloud storage. However, there have been many cases of data breach from the cloud storage over the internet. The security protocol of the cloud computing has been attacked by the hackers over the internet. The cloud computing consist of three layers including Software layer, Platform layer and Infrastructure layer. The Software layer provides interface for user to use services of cloud computing. The platform helps in providing platform and environment for executing software by developer (Coppolino et al., 2017). The infrastructure layer helps in providing the hardware components including network and storage. Therefore, the hackers can attack at any of the three layers for accessing the data and information of the company over the cloud.

The storage of the data an information at the remote location with the help of cloud computing might causes issues in the organization. The location of the data and information is only known by the data owner. Therefore, in the absence of the data owner, data and information is unable to access by the organization in emergency cases (Coughlin, Keller & Wustrow, 2017). Therefore, threats to availability of the data and information is prevailing in the organization with use of cloud computing. The cloud computing is responsible for providing on demand services to the customers. Therefore, in the absence of the data owner, it can fulfill the requirement of the clients that violates the Service level Agreement for the cloud computing.

The integrity of the data and information is an important in maintaining the database of the cloud. It is good process for storage of data in a secure way persistent data storage, which can be, reclaim or retrieved in same layout, as it was stored later (Dang-Pham, Pittayachawan & Bruno, 2017). Therefore, integrity and monitoring of the data and information for minimizing data corruption and data crash in the server.

Virtualization and multi tenancy are the two basic factors in use of the cloud computing in the business organizations. The traditional way of hosting applications involves the use of operating system on physical layer. Therefore, thus type of traditional hosting method has been used for creating a functional efficient cloud. These can be achieved with the help of linking multiple servers using Virtual LAN (VLAN) (Dave et al., 2017). However, this process is insecure and inefficient for long term, as huge part of physical hardware is not used. Therefore, Virtualization has helped in maintaining these issues in the cloud computing the Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) has been created for a single physical server that can host multiple server at a time in the operating system (Mohammad, Kak & Alam, 2017). Therefore, a single server can act as multiple processing server at a time. It has enhanced the efficiency of the hardware and enhancing its performance. The virtual layer is also known as hypervisor. Two ways of using this hypervisor for running virtual machines (VM) (Krishna et al., 2016). These are known as full virtualization and paravirtualization. A VM deployed using full virtualization has emulating BIOS and drives of the OS, in addition to the other functions.

There are two architectures for deploying virtual machines hosted architecture. The hosted architecture, the virtual layer is handled by server. The application is charged for keeping up the virtual machines in the operating system. However, the hypervisor architecture skips operating system and runs directly on hardware. Multi tenancy helps in allowing multiple sharing if the computing resources in logical separation of the users in the tenant of a system. In the context of cloud computing, each virtual machines are consider as a tenant of the system (Lin & Liao, 2017). Multi tenancy is not limited to the multiple virtual machines that are running in the same hardware. Software and applications are able to use multiple tenants for enhancing the efficiency of the virtual machines in the operating system. In IaaS cloud models, users create new drives on virtual machines and store data on those drives (Luna et al., 2017). However, data in all three-cloud models can be accessed by unauthorized employees and external hackers.

Various security issues discussed in the earlier sections. However, there are some solutions for mitigating the issues in the cloud computing related to security of the data and information.

The Proxy Re-encryption is cryptographic scheme that translate cipher texts from one encryption key to another key. After that, PRE forwards encrypted messages without showing clear text to the potential users. A proxy re-encryption algorithm translates a cipher text under a public key PKa to cipher text PKb along with re-encryption key RK A →B.

In this encryption scheme, IP address or email addresses can be used to formulate public keys for users. The sender uses recipient’s identity as the public key to encrypt messages in identity based encryption technique. The proxy requires proxy keys, or re-encryption keys, to perform translations without being reading original message (McCormac et al., 2017). The IBE technique has various practical applications including attribute-based delegations, secure email forwarding, and access control in networked file storage.

This encryption scheme deals with a proxy server that helps in maintaining additional information that can be transform into cipher text under various attributes into a new cipher text on the same message. Therefore, the data provider might get the original text that helps in sharing the cipher text in the message. In this scheme, private key user has an asset of attributes that helps in providing encrypted cipher text that might specify an access policy (Modi et al., 2013). In this scheme, the data is encrypted in the storage on various server that helps in maintaining back up for the original text and message.

In a key private PRE, the proxy and set of users are never derived by message recipient from cipher text and public keys. This scheme helps in helps in providing key privacy for proxy re-encryption schemes in which proxy performs all translations that cannot distinguish the identities of participating parties (Mishra, 2017).

It can be concluded that the use of the cloud computing in the business organization have helped in maintaining the development of the organization. The benefits of cloud computing has been discussed properly. The growth of cloud computing in market has been rapid due to its on demand services provided to the customers. The use of the cloud computing has helped in maintaining the business goals and objectives of the company in market. The security and privacy of the data and information has been properly maintained by the cloud computing by using various strategies. The virtualization technique in the operating system has helped in enhancing hardware of the computer system. The use of the virtualization process has helped in maintaining the performance if the operating system in the computer system. Various encryption technique has been discussed in the assignment for mitigating the security issues in the cloud computing.


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